This is a guide about how to rush your town hall correctly.

That is correct, it is ' How to rush town hall levels' rather than 'not rushing town hall levels'.

'Max out everything before upgrading the town hall! You noob' That's probably the most popular responses I will get, if I ever brought up such concepts to others.

But sometimes you may want to rush your town hall, for the following reason:

Why exactly should you rush your town hall levels?

Someone once said never rush your town hall level. Also, maxing out everything before moving onto the next stage. This is true for most cases. However, for the following cases, it is extremely beneficial to rush your town hall level.

  1. Making a high level self-feeder, for yourself or your clan.
  2. Trying to get to champion league as fast as possible, which maxing out defenses are far less important than offensive power ( and town hall ) in this case.
  3. .... For no reason you want to upgrade your town hall ....

Having a really high level feeder is actually really beneficial to the entire clan. Consider a clan where everyone is nearly town hall ( will be represented by TH) 7, where you get Lv.6 wizards or Lv.4 dragons for defending in clan war.

Clearly, these aims can only be achieved if one rush the TH correctly . If not, it will certainly be the doom of that account, and the time attempting is wasted. It is highly recommended to start a new account for performing TH rush. It is not difficult to get back to your original TH level as you are rushing. Additionally, if you failed horribly, that doesn't really hurt.

Before you even think about starting to rush your TH

Having a rushed town hall account and actually achieve something with it is actually difficult. Firstly, you should think about :

  1. Do you have another device?
  2. Do you have time to care about both villages?
  3. Are you skillful enough to farm with literately no defense?
  4. Are you ready to be 3 starred rapidly?

After you think twice about having another separate account of rushing TH, you should start. Generally, I do not suggest doing so until you are max out TH7, so that you have more experiences about the game.Before you actually start to do so, you have to decide several things:

Firstly, what is your farming setup? You must choose a type of farming troops, and use it throughout the entire game. That's because, if you stick to that type of army setup, you will have to upgrade less troops, while still having what offensive capability a normal player would have. Upgrading less troops mean less time is needed, so that you can keep rushing your TH.

Here is the 2 types of farming troops that I suggest:

'Barch' ( Barbarian+ Archer)

This type of farming setup does not take more than 25 seconds per housing units trained. Additionally, it is cheap. There is one major advantage of this setup, is that you can get 1 stars in most bases that contains lots of resources. However, this is mostly for collector raids and not really useful against storage raids.

This is the main guide that I made for barch:How to barch effectively

Giants and Goblins , and probably wall breakers

This farming setup takes a much longer time than Barch, as well as more elixir . You will probably lose trophies for using this setup, and you may have to rise your trophy level back up again with extra efforts. Nonetheless, this setup is excellent at storage raids and trivial get collector raids.

When you are ready, simply start up the Clash of Clans in the new device and play through the tutorial.

Notes: You can finish the first level in the tutorial by only deploying 2 wizards. However, 1 is not sufficient.

Key Statistics that should be kept in mind when rushing your Town Hall

For the most part what actually limits you rushing the TH is the storage and the town hall build time. Here is a quick list of these relevant information:

Note that this is about upgrading TH from that level, rather than upgrading to that level.

Upgrade from TH level Build time needed Gold (Storage spaces) Needed Suggested levels of storage
2 3 hours 4000 2
3 1 day 25000 5,1
4 2 days 150000 8,1
5 4 days 750000 9,8
6 6 days 1200000 10,8
7 8 days 2000000 11,8
8 10 days 3000000 11,10,1
9 14 days 4000000 11,11,1,1
  • You need to improve both of your storage to a pretty high level in order to process from TH5. Therefore, it is a good idea to start working on the second storage immediately after starting the TH upgrade in TH4.
  • It is a good idea to not touch with the third and the forth storage that came in TH8 and TH9, as there is not much actually being more expensive then the TH.
  • Upgrading both your elixir storage and gold storage at the same time is a good idea. You will have enough storage for the elixir necessarily for building the next level of gold storage, as well as storage for different offensive buildings.

Low TH levels (2-4)

Despite the fact that there is a valuable 3 day shield for you to start up, you should get started immediately with multi-player battles. Reasons being you don't have to spent time on upgrading collectors, as you can simply raid resources there.

You should have enough experience to take care of the starting battles, but to be complete, here is a guide to starting battles.

In TH2, drop barbarians next to defenses and that's pretty much it.

In TH3 : Try to pick bases where the mortar is not protected by walls (or no mortar). Destroy the mortar first, then spam all the troops you have got ( barbarians or archers)

In TH4 : Try to pick bases where the mortar is only protected by 1 layer of walls, spam lots of barbarians next to that wall. Once the mortar goes down, you should be able to take all the resources easily.

From my experience, the following works the best:

TH level target resources for each raid trophy range best troops composition type of the base
2 4000 each 0~200 barbarian, barbarian Other TH2s, layout that do not make sense
3 10000 each 300~500 barbarian, archer Misplaced Mortar TH3 or TH4
4 60000 each 600~800 barbarian, barbarian, archer TH5 collector raid, or TH6~10 collector raid that has externally placed TH.

Gaining more trophies means that you get more loot per raid you do. It is not a bad idea to try to get as much trophies as possible. Although intense TH sniping is not recommended.

Base design: Mortar should go in the middle and should be walled. Wall as much storage as you can. Place defenses around the storage, and misc. buildings around the defenses so that they have a 'Meat Shield'. Town Hall should be placed clearly wide open.

The amount of housing spaces you can hold is crucial in attacks, even later. So upgrade them if you can. Barracks should be only upgraded when there is not enough queuing spaces.

Do not work on walls just yet. You can do this far less tediously when you hit TH5 as you raid far more.

The steps that should be taken to rush the TH level 2 through 4:

  1. Upgrade both ( 1 gold and elixir ) storage from 1 to 2
  2. Start the Upgrade on TH, and upgrade the army camps. Upgrade some mines and pumps if your TH is not done
  3. TH3: Build the new buildings except the mortar, including the laboratory. 
  4. Upgrade both storage from 2 to 3, to 4, to 5, to 6.
  5. Start the upgrade on TH, and start building the mortar. Start researching barbarians and archers in the laboratory.
  6. Before the TH finishes and after the mortar finished, upgrade the army camps as much as you can.
  7. TH4: Build the new buildings except the air defense.
  8. Upgrade both storage from 6 to 7, to 8
  9. Start the upgrade on Town Hall 
  10. Upgrade army camps to 70 spaces
  11. Upgrade the laboratory, and build the air defense.
  12. If time allows, upgrade the second pair of storage to save time in rushing to TH6.

At this point you should have a pretty prepared TH5, that has a fighting chance although it is mostly rushed. When the third army camp came, stuff starts being a little bit different.

Read more about TH rushing: not_available_yet


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