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6th Builder

SuperCell should introduce 6th builder to encourage players to play more for achievements otherwise players with master league or above loose interest about geming and cannot utilize their gems properly as they already have 5 builders and think boosting resources are not worth. Even if the builder cost is 3000-4000 gems , it will be able to change their mindset.

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It's not worth it, TH10s can't even get all their builders into work, why would they even buy a 6th builder? I get your point since upgrading is fairly cheap on lower TH levels but considering this overall, including high TH9s and mid-TH10s. The standard TH10 player can't catch up resources to farm and at most, 2/5 builders aren't working.


At least the option should be there , who wants will go for it. Every player has their own style of playing , opinion and need which you never know, so better keep the option available to them.


From the going rate, it would be 4000 gems for a 6th builder. That's a ton of barracks boosting for farming.

There are times when 5 builders is not enough and times when you can't use all 5 builders.

It really shouldn't be much of an issue and would ultimately be a waste of gems. Special promotions, achieving a new TH lvl and lower TH's would be exceptions but not the general rule.

As a whole, a minor thing on a list of things that are continuing to be improved.


Rajachanger wrote: if i calculate to farming, lab time, wall spent,. 5 builder is enough.. i suggest special builder for hero, like didn't cost building/def builder, not 6th builder..

Your point is quite convincing. I see mine 1 or 2 builder(s) are always busy upgrading heroes.


4000 gems for a builder that you will rarely use is a waste, although this won't apply to lower TH levels as it's still pretty easy to farm. What I'm saying is that it's more beneficial to use those gems to speed up barracks and collectors as they increase resource income.

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