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32hour Hog Army (TH: 7, Trophies: 1200-2000)(Instructions)
Town Hall Level:7
Trophy Level:1200-2000
Introduction:This is some hybrid /both trophy and looting/ base for players with Town Hall 7.
Army Composition:
Minimum Troop Housing Space Required: 200
Troop and Spell TypeQuantityMin LvlHousingCost
Archers324326,400 Elixir
Wizards1234830,000 Elixir
Dragons2Any4050,000 Elixir
Hog Riders16Any80640 Dark elixir
Healing Spells23436,000 Elixir
Rage Spells1Any223,000 Elixir
640 Dark elixir
145,400 Elixir
  1. Drop the hog riders down to the nearest massive defence and enrage them.
  2. Drop the dragons somewhere where there are not many anti-air defences,
  3. Heal the hogs.
  4. Drop archers and wizards.
Conclusion:TRIVIA: The "32hour Hog Army" is just how do we call this composition in our clan. It is based on a fact you need 640 Dark Elixir to train a total of 16 Hog Riders, and the level 1 Dark Elixir drill with a production rate of 20 per hour will produce this amount in 32 hours (if not looted of course). It of course takes much less than 32 hours to train this army as you can gain dark elixir more simple in other ways. /Only for information, a level 2 drill would have done this in a total of 21 hours and 20 minutes and a level 3 drill in something more than 14 hours. and 10 minutes./

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