To create a new Attack Strategy, enter the name of your strategy (it must be unique, no slashes ['/'], hashes ['#'] or colons [':']) and then click on 'Add New Strategy' below!

Please do not make Attack Strategies with little info on it or it will be deleted by a Staff Member

Don't worry if your new strategy doesn't appear in the list right away; in order to save load on the server, the list is cached periodically, and your strategy will appear the next time the cache is updated (which usually happens in a few minutes).

ArticleAuthorTown HallTrophies
Attack Strategies:Giants and WizziesEllioking00006000106-100000000000Any
Attack Strategies:Bait and lightningBarbarian of the north00007000107-100090004000900-4,000
Attack Strategies:Fire BlastBarbarian of the north00008000108-1001000040001,000-4,000
Attack Strategies:Grand MagicBarbarian of the north00007000087-801000012001,000-1,200
User blog:Isaacthecool/Attack Strategy - GabwiwaIsaacthecool0000000000Any0000000000Any
Attack Strategies:War Strategy " LOL What Walls"?BlackxHippy0000000000Any0000000000Any
Attack Strategies:GiwalkMr.Moo00008000108-1000Any00AnyAny
AttackStrategies/The Barbaric Brawl (TH7)ClashOfLegends4200007000087-801400020001,400-2,000
gowipeDanger Stranger00008000118-1101800040001,800-4,000
Attack Strategies:The Funnel-Web GoWiPeWarhawks 2k1600008000098-901800024001,800-2,400
Attack Strategies:RKO out of nowhereWarhawks 2k160000800008801500020001,500-2,000
Attack Strategies:Tanking CompositionChaseRiver00007000117-1101000020001,000-2,000
Attack Strategies:DraloonJanGaming0000800008801800025001,800-2,500
Attack Strategies:GoDragoonMcLoser0000000000Any0000000000Any
User blog:DragonSlayer382000/Hey Th9 & Above Looking For Resources?DragonSlayer3820000000000000Any0000000000Any
File:Clash of clans GoWiVa 3 star strategy, Best Th 10 three star attack
File:Coc new mass bowler attack, 80x bowler + 5x clone spells

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