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TheCrimsonKeep: Adults-Only War Clan, TH9+, Serious, Supportive, Solid


Established in March 2015, and still going strong. We're a solid war clan, with a solid core. We're serious about war, but not so serious that we can't be supportive of each other and have fun even when we lose. We tend to win 4 out of 5 wars, and we're always learning new strategies and recruiting solid new members to pull that number up. We're open to individuals, groups and clan mergers.

We have a number of other clans in the family, and can find a home for any account with dragons unlocked. Take a look at the info in the poster above for more details.

Contact us in game (TCK: #JQVJVUR, TCK2: #GVVU90VU, TCG: #209YU0VYQ) or on Discord.

Hope to see you soon!


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Won 9 out of the past 10 wars with a bunch of th12s coming along nicely.  Come check us out!


Come one, come all... so long as you meet our recruiting standards!  :D  Details in the first post!

Wow Nice poster ill keep ur clan in mind


FYI, still recruiting!

So war weights changed I hear and xbows are 1/3 the weight of what they used to be

I am a rushed th9 account with level 5 king and level 2 queen. I have 150 war stars because i joined my first clan at th8. Both lvl 1 x-bows. Which clan should i join?


Half-Blooded, if you're still looking, TheCrimsonGate is the right one!

Still recruiting!


Two of our past four wars were perfect!  Pretty sweet.

Come check us out!


Kicking butt in war lately.  Over 80k in the most recent clan games event.  Come join our team!



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