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The Archer Raid is a simple concept. Use this strategy to overwhelm the defensive buildings! However, be careful when you use this! Mortars are dangerous to Archers!

Clash of Clans; How to Deploy Archers02:08

Clash of Clans; How to Deploy Archers

Archer Raid

  • How To Use The Archer Raid
    • First, you want to use this strategy on a non-boxed base unless you have high-leveled Archer and/or distraction troops. (I explain what the difference is between a non-boxed and a boxed base near the bottom of the page)
    • Once you find a suitable base that you feel is a worthwhile raid, zoom out by pinching your fingers on the screen.
    • Once zoomed out, you want to hold your fingers down and circle them around the defending player’s base (watch the video to see). This will cause a spam of Archers. Be careful on some bases though. Sometimes you will want to put a few Archers close together to take out Mortars and Wizard Towers, which can be dangerous to Archers.

Keep only a few extra troops in the end in case a group of Archers are in trouble. Also bringing lightning/rage spells help a lot.

  • Defensive Strategy
    • Always make sure you always have the Town Hall in middle, not on the edge of Walls. Even if your Walls are doubled, Archers can shoot over the Walls and easily take out your Town Hall for an automatic win.
    • Don’t worry about this if you have a farming base. I will make a tutorial later on how to make a successful farming base against Archer Raids.

Archer Render

Depending on your archer level, you should only attack with this strategy if the base isn't boxed. What I mean by that with the boxed base, Archers will have a hard time getting to the center. Check out the first picture to see what I mean. With the second picture it's perfect to Archer raid because you can get to the center (Town Hall) easily. You can still Archer raid on boxed bases, just be careful, because to win you must destroy 50% of the buildings or Town Hall. (Walls are NOT considered buildings.)

If the base has high level Mortars or Wizard Towers then refrain from using this strategy, instead use Giants and Air Troops (Balloons and Dragons) to help. Even Heroes will help with the Archer Raid. With these troops the defenses may get distracted and will allow the Archers to attack without being threatened.

AR Hard

Boxed base

AR Easy

Open base

  • Examples Of An Archer Raid
Clash Of Clan Attack All Archers01:03

Clash Of Clan Attack All Archers

Clash Of Clans ALL MAX ARCHER RAID 240 Level 7 Archers07:09

Clash Of Clans ALL MAX ARCHER RAID 240 Level 7 Archers

Clash Of Clans Level 7 Archer Attack Only02:03

Clash Of Clans Level 7 Archer Attack Only

Archer Raid


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