Hi, welcome. It's Ababcdc here with my strategy guide - Effective farming for TH7's.


What's so special about town hall 7's?

At town hall 7 you can buy a dark elixir storage, drill, dark barrack and the barbarian king. Town hall 7 upgrades also cost significantly more than town hall 6 upgrades.

Why should I farm

Town hall 7 upgrades cost significantly more than town hall 6 upgrades, some even cost more than 1 million (upgrading the town hall to level 8 costs 2,000,000 gold) resources to upgrade (or build (dark elixir drill takes 1,000,000 elixir to build)).

How do I farm

I will be explaining that later below, so just sit back, relax and enjoy the show, by which I mean the strategy guide and by enjoy I mean actually read it and not just scroll down to the bottom. Who am I kidding, you can scroll down to the bottom if you want to.

Farming gold and elixir

  • This is the section about farming gold and elixir.

As I was saying, townhall 7 upgrades cost much more than townhall 6 upgrades, so you need a large amount of resources to keep up with the builders, and I'm here to show you how to achieve that.

Trophy ranges

Loot is determined by the efficiency of the troop combination, the efficiency of the troop combination is determined by the bases raided and the bases raided is determined by the trophy range.

There are 9 different trophy ranges, Unranked (0-399), bronze (400-799), silver(800-1399), gold(1400-1999), crystal(2000-2599), masters(2600-3199) Champion (3200-4099), Titans (4100-4999), and Ledgends (5000+), all of which except for Legend are divided into 3 levels, III, II and I. Each level consists of 200 trophies, and each level having their own loot bonus, the higher the trophy level, the better the loot bonus, thus the higher the trophy level, the harder bases you find.

You want to stay at silver II to gold II, because you find most dead bases there, which I will be explaining below.

Abandoned bases

Abandoned bases also known as dead bases are bases that are abandoned by their chief (player) and usually (not necessarily) have the following characteristics:

Ababcdc's Strategy GuidesEffective farming for TH7's Dead base example

Dead base example: Gravestones, obstacles, full collectors and empty storages

•Full/Nearly full mines, collectors and drills

•Empty storages

•Empty clan castle

•Lots of graves around the base

•Lots of obstacles

•Lots and LOTS of loot available

To find a suitable dead base, do the following:

1. Find a base

2. Look at the loot available

3. If the total loot (gold+elixir) available is more or equal to 300k, go to step 4; if not, return to step 1

4. If the all the mines and collectors look like this

go to step 5; if not, return to step 1

5. Observe the location of the mines and collectors, estimate whether your troops can destroy all of them, if 3 or more are out of reach, return to step 1, otherwise go to step 6

6. Deploy your troops and watch the loot flow into your storages

Troop combination/attack strategies

In this section I will explain how to train and use three troop combinations: 1. Barch. Barbarians and Archers, cheap, easy and fast to train and easy to get 50%. 2. Archers and Giants, fast to train, able to 3 star other TH7's (high chance of being able to 3 star other TH7's if heal spells are used) and can also be used in clan wars. 3. Dragons, Definite 3 star on other TH7's if used correctly, possible to wreck high level bases and can be used in clan wars.


To train barch, fill 2 barracks up with barbarians and the other 2 with archers. If you have 1 barracks upgrading, fill 2 of the remaining barracks with barbarians and 1 with archers. Never upgrade more than 1 barracks at a time, unless you are not going to train troops. Optional: You can also bring 3 lightning spells to zap the splash damage buildings (i.e. Mortars and wizard towers, one of my clan mates once shared a replay of someone eliminating 4 mortars with only 3 lightning spells) or a mixture of heal spells and rage spells (see below).

There are two ways of using barch: 1. Suitable for dead bases with spread out mines and collectors. Spread 1 wave of barbarians around the base and then 1 wave of archers, this should take out all the outside buildings and a few buildings in the outer layer of walls. It isn't necessary to drop only 1 wave and barbarians and archers, you can drop 1 wave of barbarians, 1 wave of archers and another wave of barbarians, it's flexible.

2. Suitable for concentrated/centralised mines, collectors and storages. Select one side or point of the base, drop 5-20 barbarians and 5-20 archers at a time (a wave), 0-2 seconds between each wave depending on circumstances. After there is a clear way to the target (i.e. Mines, collectors and storages) you can deploy a heal spell in front of the target and/or on the path if the path is exposed to wizard towers and mortars, and you can deploy a rage spell with either the heal spells.

Archers and Giants

Archers and Giants trains faster than most troops combinations (including BAG, all archer and balloonion) and is very efficient. It is similar to gowipe, but instead of golems, you have giants; instead of wizards, you have archers; instead of P.E.K.K.A's, you can bring barbarians, but since we have giants as meat shields already, we won't bring barbarians (P.E.K.K.A's have lots of health and do tons of damage, whereas barbarians can be taken out by a few mortar shots or wizard tower blasts if they are in front of the battle field with the giants). Clan castle troops optional.

Archers and Giants Farming Example

What your attack log should look like (Archers and Giants)

To train it, fill each barracks up with 4 giants, 2 wall breakers and 26 archers. If you have one barracks upgrading, fill up the remaining barracks up with 6 giants, 2 wall breakers and 2 barracks with 31 archers and 1 barracks with 30 archers. In the spell factory, create only heal spells.

There are two ways of using Archers and Giants: 1. Use this only when you have at least 1 heal spell in your spell factory and only against TH7- that have lots of loot in their storages. Firstly, use a few archers or 1-2 giants to lure out the clan castle troops. If there are clan castle troops coming out of the clan castle, wait till your troops that are used to lure them out die, then deploy 1 archer in a corner (where no defences can hit your troops) to lure them into the corner then deploy a ring of archers (10-15 archers) to take them out. Now deploy your giants toward the where most storages are (or where most defences are) and deploy the wall breakers, 2 at a time and it should make a path all the way to the centre. Now deploy 2/3 of the archers you have behind the giants. When the giants get near multiple multi-targeting defences (i.e. Wizard towers and mortar) or when the giants are targeted by multiple multi-targeting defences, use the heal spell on them and it should keep them alive to destroy all the surrounding defences (hopefully the walls have already been destroyed by the wall breakers so the giants don't have to waste time on pounding the walls). When your Giants are getting close to the barbarian king, send in half of you remaining archers (or a barbarian king if you have one) inside to takeout the barbarian king, barbarian kings are able to destroy the whole army of giants. Heal your giants when they are low on health and send in the rest of the archers on the other side of the village when most of the defences are taken out. Easy 3 star on most bases.

2. You can use this without heal spells and you can save (not deploy) the wall breakers, only against dead bases with most of the loot in the mines and collectors (or any base that have loot on the outside or the outside layer of the walls). This is similar to the first way of using barch, but instead of the barbarian being meat shields, the giants are, and instead of deploying one wave at a time, you deploy all you need to takeout the mines and collectors at once. I.e. If you're going attack from 4 sides, deploy 1/4 of the giants at a side and then 1/4 of the archers, then 1/4 of the giants on another side followed by 1/4 of the archers, and so on; if you're going to attack from 3 sides, deploy 1/3 of the troops instead of 1/4. When using archers and giants this way, it is more likely to fail to get a star on the raid.


Dragon info


"This is great but "dragons" and "farming" don't really go together." - laugh out loud, ab's clan mate

I know, dragons take a long time and quite a lot of elixir to train which is why it is should only be used when farming for gold and should be only used as the first raid after a long break (more than one and a half hour and only if you have 3 or more lvl9 barracks). To train dragons, fill all the barracks up with them and fill the spell factory up with lightning spells (only if you have a lvl3 spell factory, fill it up with heal spells if you have a lvl2 spell factory), this way you'll have 2 extra dragons waiting in the barracks that you can donate to your clan mates in return for their donations to you the next time you log in (optional, you can choose to train only 2 dragons in 2 of the barracks so the next time you log in you get exactly 10 dragons); if you have only 3 lvl9 barracks, fill them up with dragons and train 10 minions or 5 minions and 2 hog riders in the dark barracks. Clan castle balloons optional.

To use dragons, you have to find the right base. It doesn't need to be an abandoned base, it just needs to have 250,000 or more gold (which shouldn't be hard to find, mostly in the storages if it isn't an abandoned base, and usually accompanied by a lot of elixir, and usually enough to pay for the dragons) and it needs to be a TH8 or less. If it has 2 air defences, identify which air defence is closer to the outside (of the base) and use all 3 of the lightning spells on the inner air defence. If it has 3 air defences, identify which 2 air defences are the closest to a side or corner of the outside and use all three lightning spells on the other air defence. Attack from the side closest to the air defence/s, hopefully the dragons can takeout the air defences fast enough for your dragons to survive. After the air defences are down, it is pretty much a definite win.


I hope you liked this and had learnt something, If you have spotted a spelling mistake, grammatical error or something that is left out, please let me know in the comment section. See ya.


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