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Offense Theory TH11

With the recent addition of the Grand Warden, it's pretty safe to say that there are a few major three star strategies that can be adapted at TH11.


My theory is that The Grand Warden, along with the King and Queen will go with the kill squad and will have the following objectives in order of importance:

  • Destroy the eagle defense.
  • Take out an Air Defense for Cold Blooded, 2 for Shattered and 3 for Stoned
  • Eliminate the Queen
  • 2 Core defenses(i.e. X-Bow and Inferno Tower)(Might not be achieved using a Cold Blodded GoLaLoon, 1 core defense at most.)
  • Clan Wars:Tesla Farm

The point is, the kill squads at TH 11 can move deeper into the base using the Warden's life aure and Eternal Tome ability which makes them enough force to destroy 35-50% of a base which is also dependent on base layout. This allows the LaLoon portion to be able to effectively sweep the base and probably go for an overkill.

However, it has been pointed out a lot of times that three star strategies are very hard to perform especially at TH10 which probably the imbalance resides. I also think that Supercell needs to have the Grand Warden accessible to TH10s to find the balance for three stars.


Probably the only choice of GoHo is limited to a Stoned variation, as Hogs cannot afford to be targeted by multi Infernos. But tactics nowadays include Giants to flank off the streams from the Hogs.

The theory is almost the same with GoLaLoon but probably include the new Hero with the Hogs for a reason:

  • Safe healing, which might require only two Heal Spells instead of three because of Eternal Tome which grants the Hogs free access to the core.
  • Spell Superiority, this is also a huge offensive advantage due to being able to donate a dark spell, in a case of GoHo a poison will be good to eliminate core Skeleton Traps. Allowing a Rage, 4 EQs for the kill squad. Last spell slot for Haste can be used for the new hero to catch up with the hogs.

Royal Witchcraft

My theory lies in having a free healer for the witches, basically that's it. The same process still applies in deployment but Witches are a force to be reckoned with wit the assistance of the Grand Warden's Eternal Tome ability. This will give 3 advantages:

  • Being able to completely sweep the core in no time due to not having skeletons burned by multi infernos.
  • Protects witches from being targeted by multi infernos because after sweeping through the core, there will still be splash defenses and the additional support of the witches that are supposed to be dead if the Grand Warden isn't present.
  • Being able to attack from any angle. This is probably a major advantage as you can attack the Eagle Artillery straightforward.

Remember that the Eagle Artillery can kill your witches and an alternative version of this attack is to deploy the Queen Walk portion to the direction of the Eagle Artillery, sending the Barbarian King as well is optional. This depends on the density of defenses in the area. The core knowledge is send the Grand Warden with the Witches and be able to take out the Eagle Artillery early.

Those are some of the information I have gathered as of now, other three star strategies might also be viable like GoVaHo but still gathering intel if they can be practical or not.

Thoughts and opinions are very much appreciated, thanks for reading! Clash On!

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Marshmallo wrote:
Dragonlordcoc wrote:
Marshmallo wrote:
Hey! i'm not in clash anymore but this new hero sounds cool!
Why'd you quit
I lost my account so i kinda raged. I probably will start again, but it will be at town hall one.

Same thing happened to my brother... Day after he got his second account!


What kind of strategy do you want me to theorize against TH11s? Barch? Anything really.


I dunno... I'm a townhall 8, so none of this will really help me

Just saying, but giant attacks are utter failures with that new defense


Giant attacks can prove to be practical, with a help of the new lvl 3 witches.

Yes I suppose... But who uses giants and witches

There's always one...

Giants are less susceptible to single Inferno and have more DPS


well, they're valuable targets to multi infernos. Practically any attack can almost be used against fellow Th11s using a few tanks at least. The 2 starring game almost not changed a bit, the sound of the new defense is painful to the ears but it deals less damage.

I guess...

Speaking of th11 Warden offense: There is a single defense in this game that can attack THROUGH Eternal Tome (testing required). It's called the Spring Trap, and it kills most units instantaneously. So perhaps we should value them more. :P


Eternal Tome only blocks damage not instant death and it's been pretty obvious to me since it's released. spring traps are generally a last resort defense against Hogs though their chance of success is very low compared to cleverly thought out DGBs.

Side note: I'll be closing this thread as the rules say. If you wish to continue talking about this, do create a new thread.

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