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Make inferno burn ability great again!!

Tired of getting smoked by a queen walk every single day? Each time in war when you think you have a great base layout and then a queen marches right up in there and gives it a 3 star?

Well then this post is just for you! Give this a upvote and a share to make inferno towers get there burn ability back!

How is it that a single heal spell or 2 healers can block the hot burning fire of 2 towers? Sounds like infernos are pretty useless to me.


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Random Ideas #1

Dear Creators,
I am especially pleased with recent updates, but I would like more use for experience points. They currently only upgrade your level and unlock decorations. If you added more use for xp, such as achievements, I think it would cause players to be more determined to reach higher levels, and you could possibly add small little experience bags to the shop every now and again in special offers. I first encountered the idea many years ago, so I believe many players would celebrate such an update. Of course, if there is a reason you haven't done so and never will, that sits fine with me.

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Level 13 Gold Mine?

As of the townhall 12 update, I was wondering if there is an upcoming 13th upgrade to the Gold Mine. If there is, then I propose the look should have sort of an electric feel to it, to stay with the townhall 12 theme.
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Dark Elixir Troops Training

I like how they updated the training of the troops. However I believe that dark elixir troops should be trained separately to the regular elixir troops. My thinking is, "Why should we wait for our dark elixir troops to train after our elixir troops when they require different barracks."
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Donating Gold and Elixir to clanmates

I know what you are thinking right now but I just had to post this (I will try to balance it out unlike other donating resources threads). So here's how it goes down at the time you reach Town Hall level 4 you can be donated resources and donate resources to your clanmates, but there's a catch. the requirements for Donating resources is Town Hall 4 and a level 2 clan castle. This is how it starts out. When you first unlock donating resources you get an icon next to the donating troops where you can donate limited amounts of resources to your clan and people who have Clan Castle 2 can be donated 5% of their storages so if their storages could hold 100,000 gold and 150,000 elixir you could donate 5,000 gold and 7,500 elixir. So at first it is not so great but as you start upgrading the clan castle the percentage starts increasing. your next percentage increase is at clan castle 4 where clanmates can donate 10% of the amount of your storages to you, and if you have dark elixir they can donate that too. by the time you hit clan castle 6 they can donate 20% of your storages to you, I don't know if there should be one for clan castle 8 though. I do have an idea for CC8 so by the time you hit that level people can donate gems to you (could be limited). Now time for the times limits, so for CC2 you have to wait 4 hours between each donation. by the time you hit CC4 the limit doubles (8 hours) and by the time of CC6 it becomes 12 hours. now if someone has already donated 5% of your storages another person cannot donate to you until 4 hours later (in this case for CC2 and others too). Anyways this would probably be an abused update but hey I had to share my thoughts
Thank you for taking to time to read (if you did)
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Swapping armies in home village similar to builder base

Ad a function to swap entire army that is build in army camp with army that is built in barracks
This function will work great when in war, eg. when you have an army already built in army camp that was meant for loot you can swap with army that is completed in barracks for war without loosing troops or having to loot first or delete troops, entire batch has to be swapped. This can also help when looting eg. swap ground attack troops with air attack troops for certain bases, again both armies training must be fully completed. Note once army of troops was swopped, new barracks troops and spells need to be completed before being able to swap troops again. In that way you can loot by swapping troops in camp and barracks while waiting to attack in war and have your war troops ready to attack when required. This will also help in war when you built a specific army to attack a base but it is required of you to attack another base.
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Event Spells

Could the creators please add an area for Special (or Event) Spells?
like the Santa's Surprise, and the Birthday Boom.
I know that they already exist on this wiki, so why not make a link (with picture) in this page?
I mean they are still existing spells, even when you can't produce them anymore.
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About Clan Game updates

Dear team,
I am excited to play clan game every time, but can you please make some changes on it. Every time I played and do max score (3000) from my side, but in my clan there are few players that do only 50 to 100 score and grab all the rewards. Can you please make some changes that other player should do at least 800 to 1000 score to collect the rewards or they can collect only few rewards?
As I know that this is clan game but I will be happy if you apply some rules for other lazy / inactive players.
Thanks in advance.
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New Update missing

Where is the new update of 5th March 2018???????????????
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Defending Village

I suggest that if someone is attacking you, you can use your troops that you last trained to attack them.
you can get troops instantly by using gems.
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We can chat with friend

Sir add a feature that we can chat with online frnds
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Attack farming, trophy's

Just reached the TH 11 and what happend: in no time reached to the Champions division! Couldnt get back in time to gold division.

Yeah I didnt anything, ANYTHING to reach the champion division! They attack my base with 1 noob troop and quit with attack. What is the fun here? I wanted to go champions division when I am ready with the base! That is more fun! And now this s...!

Look, this should be happen: If I attack and I win, I win tropy's! If I attack and I lose, I lose trophy's!

If they attack and they win, I lose trophy's! if they atta....heeey wait!
if --->THEY ATTACK <---- This should be a good attack and not with 1 noob troop!
Let's make a deal: If they attack and they decide to quit the war attack, we, the defenders, should not win troph's, we should not get higher in division! Seems more fair and fun!
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Goblin village

After completing the campaign in your home village, you unlock goblin village and be able to play as goblins and unlock maybe another campaign against the main villages. You could also get goblin defenses and troops (eg.goblin cannon, spear goblins)
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Goblin Prince

There should be a goblin prince hero. This s my first post so I will wait for someone to comment before adding more.;-)
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Train tracks.

Make it so you can build train tracks and bridges around your base. So the train can be used during the week when the clan games are over.
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Update Clan Castle Troops and Spell Storage Space

40 cc troops and 12 spell storage space!!!
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Ice Based defensive tower idea

Idea for a ice based defensive tower
The Frost/Ice/Snow Tower/Thrower/Globe (Don't have the name down yet) is a defensive tower unlocked at TH9, two upgrades at TH10, and the 4th at TH11.
There are three main settings based off different recourse fuels; a true AOE that slows the movement and attack speed of all troops within the range of 7 tiles, however it does no damage, gold as fuel. A multi-target (5 beams) that does small amounts of damage and slows down attack and movement speed of the targets (not as much as the AOE) range of 9 tiles, DE as fuel. And a Single-target which starts from 0 damage and increases to the maximum damage, while freezing (immobilizing) the target preventing it from moving or attacking with a range of 9 tiles, elixer as fuel.
Rough numbers (open to suggestion for balancing)
Build cost: 5-6 million gold. +1.5 million per level
Build Time:7-10 days. +3-2 days per level
Level 1 HP: 1,500-1,700. +300-500 per level
Level 2 HP: 1800-2200.
Level 3 HP: 2100-2700
Level 4 HP: 2400-3200
AOE || Multi-Target || Single-Target
Level 1: 0 || 15 || 0-30
Level 2: 0 || 25 || 0-50
Level 3: 0 || 35 || 0-70
Level 4: 0 || 45 || 0-90
Cost to Load
Level 1: 16000 gold || 500 DE || 16000 elixer
Level 2: 22000 gold || 650 DE || 22000 elixer
Level 3: 28000 gold || 800 DE || 28000 elixer
Level 4: 34000 gold || 950 DE || 34000 elixer
Slow effect %
Level 1: 12 || 8 || Frozen
Level 2: 18 || 12 || Frozen
Level 3: 24 || 16 || Frozen
Level 4: 30 || 20 || Frozen
The tower would standardly be air and ground hitting but can focus on one for an additional 5% slowdown increase per level (5, 10, 15, 20).
The AOE, multi-target, and single-target could all be at level 1 or each level unlocks a new ability.
I would appreciate any type of feedback or suggestions.
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National Flag of Pakistan

Hello, Respected Person,
You all know that thousands of people from Pakistan play clsh of clan regularly But You still havent introduce National flag of pakistan in COC, it will be awesome if you introduce Pakistan's National Flg in decorations so it will be a great attreaction and happiness for people of Pakistan, I hope you will Look into it and will work on this suggestion. thanks
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New Building called Converter maybe?

Can we get a building called Converter maybe. What it does is convert your elixer to dark elixer and visa versa. For instance It would help upgrade Dark Elixer troops when your elixer troops are maxed. Just a thought but if you agree guys Bump it! Clash on Fam! Make it a building with rings and like a spout to "pur in the elixer and comes out a different one." ;D
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Clash of Clans and Total War

How awesome would it be if the makers of Clash of Clans worked with the Total War developers to create a Total War: Clash of Clans? With the best of both worlds coming together to formulate strategy play set on a open battlefield as well as massive village development. Make your comments below and get this ball rolling!
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