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Best Farming Range

Hey guys,

I have a level 8 town hall, and I used to stay in the 1100 trophy range, but ever since the tweaks in the loot I have not been finding good matches. And from 75% 2 THs lower it's now 50%. Its crazy really. If there was 130k gold available it should have been 260k. So what is the best farming range? 

And I have heard that because of the change, Supercell violated its own TnCs, and a few people got refunds, Is this true? I'd like to have my money back :)

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Jasonkgreen wrote:
I heard things have changes below 200 trophies. There are tons of high-end bases but very little loot. Anyone try lately?

doesnt the loot penelty hurt bad tho?


Loot penalty is for attacking TH's that are lower than yours. If it's a TH 10 with 50 trophies, there's no penalty. If it's a TH 9, there's only a penalty if you're a TH 10. And so forth.


With the new update, the look is... Odd. I had 1 search once and got 300k each pump mine, but today spent 100k gold searching to no avail. Th8 at 1300-1500 trophies, using 75 barbs and 125 archers.

Perhaps Supercell is removing abandoned villages faster than in the past. Does anyone know if this is the case? It would explain why it's getting harder to find abandoned bases with loaded mines and pumps.

I agree, something is going on because I was having a lot of trouble finding loot. Yesterday was a little better though so maybe they fixed what they had broken.


I just started farming recently to get the 750000 gold to get th6. I tried sub 200 and found very little. The occassional 20000 but that was about the extent of it. I'm sitting about 480 trophies now and not finding a whole lot either. Going to try 500 trophies........It's kinda ok. Loot's better but still only around 7000 I'm finding. I think I suck at farming though my lvl 3 goblins actually seem pretty good.

EDIT: 500 - 600 seems to generally suck. I'm finding like 2000 loot. Though it could be a time thing since I'm doing this here at 4.30am Australian Time.

EDIT2: Gonna try between 600 and 700 trophies.


Even thohough you revived an a long dead thread, keep us posted, however as for myself, I am a town hall 10 so from what it looks like there would be no loot for me at all

whats a good trophy count to have to farm well and make back alot you lost?

Hi all, lets let this thread die, please stop posting in it