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"Latest invention in the field of flying pest control. This trap can blast multiple air units in a small area."

Level 1 & 2 Level 3 & 4

  • Summary
    • Explodes when a flying troop comes into proximity. Essentially an airborne version of the normal Bomb, though the trigger radius and blast radius of the Air Bomb is much greater.
    • Extremely effective against large groups of Minions, and does a significant amount of damage to Balloons (especially level 3 and below). It's much less effective against higher health targets such as Dragons.
    • Once activated, traps must be re-armed in order to be a part of the next defensive Layout.

  • Defensive Strategy
    • Like the Seeking Air Mine, placing an Air Bomb next to the Air Defense can turn out pretty deadly. After a Ground Troop destroys the Air Defense, the enemy might deploy all of his or her powerful Air Units at once, and the Air Bomb might be able to take down one or two, or if you are lucky, most or all of them.

  • Upgrade Differences
    • At level 3 the Air Bomb has spikes on its surface and can be seen more easily within its compartment, and the compartment opens up slightly.

  • Icons Description
    • Icon Info
      - Pressing this icon displays information about the Air Bomb such as Level, Damage, Damage Per Radius, Re-arm cost, Trigger Radius, Damage Type, Favorite Target and Targets.
    • Icon Upgrade
      - Pressing this icon upgrades the Air Bomb to the next level if you have enough resources and a free Builder. When the Air Bomb is at maximum level this icon is not shown.
    • Icon FinishNow
      - Pressing this icon finishes an upgrade currently in progress by paying the displayed number of Gems. This icon is only displayed while an upgrade is in progress.
    • Icon Cancel
      - Pressing this icon cancels the upgrade currently in progress. This icon is only displayed while an upgrade is in progress.
    • Icon ReArm
      - Pressing this icon re-arms the Air Bomb. This icon is only displayed when your Air Bomb was triggered in an enemy attack.
    • Icon ReArmAll
      - Pressing this icon re-arms all Traps. This icon is only displayed when your Traps were triggered in an enemy attack.
Town Hall Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Number Available 0 0 0 0 2 2 2 4 4 5
Level Damage Cost Gold Re-Arm Cost Gold Build Time Experience Gained XP Town Hall Level Required
1 100 4,000 3,000 Instant 0 5
2 120 20,000 4,000 4 hours 120 5
3 144 200,000 5,000 12 hours 207 7
4 173 1,500,000 6,000 1 day 293 9
Trigger Radius Damage Radius Damage Type Favorite Target Targets
5 tiles 3 tiles Area Splash Any Air

For additional statistics and information, see the Unit Calculators page.

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