Complete Guide To TH7

Hello, now that you have achieved your completely maxed out TH6 you can now start your 6days 1,200,000 gold upgrade to TH7. (P.S. if you ain't maxed out your TH6 including walls pls move your mouse to the top right hand corner and click as rushing is never good as it will make it harder to attack and defend against enemies due to a loot penalty except TH9, TH10 and TH11 as the walls can take a while.) Now TH7 is a very exciting TH as it is the first introduction of DE and Heroes or Royals for you old schools. It enables you to be effective in clan wars with mass hogs and dragons are very effective against TH7 and rushed TH8. Overall it will take 224.46 days with 1 builder 112.23 with 2 builders 74.82 with 3 builders 56.115 with 4 buiders and 44.892 with 5 builders but just be careful that it will take 54 to max out the Laboratory and with the eight days to upgrade to TH8 but then it takes 2 days to upgrade  the Lab so you will just end up playing catch up. Also if you want to spend $590 or £470 to get a maxed out base but then again you might as well spend $16700 or £13300 to get a max TH11 and if your going to just going to do that it sorta defeats the point of the game. You can also bu the TH7 booster pack which is very helpful offering a level 1 BK a maxed out level 3 hidden tesla which saves a lot of time and 1200 gems for $10 or £8 which is a saving of $20 or £16. In this guide we will be going through;

  • First day Preparations- What to lay down when to upgrade new building and what is first priority.
  • Base layout-Pretty Obvious a layout of base with pros and cons.
  • Moving Forward- What you need to upgrade after the first few days rush is over.
  • Laboratory Guide-How you should structure your upgrades to get the most effective army
  • Final Defences-What defences still need to be upgraded
  • Walls-Cost, Value and when to upgrade them.
  • Stratedgy Guide-Early stages army, farming armies, DE farming army and War armies

First Day Preparations

It's here you have finally got your TH7 and 67 notifications are ringing in the bottom right evn though 50 of them are walls and they can't wait to be upgraded but which ones will you upgrade first. Now when you start a new town hall you always prioritise elixir upgrade as this will enhance your attacking capabilities and it is always attack before defence because no base is capable of never being defeated instead defences are there as a mere deterrent to stop people from three starring you or stealing your loot so although defences are not always going to save all the times that's not to say that they are not important. Now i will list the first  upgrades.

  • Laboratory- This will be the case for all TH's the laboratory is the most important building on your base and if your doing it right should never be vacant this will set you back 500,000elixir and take 2 but the doors this opens is very helpful
  • Traps-Traps should go down next because all traps cost very little and take no time to build yet they are one of the most effective defences in this you will get a seeking air mine which is very effective against mass dragons as they deal 1500 damage which would leave a max level 2 dragon on 600 health also you get 2 spring traps good for dealing with giants and 2 bombs and a giant big bomb which are very good for killing Barch, GiGoBarch and Goblin knife raids as well as an additional air-mine which is very effective against mass lv4 balloons as two max lv3 mines can kill a horde of balloons with 8 damage to spare.
  • Other low time upgrades-This includes your final barrack in the game as well as your final army camp which you should keep a builder on till it gets to lv6 because then you will have a max troop capacity for TH7 and TH8 you should then lay down your 12hr wizard tour and 8hr mortar overnight so you don't have to spend

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