Hi, welcome. It's Ababcdc here with my first strategy guide - Gems!


Gems, not to be confused with germs

What are gems?

In Clash of Clans, gems are green as apposed to gold being golden/yellow, elixir being pink/purple and dark elixir being black. In real life, gems are not necessarily green.

You don't need gems to play the game, but gems can help you a lot.

You can use gems to

•Boost the troop production in barracks or dark barracks or spell production in spell factory by *4 (for 2 hours) and resource production in mines, collectors or drills by *2 (for 1 day);
Pirate flag

Pirate Flag

•Boost hero healing rate by *4 (for 2 hours);
•Buy resources such as gold, elixir and dark elixir;
•Buy the decorations Pirate Flag and Mighty Statue;
•Buy shields;
Coc shields

Shields available

•Instantly finish troop-training or spell-creating;
Mighty Statue 1

Mighty Statue

•Instantly finish building or upgrading a building;
•Instantly heal a hero;
•Instantly finish upgrading a troop;
•And most importantly, to buy builder huts.

You can earn gems in the following ways

•Complete achievements, all achievements reward you with certain amounts of gems and experience, you can earn a total of 8687 gems through achievements;
•Clear obstacles, with each obstacle cleared, You will be awarded with 2 gems on average (with the exception of gem boxes, which give you 25 gems each; Halloween headstones and presents, which give you elixir; Christmas trees, which give you gold);
•And of course, through purchasing with real money, Supercell didn't go through the hard work of making an awesome game for free (though I don't advise you to purchase gems).

How To Use Gems

As stated earlier, gems can help and fast forward your progress of Clash of Clans by a lot if you use them correctly. I have listed the ways of which I think are the most efficient ways of spending the gems.

Builder huts

You should prioritise on trying to buy the builder's huts regardless of whether you gem (spend money to buy gems, see below). You can have a total of 5 builder huts, 2 of which you would have got during the tutorial and the latter three cost 500, 1000 and 2000 gems respectively. This seems like a lot of gems right? Not if you know how to earn them.

File:Builder Hut.png
  • Warning: the following section contains some of mathematical thinking and numbers.

As stated earlier, you earn 2 gems on average with each obstacle (excluding gem boxes) you clear and 25 gems for each gem box you clear. On average, one obstacle spawns every eight hours and one gem box spawns every week, which translate to 67 (24/8*7*2+1*25) gems per week, which means that you can get the 3rd builder in approximately 4 weeks after you start playing the game ((500-250)/67=3.73=4), the 4th builder in approximately 15 weeks (19 weeks in total) after you have gotten the 3rd builder (1000/67=14.93=15) and the 5th builder in approximately 30 weeks (49 weeks in total) after you have gotten the 4th builder (2000/67=29.85=30) by just clearing obstacles.

Another way of earning gems for builder's huts is by completing achievements. Different achievements give you different amounts of gems, but the achievements that you want to complete are Sweet Victory and League All-Star because they are easy to complete and give you enough gems (450 for Sweet Victory III, 1000 for League All-Star II and 2000 for League All-Star III). This means that you do not have to save up gems if you can achieve 1250 trophies within 4 weeks after you start the game, 2600 trophies within 15 weeks after achieving 1250 trophies and 3200 trophies within 30 weeks after achieving 2600 trophies.

Boosting Barracks

You can still earn gems after you have gotten all 5 builder's huts. Gems allow your barrack/dark barrack to train troops 4 times faster for 2 hours.

This is a good way for earning resources, as it is possible to raid 8 million resources (400,000 (per raid, 200,000 gold and elixir each) * 120 (minutes in 2 hours) / 6 (minutes to train troops, 24 minutes if unboosted) = 8,000,000) in the 2 hours, see attack strategies, which calculates to 600,000 resources per gem (8,000,000*3/4*1/10=3600,000).

Results may vary due to different troop compositions, different bases found and attacking skills.

Boosting mines and collectors

This is the option for people who do not raid other people's bases. You can boost lvl5+ gold mines, elixir collectorsor or dark elixir drills by *2 for a day for 10 gems.

A level 12 gold mine/elixir collector produces 3500 respective resources per hour, which mean that boosting a mine or collector can earn you up to 84,000 (3500*24*2-3500*24=84,000), 8,400 per gem (84,000/10=8,400), A level 6 dark elixir drill produces 100 dark elixir per hour, which mean that boosting a dark elixir drill can earn you up to 2400 (100*24*2-100*24) dark elixir.

Results may vary depending on the level of the mine/elixir/drill.

Boosting heroes or spell factory

You can use gems to boost the healing rate of your hero or the spell-creation rate of your spell factory by *4 for 2 hours. This should only be an option if you have already boosted your barracks. Spells and heroes may affect the outcome of a battle completely.

Instantly finish building\upgrading

You can use gems to instantly finish building or upgrading a structure by clicking the "finish now" icon when a building is selected (or in the case of finishing upgrading a troop, you go into the laboratory and click the green icon on the right). The benefit of doing this is that you can have the building working again (with most buildings, you cannot use them while they are upgrading. E.g. You cannot train troops with an upgrading barracks, the wizard does not shoot while the wizard tower is upgrading. This does not apply to all buildings.) and you will have a spare builder again to remove obstacles or upgrading other buildings (or in the case of finishing upgrading a troops, you will get a spare laboratory to upgrade other troops).

Icon FinishNow

Finish now icon

Other uses

Though not advised, you can use gems for other purposes, see above.


Thanks for finishing reading my strategy guide on gems and I hope you have a better understanding on gems and how to use them. If you have spotted a spelling mistake, grammatical error or something that is left out, please let me know in the comment section.


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