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Hey everybody, it's Ababcdc here with the list of my strategy guides!

1. Ababcdc's Strategy Guides/Gems is a guide to how to spend gems effectively.
Gem Storeage lvl1

2. Ababcdc's Strategy Guides/Effective farming for TH7's is a guide for TH7's on how to farm gold, elixir and dark elixir.

3. Ababcdc's Strategy Guides/Clan Castle Troops and How To Use Them is a guide to use clan castle troops defensively, offensively and in war.

Basics of clash of clans

Clash of Clans also known as CoC is an addictive freemium strategy game, in other words, Clash of Clans is a game that required skills and tactics and you are less likely to get bored with it when compared to other games and is free to download but you can also use real money to buy gems. In Clash of Clans, you have your own village and you can attack goblin villages in single-player campaign or villages of other real life players around the world and you can defend against other people's attacks. To "beat" the game, you can try to max out your base (upgrade everything to the top level), earn and own the most amount of trophies, level up to level 300 (like Brandon) or in lots and lots of other ways (see below).


A huge part of Clash of Clans is raiding. To raid a village, you need to have troops trained. The score of a raid can be determined by 2 things: percentage of the village destroyed and the amount of stars achieved. You get 1 star for destroying 50% of the village, 1 star for destroying the town hall and 1 star for destroying 100% of the village. It is possible to score 99% with only a single star, but it is impossible to achieve 2 stars without destroying the town hall. One star will grant you 1/3 of the trophies listed in the top left corner, 2 stars will grant you two-thirds, and 3 stars (complete destruction) will give you the full number.

99% 1star byLaughOutLoud

99% destruction with only 1 star (war attack)


As stated above, you need to train troops in order to raid. You train troops in the barracks and dark barracks. Different troops have different health points, different dps (damage per second), different speed, different housing space, different preferred targets, different AI (artificial intelligence) and serve as different purposes to the team, thus there are an infinite number (maybe not infinite, but at least a million?) of different troops combinations.



You can train elixir troops in the barracks, these troops are trained with elixir and are less special when compared to dark elixir troops. The max level of a barracks (a barracks?) is 12 and you unlock a new troops at each level, i.e. There are 12 different elixir troops and every time you upgrade a barracks, you unlock another troop, and reduce its training time when more barracks are upgraded to or past that level.

List of elixir troops:

1. Barbarian - Barbarians are the first troop you unlock. They are the most basic troops; they are ground troops (a term which I will explain later), they attack directly, they have little health and occupy only a single housing space each, thus you can fit 240 of these bad boys into 4 maxed army camps, a building in which the trained troops stay in that I'll also be explaining later.

2. Archers - Archers can shoot in range, but they have less health points and dps than barbarians. Archers are great for luring and taking out clan castle troops. Because of archers' cheapness, little housing space and range, they can be placed around the clan castle troops after luring them out so the clan castle troops will have to spend a long time switching targets after each time they kill an archer, giving the archers time to DESTROY them.

3. Giants - Giants are the first elixir troop you unlock that has a favourite target - defences (I can't say "it is the first troop you unlock that has a favourite target" because it is possible to have your town hall upgraded to level 7 and build and upgrade your dark barracks to level 2 without upgrading your barracks to level 3). Since giants are high in health points, you can use them as "meat shields" for other troops, or you can use them in a bunch so they can destroy the defences while the defences will take a long time too destroy them one-by-one (see healer below).

4. Goblins - Goblins target and apply double damage to resource buildings. Goblins can be particular useful for clearing outside resource buildings quickly or for taking out the storages if there is a clear pathway. Goblins can be alternatively used to break open walls since they have high base damage per second, as long as they don't get targeted by multi targeting defences.

5. Wall Breakers - As the name suggests, wall breakers target walls and deal x40 damage to them. Wall breakers target the closest building enclosed by walls (or partially enclosed with the opening relatively far away), find the closest path to that building and blow up the walls in that path (going for a certain wall and doing damage to 3x3 of the walls around it.). Always use a distraction troop to distract the defences (especially mortars and wizard towers) before using wall breakers because they take time before they explode.

6. Balloons - Balloons are air troops, which mean that they can't be targeted by cannons or mortars but can be targeted by air defences and air sweepers. Balloons are the air troop with most DPS per housing space and they target defences, but they are also air troops the least hitpoints per housing space which means that it would be useful to bring high hitpoint troops as meat shields to keep the balloons alive (i.e. Dragons and lava hounds). Balloons can easily 3 star at lower townhalls because not a lot of defences that can target air troops are unlocked.

7. Wizards - Wizards are basically more powerful archers. Wizards is the most dps per housing space elixir troop (lvl1&2 wizards have less DPS per housing space than lvl1&2 minions, which it's not the most DPS per housing space overall, although minions are unlocked way after wizards) and it does splash damage, making it one of the best clan castle troops. However, wizards do have relatively low health and they do attack relatively slow, so it would be a good idea to have meat shields distracting defences.

8. Healers - Healers heal ground troops and only ground troops. The best known strategy with healers is the Giant-Healer Combo, where the giants go around the base destroying everything and healers heal them, this very efficient because giants go for defensive structure and have high health while healers can heal the whole group of giants, keeping them alive.

9. Dragons - Dragons have high hitpoints and do high damage as a troop. If used correctly, dragons can 3 star any TH7&8 bases (as a TH7&8 of course). Dragons work great with balloons, because balloons hate wizard towers while dragons hate air defences, use the balloons to clear the air defences while the dragons soak up the damage and do clean up work.

10. P.E.K.K.A.'s - P.E.K.K.A.'s are giant barbarians and are the highest DPS and hitpoints elixir troop. P.E.K.K.A.'s are powerful troops but you should never use all P.E.K.K.A. raids because P.E.K.K.A.'s are soooooooo slooooooooow. In addition, an all - P. E. K. K. A. raid will be vulnerable to flying Clan Castle Troops.

11. Baby Dragon - These are new troops brought over from one of SuperCell's newer games, Clash Royale. They take half the space of their adult counterparts, attack faster, and do double damage when they are away from other air troops. Due to this, they are best used as cleanup troops.

12. Miners are shovelers that burrow underground to reach their targets, and are also brought from Clash Royale. They are unable to be damaged by defenses or spells while underground, but can still receive buffs (i. e. healing, rage, etc.)

Dark barracks

Dark barracks

Dark barracks are used to train dark elixir troops.

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