Archer-Goblin Piggy Bank Stealer (TH: 7, Trophies: Any)(Instructions)
Town Hall Level:7
Trophy Level:Any
Introduction:This is a farming strategy I use. If you do it properly and attack the right base, you will get tons of loot!!
Army Composition:
Minimum Troop Housing Space Required: 185
Troop and Spell TypeQuantityMin LvlHousingCost
Archers563566,720 Elixir
Goblins553553,300 Elixir
Giants1035012,500 Elixir
Wall Breakers551015,000 Elixir
Healers1Any145,000 Elixir
Lightning Spells12216,500 Elixir
59,020 Elixir
Lightning spell is optional. The cost of the army without the lightning spell is 45,020.
  1. First, you must find a base that has almost all of its loot in the collectors (Gold mines, elixir pumps) and almost none of it in the storages. You can tell by looking at the collector. Also, it must be on the outside, and if you have to break walls to get the collectors, skip it.
  2. Don't forget to lure out clan castle troops. Don't forget to lure out the barb king as well, though I don't think you will run into that often. If you don't know how to, you will deploy troops close enough to get the barb king's attention or to get the clan castle troops out. Once you get all the clan castle troops out, you use your lightning spell on them. If you didn't bring one, use your archers. Spread them out, to be safe from one splash damaging unit killing all the archers you placed. (Note: do not place all of them, only one-third. Also, if a lightning spell doesn't take care of the clan castle troops, use some archers to finish them off, and all the troops need to be out of the clan castle for the lightning spell to work. ) The same process goes with the barb king, but without the lightning spell.
  3. Once that's taken care of, place your giants on an air defense (or swarm archers on one air defense while spacing them out, and use your giants on the second air defense), and as soon as that's taken care of, place your healer.(Note: If the air defense is behind a wall, use one of your wall breakers. And, its ok to place you healer prematurely, just be careful with the air defense level, and don't place it too early.)
  4. Now, use your gobs on the collectors.(about 3 on each.) At that level, that should leave some extra. Use those extra to replace any goblins that have died! Now, use your archers you have left over on some of the buildings on the outside (spell factories, army camps, etc.)
  5. Now, sit back and wait!! Its normal to lose trophies with this strategy, but the loot obtained will cover for the trophies. I hope you use and like this strategy!!

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