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Pretty much all of us want to reach the top 200 players/clans in the world. However, this is only possible with an effective attack strategy and a good layout! This page is meant to collect battle-tested attack strategies. Feel free to help and share your favorite attack strategy by clicking edit!

Other places to get attack strategies

  1. The Strategy Guides category on this wiki
  2. On YouTube, such as Flammy's Channel
  3. From the official Clash of Clans forums
  4. Or [ add your

own to this page]!

Draconic Rage

IGN: Phosforesent Clan: Dark Napalm (Recruiting,preferably silver 2 or higher) Another giant healer strategy but with a twist. The army composition 3 dragons of any level, 21 giants of level 3+, 3 wall breakers of level 3+, 2 healers of any level, 1 barbarian of any level. Spells include 1 lvl 3+ lightning spell, and 1 healing spell (any level).

Begin the assault by luring out clan troops with that single barbarian, and if any appear, use the lightning spell to off them, but be careful that they're standing still lest some of them survive. Follow that with the main attack. Search for any air defenses near the edge of the base. If they are outside the base (all of them), then deploy all giants there. If one is left outside but far enough to be out of range of the other that is defended, attack the one defended. Also, ignore bases with well placed air defenses as they are impervious to this strategy. Since most people leave them at the front lines at the edge of the base behind one line of walls, deploy all giants and some wall breakers to destroy the air defense. After the air defense is destroyed, deploy healers, but while the air defense is being destroyed and the giants are possibly under heavy fire, use the healing spell to assist the giants. Once that objective is completed, proceed. Here we are left with two options, deploy the dragons behind the giants while the giants are smashing the defenses so the dragons wipe buildings off the map, or release dragons near archer towers since they are the second highest threat. Unless the townhall is level ten. You shouldn't even be attacking those with this strategy. Anyways, this strategy can clean up bases with level 6 walls. Generally avoid bases with level 7 walls or with inferno towers and xbows. The normal result is 3 stars, 70%-90% of the time.

Although this strategy is much more suited for trophy hunting, it can be used for farming since, in the silver one to gold 2 range, good amounts of resources are available, allowing large amounts to be found. So take your time and don't worry about losing gold when searching for bases. Generally look for ones with 125k+ of each.

Bonus Note: To level 4 wall breakers, level 7 walls look like level 6 walls. In other words, it takes only 2 level four wall breakers to destroy both.

Giant Healer Twist (Trophy Hunting)

IGN: beefkake5

This is a giant-healer strategy with 15 giants (preferably level 3+), one healer (any level), 3 wall breakers (level 3+), 45 archers (level 3+), and two dragons (any level). This strategy is a trophy hunting strategy that works very well up to 1600-1700 trophies (haven't tested past that). If you want to see an example of how to use it, I have a video here

Dragons Decent

Clash name:Yurry87

This strategy allows for total destruction on any base with town hall 9 or less.(Town Hall 10 has the inferno tower so it can kill dragons easily) This will easily gain at least 2 stars on any base, but is very very expensive and requires the player to have at least level 9 barracks. It is very effective for trophy hunting.

Troop Amount Cost Recommended Level
Dragons 3-5 75,000-125,000 (Level 1) Any
Barbarians 30 (For 5 Dragons)
50 (For 3 Dragons)
2,400-4,000 (level 4) 4+
Archers Everything Else N/A 4+
Wallbreakers (Optional) 5-10 20,000-40,000 (Level 3) 3+
Lightning Spells (Optional) 2 36,000 Gold (level 3) Any

This army is simple to use.

  1. Deploy one barbarian to make clan troops come out.
  2. Use 9 barbarians to shield while archers to kill those troops.
  3. Once clan troops are dealt with deploy more barbarians to shield and more archers to destroy the air defenses on the side you are attacking from.
    • (optional step) Use wallbreakers and destroy the walls leading to an inner air defense and take it out using your remaining archers/barbarians.
  4. Send in the dragons and watch them destroy everything in the base.

Helping Healers

Player Name:Sidharth
Clan: Pekka's Revenge

This tatic is used by silver level people who have at least one healer recruitment ability, low amounts of resources and want to go trophy hunting. This will give you at least 1-2 stars 80% of the time, 3 stars 10% of the time, but as always, 10% chance of failing, you never know.. This works with 1 anti-air defence on the edges.

Troop Amount Level
Healers 2-3 Any
Giants 10-15 3+
Wall breakers 2-4 2+
Archers Rest 3+
Optional Troops
Wizards Barbarians Goblins

Here's what to do:

  1. Spawn 1 Giant to soak up damage, Spawn at least 2 Wall Breakers to destroy the wall.
  2. Spawn all the Giants and they should attack the anti-air defense (this is the key for this tactic. the anti-air must go first).
  3. Spawn the Healers right behind the Giants. Now as the Giant go bashing towards the defenses and getting attacked by everything, the healers will heal them while not being attack, not mattering what their proximity to defenses is. They should be healing the Giants while Cannons, Mortars, and Archer Towers continue to attack them with no avail.
  4. Once the Giants have cleared a good path, spawn in the Archers and any additional troops and clear the undefended Gold Mines, Elixir Collectors, Storage's, and any other buildings.

Versatile Attack

This attack is designed for users in the silver leagues but can be modified for others. If used correctly you should get 1 star about 25% of the time, 2 stars about 50% of the time and 3 stars 15% of the time. This attack should be used on non-compartmentalized bases with the air defenses ideally on the edge.

Troop Amount
Wall Breakers 5
Giants 15
Lightning Spells 1
Archers Rest
Optional Troops
Balloons 3Recommended if only using 12 Giants.
Healers 1For higher level players.
Goblins 10For cleanup.
Wizards RestInstead of Archers
Clan Castle Troops
Archers Wizards


  1. Test for Clan Castle troops and if there are, use the lightning spell on them.
  2. Send out archers to get any freebies.
  3. Send out a giant to distract and breach the walls on the side with the air defenses.
  4. Send out all the giants.
  5. Pick of any easy defenses with archers or wizards.
  6. Once the air defense is down put the healer on the giants and release the balloons on the other side of the base if you have them.
  7. Once the mortars are down either send in wizards or archers to support the remaining giants or use the archers to circle the base if it seems like you will win.
  8. Send in the cleanup team of goblins if needed.

Reminder: Use your remaining spells and CC troops as needed.

Resources AND Trophies

Clash name: Gallor98
Clan: KoG

This strategy requires at least a Level 7 Town Hall, but this has been the most successful army I use.  It'll 3 star easy bases, and get at least 1 star on harder bases if the Wall breakers do their job.

Troop Number of each Troop Suggested Level
Archer 50 5
Goblins 80 4+
Giants 10 4+
Wall Breakers 10 3+

Ideally, this works without spells and the Barbarian King, but both help signifcantly.  If I'm farming for gold, I won't use the spells, but use the Barbarian King. If I'm farming for dark or regular elixir, then I will use the spells and try not to use the Barbarian King.

  1. Find a base with storage's in the middle and/or on outside of base.
  2. Find a Wizard tower or Mortar that guards the storage's, then dump all of the giants on that wall.
  3. Behind them, drop 2 wall breakers to take out that wall and all walls on the way to the storage's.
  4. RELEASE THE GOBLINS!!! No, but seriously send the goblins. They will quickly destroy any mines on the perimeter and then head inside. By now, the giants probably have died so the Barbarian King here really helps.
  5. Send the archers behind Everyone else to pick up builder's huts and then smile as your army wins.

It only takes about 23 minutes to train if spaced out in 4 barracks, so it is a moderately cheap, dominating army that is quick to replace and win again!
In two barracks, do 5 Giants, 20 Goblins, and 13 Archers.
In the other two, do 5 Wall Breakers, 20 Goblins, and 12 Archers.

Storage Emptier

Coc Name: Screwface

Troop Quantity Prefered Level
Archers 25 4
Dragons 2 2
Wizards 5 4
Balloons 5 4
Goblins 20 4
Wall Breakers 5 4
Giants 8 4
 3 Lightning Spells optional but good to have. 

This attack strategy is very successful for attacking level 7 Town Halls. First you find a base with a lot of resources, and find the side closest to the air defense. 

  1. Deploy 1 Giant and 1 or 2 Wall Breakers depending on their level. 
  2. Send out the rest of your giants and deploy the 5 wizards. If you have a barbarian king, now would be a good time to deploy him too.
  3. (ONLY IF U ARE DEALING WITH UNDER LEVEL 4 AIR DEFENSE. IF HE HAS A LEVEL 4 OR UP, USE 3 LIGHTNING SPELLS ON IT.) Send out both of your dragons. If there are collectors, make sure you use archers to destroy them before deploying dragons. 
  4. If the air defense is gone, and your giants,or dragons are still alive, deploy the balloons. 
  5. Once all the defenses are gone in that area, send in wall breakers and goblins and archers as a clean up crew. The wall breakers will also clear the way to the storage's. 
  6. Enjoy the outcome of the battle.

Annihilator (trophies version)

Coc Name: NKJ Clan elder

Troops quantity preferred level
Barbarian 26 4
Archer 20 4
Giant 16 4
Wall breaker 5 4
Balloon 2 3
Healer 1 2
Dragon 1 1

(Lightning spell x 3 is optional, but if raiding th7, recommended)

Preferred targets to raid: town hall 7 and below

How to use:

1.Deploy 1 barbarian to check for clan castle troops (if barbarian king is present, deploy one near him too).

2.Lure troops and barbarian king out to where defenses cannot reach them.

3.Place 10 barbarians and 10 archers to take care of them.

4. Deploy 2 giants near air defense (preferbly outside or near outside with a single wall protecting it)

5. Deploy 2 wall breakers to break through level 5 or 6 walls (highest you can expect. Level 7 walls? Don't try)

6. Deploy all giants.  Destroy air defense.

7.If 2 air defenses are present, drop all 3 lightning spells on it to destroy it (ad must be quite low level)

8. Deploy healer near giants, when nearest archer tower starts shooting at giants, deploy ALL air units (preferbly near the giants at another defense, not archer towers that are high level. Archer towers that are level 7 and above can easily kill a level 1 dragon if the dragon attacks other buildings around the archer tower)

9.Wait till Giants destroy all nearby defenses, deploy some barbarians or archers to clean-up.

Results: When used below 900, almost a guaranteed win. When used 900-1400 (provided attacked a suitable player), can fetch between 1 star and 3 stars.

Once your giants finish half of the defenses, your dragon should already destroyed the wizard towers and archer towers (Archer tower below level 7). Balloons are basically support for the giants. They play a minor role. You can choose to remove them.

Trophy push

CoC Name: Adit Clan: (none) Clan Leader: (none)

You need:ARCHERS,2 lvl 3 + lighting spell, hero if possible

first you need to take out the highest leve motar which will demolish your archers, then just place archers all around the base to get all the buffers once they are destroyed put you hero down and then back it up with some more archers then place archers all around the base then you should have got at least 1 star 😄😃😀

Giant's Raving

You need:

Wallbreakers 5+
Healers 2-4
Giants 25-35
(Optional) Barbarian King 1
(Optional) Archer Queen 1
Rage Spells 2
Lighting spells 3

Place everything together, but before you place the healers, break the air defenses.

==3/3 Star Attack==

by Anonymous

Troops Quantity
Wallbreakers(Level 4+) 12
Dragons (Level 3+) 3
Golems (Level 4+) 2
Wizards (Level 4+) 10
(Optional) Barbarian King* 1
Rage Spells (Level 4+) 2
Lighting spell (Level 3+) 3

  • Barbarian King - *If Farming, I advise switching out giants and wallbreakers with more archers.

1.)First deploy 1 or 2 barbs and draw out clan castle and barb king (Or archer queen)

2.)Send in 2 giants near any air defense that is only one wall or less protected

3.)Send the rest of the giants and how ever many wall breakers it takes in to destroy air defenses

4.) Use rest of barbs to go for buildings not covered by defenses.

5.) Use some archers to do step 4 too.

6.) Send in Dragons. Try to deploy them near wizard or archer towers but keep them sperated (but not a lot)

7.)After dragons destroy a lot of defenses send in rest of archers (after mortars and wizards are gone) and your barbarian king to help speed things up.

8.) Use your heal spells (preferibly not at the same time) when your dragon is destroying a building with high hit points and when the dragon is at Half health or so. Try to put it a little in front and not behind him.

9.) Usually 80%-100% and a lot of resources. 

Wreck 'N Burn

Player Name in CoC: hpseries7 Clan: Recce Elite League: Crystal III Clan's Leader: JapesIII

This strategy is useful for players in Gold I through Crystal II. You need 200 capacity L3 Spell Factory and a L8 Town Hall. If you don't have an Archer Queen, you can still pull it off, however it is recommended.


16 Giants L4+

31 Archers L5+

1 P.E.K.K.A

2 Dragons L2+

1 Healer

5 Wall Breakers L4+


CC Troops


2 Rage Spells L3+

1 Lightning Spell L3+


1. Deploy 1 or 2 Giants to distract defenses, and all wall breakers nearby.

2. Deploy the remaining giants through the hole that the Wall Breakers made.

3. Deploy P.E.K.K.A behind the Giants.

4. Deploy all archers.

5. Deploy the Healer behind the archers.

6. Deploy the Dragons after the Healer.

7. Deploy CC troops at the back.

8. Deploy Heroes.

9. Use Lightning Spell to kill any enemy CC troops.

10. Drop Rage Spells on the group.

11. Watch your troops happily as they wreck the enemy village.


by  DokuganWall  07:39,6/7/2013 

Note: You must have every single Army Camp maxed out.

Troops Quantity
Archers 4
Wizards 17
P.E.K.K.As 4
Golems 1
Barbarian King 1
Wall Breakers 9
Archer Queen 1
Rage Spell 3                    
Lightning Spell 1


1. Drop Golems where the defenses are easy to penetrate and send in wall breakers as needed.

2. Send in Pekkas and drop a rage spell.

3. Send in Archers and wizards once the walls are penetrated.

4. Drop the Heroes and drop another rage spell.

5. Drop a Lightning Spell to soften defenses.

6. Drop your rage spell where you need help.

7. 3 Stars

The GO-WIPE Strategy

This strategy is useful for high level players around 65+ levels. GO is for Golem. WI is for Wizard and PE is for P.E.K.K.A. You need at least 200 capacity, and a level 4 spell factory for the spell capacity.

Unit Level (Min) Capacity
Golem 2 (4 recommended) (if no golem you can use extra pekka) 2
Wizard 3 (5 recommended) 13
P.E.K.K.A 2 4
Wall Breaker 5 4

Level (Min)

Rage Spell 1 (4 is recommended) 3
Lightning Spell 3 ( 5 is recommended) 1

1) Use your Clan Castle troops to scout for Clan Castle troops. (Only if they are activatable) If there are Clan Castle troops, use your lightning spells to get rid of them. If they are P.E.K.K.A or Dragon use your units to defeat them.

2) Send in a Wizard to attack the Mines and Pumps, use more if needed.

3) Send in all your P.E.K.K.A and your Golem to attack your opponent's heroes. Use your Rage Spell immediately.

4) Send in your wall breaker to break through the walls. (Use 3)

5) Send in all your Wizards to attack the outside parts of the base.

6) Happily watch as your troops wreck your opponent's base.

        • This was edited to fix a terrible mistake by another editor****

Wizard-Healer Combo

Units Capacity
Wizard 36
Healers 4

1. Deploy around 20 wizards to clear out buildings from the side you are going to attack (Preferably one with an air defense

2. Once buildings are clear out deploy 10 more Wizards and a healer to destroy the air defense

3. Deploy the rest of the wizards and another Healer

4. Watch as your Wizards Rip through the base and deploy the remaining 2 Healers to heal any groups of Wizards that are not being healed

P.S amounts of wizards and healers can be variable

By Casklord

Healer's Formation

This army rotates around the healer, and is for TH6 with 100 troop capacity.

1 Healer

5 Wizards
5 wall breakers
7 giants
21 archers {lvl 3}

Archer's Circle

Army Composition:

Fill with Archers, optional goblins/wizards warning: wall breakers may make this strategy useless

1: Deploy archers in circle around base. 2: optional: deploy wizards/goblins behind archers.

Warning: To ensure success, use lightning spells to kill Mortar. The game may also time out from inactivity.

Immortal Meat Shields.

1.deploy 1-2 PEKKAS

2.then use 1 golem

3.deploy 3 healers

4.then use any type of different troops and just sit back and enjoy the battle

Use the wall breakers to penetrate the walls, send in the giants and come up with a powerful team of the archers wizards  and the healer. By Jit444 | |}

GAWG Strike

An easy set up between silver III and Gold III. Consisting of Giants, Archers, Wall breakers and Goblins.

  • 10 Giants. Minimum level is 2, Recommended is 3+.
  • ??? Archers. Fill the rest of your army camp with these. Minimum level is 3, Recommended level is 3+.
  • 4-6 Wall Breakers. Minimum level is 2, recommended is 3+.
  • 10 Goblins. Minimum level is 3, recommended is 4+.
  • 1-2 Lightning Spells. Minimum Level is 2, recommended is 4+.

This layout is easy for any person who likes to heavily storm on one side on the field and have little pieces fighting on other corners of weak parts. Also good for bases whose defence structures are near the edge of the walls. Some downsides to this the strategy is only a single mortar must be available to fight or better, no mortar.

Begin with using your lightning spells, if you have 2, good for you but use only one. The second one comes for worst case scenario. They should be used only for the highest priority building, the mortar. Then next comes any area splash damage building and everything else. Swarm in on the nearest route next to the mortar with wall breakers and giants. Have archers take out defensive structures where only that defensive structure can attack it. I normally use 10-15 archers.

Later, your giants will leave a huge crator in its path, follow up with archers on the weak spot. Once you have destroyed every defence structure (except the walls), send in 5 goblins. If you're running out of time, send in more goblins and archers if that doesn't take the cake.



by  DokuganWall  07:39,6/7/2013 

Units Capacity
Wall Breakers 1-2
Dragons 1-2
Healers 1-2
Giants 10-20 
Remaining Army Capacity: N/A
Barbarians 50%


Clan Castle Troops Dragon is recommended

Remember, this is specifically meant to get through heavy defences to break into the centre of the base. This may be overpowered, so tell me if it is.


1. Deploy Giants/PEKKAs to nearest isolated Air Defense (or closest to Dark Elixir Storage/Drill) and spread them slightly so  any splash damaging buildings will not affect some of them. Send one or two Wall Breakers (to weaken walls) and the Giants/PEKKAs will break through with ease. Deploy Healer when Giants are low health. 

2. If the Air Defense has not been destroyed yet (or if Healer gets in range of another) deploy the second one. Dual spawn Archers and Barbarians so that they will support the (most likely) dying Giants. Save up  about 20 of each Archer and Barbarians and release them at the other side for clean up.

3.When about two or more Air Defenses are destroyed, Deploy all the Dragons at three points where you had deployed your Giants. They will rush towards the rest of the buildings, possibly finishing the rest for you. 

4. If you think you are still going to lose the battle/not reach the Dark Elixir, deploy the Clan Castle Troops nearest to the remaining buildings, or destroy the out of range buildings such as any corner Builder's Huts, etc. 

I have never tried such a heavy army before, so message me on my Wall if there are any difficulties/trouble.

Alternatively, you could just Lightning Spell it, which could save you a hell lot of time (30 mins)


by  DokuganWall  07:39,6/7/2013 

Units Capacity
Dragons 3-11
Healer 1-2
Archers and Barbs 50%                       

1. Deploy all of your PEKKAs and release about 80% of your Archers. Spread them out!

2. Deploy all your Dragons spread out and spawn the Healer(s). Barbarians can be used for clean up, and any remaining Archers.

3. Any Clan Castle Reinforcements can also be used, if you're feeling unconfident.


This army composition is used for farmers. It is extremely useful at trophy ranges 1000-1200. For 200 troop space. Any trophy level above 1300 troops have to be at least level 3. Bring all lightning spells for maximum effectiveness.(Level 3+)

Troop Quantity Min. Level (For effectiveness at 1300+)
Barbarian 30 4
Archer 50 4
Goblin 50 3
Giant 10 4
Wall Breaker 10 3
Barbarian King If possible


Clan Castle Level Recommended If Possible (All troops max level)
1 Lvl 5+-Archers or Barbs 2 Wizards and 2 Barbs
2 Lvl 5+-Archers

3 Giants/

1 Healer and an Archer

3 Lvl 4+Giants/Lvl 5+ Archers

5 Wizards/



Lvl 5+Archers/




6 Wizards and an Archer


Lvl 5+ Archers/




7 Wizards and a Wall Breaker


  1. Send in 1 barbarian to test for Clan Castle troops. (destroy corner buildings as well)
  2. If there are cc troops lure them away from defences and archer spam them.
  3. Use 2 lightnings on well defended mortar(s), then use one where you will break in. (optional)
  4. Send in a few goblins or archers or barbarians to test for any traps.
  5. Send in 10 giants, then use wall breakers in groups of two after mortar has fired.
  6. Send in all barbarians where the giants were sent in.
  7. Send in 50% of archers around a large area where the giants were.
  8. After first line of defence is destroyed, send in 30% of goblins
  9. Send in remainder of archers to follow giants, then send in a further 20% of goblins to follow collectors and storages
  10. Keep on sending goblins in mini waves to wipe out now undefended resources, and  far away collectors and mines.

Invincible Giants

Username: Vladimir Clan: Bubble Clan

This one is my favourite.

  • Town Hall [lvl 6] Needed
  • Troop Capacity [115] Needed

Troops required:

  • 13-15 Giants [lvl 3+]
  • 1 Healer
  • 3-5 Wall Breakers [lvl 3+]
  • Use 50% Archers and 50% Barbarians for the rest [lvl 3+]


  1. Deploy 5 Giants by air defense, if they have walls, then deploy your wall breakers.
  2. When the walls are gone, deploy the rest of your giants.
  3. When your giants have destroyed their air defense, deploy your healer.
  4. Splash damage no longer matters, I hope this helped.

Easy Attack

Troops required:

Town Hall 7 and Higher Troop Capacity 170=Goblins/Giants. 150=60 Barb 50 Archer 5 Wallb 5 Giants

  • 50 Archers lv 1
  • 60 Barbarians lv 1
  • 3-5 Wall Breakers [lvl 3+][Only for Strong Bases]
  • 5 Giants lv 4[Only for Strong Bases]
  • Rest Goblins
  • OPTIONAL: Replace gobs with giants (Giants=9 for 170 Capacity)

Strategy: [For Strong Bases with Mortars]

  1. Deploy 5 Giants and Wall Breakers near Cannons.
  2. Archers all Around the base and Barbarians.
  3. Clean up with Goblins

Strategy: [For weak bases w/o Mortars]

1. Spread Goblins and Barbarians around, wasting Barbarians for the Cannon Defense

2. Put Archers near Cannons. Do not forget to put Barbarians before archers near Cannons!

Giant raid (138 troops)

Troops required:

20 Giants

4 wall breakers

30 archers (lv 3+)

Burst the walls at the weakest spot with the wall breakers.

Then flood the place with giants

Finally surround the base with the archers and watch!

Balloon Bonanza

Works well for low-mid level players. High chance for 3 stars for town hall 6 and below.


  • 24 Balloons. Best if level 3 and above.
  • 15 Barbarians
  • 15 Archers


  1. Check for clan castle troops. Use barbarians and archers to clean them up.
  2. If there are archers and barbarians remaining, send them to attack the air defence. Most players around this level don't value their air defence, so this should be easy.
  3. If the air defence is not taken out yet, send about 8 balloons over. This usually ensures that the air defence is taken out.
  4. Drop 3-5 balloons on each archer tower, depending on level.
  5. If there are any balloons remaining, send them on the wizard tower. Send 1, followed by the rest. This ensures that the wizard tower cannot damage all at the same time.
  6. Let the balloons run wild on the opponent's base.
  7. Do the victory dance.


This is my NEW strategy and it is an improved version of my strategy "Distraction & Destruction (Trophy Hunting)".


  • 1/6 Goblins
  • 1/3 Barbarians
  • 1/2 Archers


  1. Deploy 1 Archer per building outside the range of the enemy's defense (often builder's huts in the corners).
  2. Deploy ONE thin line of Barbarians on two of the sides of the enemy's village.
  3. Deploy a thick line of Archers behind the Barbarians.
  4. When the defenses have destroyed a Barbarian, just send in another one so that there is a minimal splash damage and a long shield for your Archers.
  5. When you have nearly reached 50%, deploy two groups of Goblins near the resources of your enemy to get the last few necessary buildings and some loot in the process.

That's it! I win around 80% of the matches with 1+ star.

Distraction & Destruction (Trophy Hunting)

This is my strategy to gain trophies by getting 50%. This strategy is based on attacking two sides of the enemy's village. It's cheap, fast, effective and possible for every trophy level and TH level. You can attack every village!


  • 30% Barbarians L3+ (optional: 1 giant instead of 5 barbarians)
  • 70% Archers L3+
  • 4 Wall Breakers L1+


  1. Deploy 1 archer per building outside the range of the enemy's defense (often builder's huts in the corners).
  2. Deploy 2 barbarians and between them 2 wall breakers so that the defenses kill the barbarians but not the wall breakers. Do this on 2 sides of the village so that there are 2 holes in the wall.
  3. Now the real attack starts: deploy all your remaining barbarians divided up on the 2 sides of the village where the holes in the walls are. They are a meat shield for the archers. 
  4. Deploy all your archers behind the barbarians (also split up on the 2 sides of the enemy's village).

Splitting up your troops by drawing a line with your finger is effective to avoid too much splash damage. But splitting it up in a circle around the whole village is ineffective because they deal a very low amount of damage. That's why you should focus on 2 sides!

Thanks :)

Hero Defending

My player level: 64 currently TH level 9 2065 trophies crystal league III

Town Hall lv7+ and 180 spots required. I have 185 so I added more barbarians. You may also add more archers if you want.


5 wall breakers lv3+

5 Giants lv4+

60 barbarians lv4+

61 archers lv4+

12 minions any level

Barbarian King

Archer Queen (If you do not have lv9+ town hall, ignore archer queen)

Clan Troops

1 Lightning Spell lv3+

2 Rage Spells any level


1: Deploy all giants as a meat shield for wall breakers.

2: Deploy all wall breakers by giants.

3: Deploy all barbarians spread apart by the area the wall breakers destroyed the walls.

4: Deploy all archers and minions, same method.

5: Deploy Clan Castle Troops.

6: Deploy both heroes at the back.

7: Cast Lightning Spell by town hall.

8: Cast Rage Spells on large groups of troops fighting together.

With this strategy, I usually get 100%, if not at least 1 star.

Heal and Burn

Trophy Range:950-1450


15 Giants level 3 or higher

1 Healer any level

1-3 Dragons any level

Support and clean up troops (for me 10 gobs and the rest archers)


1. Deploy giants near air defense

2. When air defense is destroyed, deploy healer and dragon

3. If the giants died and there are much more defenses left, deploy more dragons

(probably 1 or 2 more is all that's necessary)

4. Deploy clean up troops (gobs and archers) and win!

Thanks for reading :)

Minion Mobbing

By: Evan the Warrio

Town Hall: 7-10

Troops Needed:

50-60 Minions

3 Wall Breakers

3-5 Giants

Rest support/clean up troops (Me its goblins, archers and barbarians)


1. Deploy wall breakers and giants to take out air defense

2. Deploy minions as evenly as possible around base

3. Deploy goblins near gold, elixir, etc.

4. Deploy clean up troops, (barbarians then archers behind them so defenses go for barbarians)

5. Pile up all the cash you can get

Dragon/Archer Craze

Trophy Range:1000-1400

Town Hall :7-8

Troops needed:

1 Dragon

10 giants

7 wall breakers

80 Archers or 50 archers and 30 goblins


Send 1-2 archers to attack things that are out of defense range. This will help you earn 50%.

Then send in 1 giant along with 2-3 wall breakers, depending on wall level. Aim to attack air defense.

Send in 5 of your giants and 30 of your archers. Make sure your archers are not in groups so that they won't be destroyed by mortars. 

Then spend your last giants, some more wall breakers and archers to destroy the other air defense. Send in your goblins and your dragon. 

Giant/Wizard mash-up

Trophy range: 900-1300

Town Hall level: 6-8

Troops required:

At the current point in time my maximum is 170 troops so I have:

12 wizards. (This will take along time to prepare so do not use this if you want to train troops quickly.)

20 giants.

8 wall-breakers.

And some archers/barbarians/goblins to fill in the gaps.

You will also want either 2 lightning spells to destroy the highest level mortar or 1 lightning and 1 healing.

Barbarian Archer Rush

Town Hall level Trophy Range
Level 6-8 650-1500

Troop and level  req.

100 Barbarians Lv 5 and up
80 Archers Lv5 and up
5 Wall Breakers Lv4 and up

5 Giants lv 5

You will also need 2 lightning spells.  I personally would prefer a raid with 50,000+ of the resources I am looking for. 

Step 1: Find a base with high level mines and collectors (9-11) and look for multiple things:

  • All resources need to be in the mines and pumps. To find that out, look at the storages. If they are empty, then that is a sign that you are looking for.
  • If the resources they have are normal numbers (117,050 rather than 124,597), that is another sign.
  • (!) Common sense! If there is gold overflowing from the mines and elixir full in the pumps, put two and two together. If the box on dark elixir storages are full then that means it is full
  • When you're lower level, target bases that have the mortar and wizard towers closer to the outside, and eliminate them first. Since they have splash damage they will take a heavy toll if not destroyed early on.
  • Use a couple giants or barbarians for distractions, then deploy wall breakers to avoid unnecessary losses.

Step 2: After all or most of the resources are stolen, try to get 1 star if you didn't already. Be smart and deploy the archers when needed to get the one star. If you already got 1 star before deploying the archers, simply end battle. 


Edited by Nelson2586

  • Edit by Dr. Jez: Minimum Town Hall level 6 required for 190 troop capacity.

Gold Grab Gold

By: C~Benz

If you read my other Strategy, Elixir Escapade,  you would know about things like "lining" troops and that sort of thing. Well, long story short, trying to get gold is A LOT like getting elixir, but there are some changes to it.

Farming Strategy

Ok lets start!

Well, with farming, lowering your trophies is like how I have it listed here:

(depending on your TH level, lower your trophies to that amount)

Town Hall Level Trophies
4 400
5 500
6 750
7 1000
8 1200
9 1400

Elixir Conserving

When conserving elixir, training is the same as farming for Gold .

What you really want to do for farming is to train the following:

5 giants

50+ archers

wall breakers

50 goblins

Raiding style:

Place one or 2 giants to distract the defense then use the wall breakers and then line the archers (lining is when you deploy troops in a line so to maximize effectiveness.) Th en after you place the archers, place the goblins and the rest of the giants.

Elixir and Trophy Hunting Trophy

by Narutopediawiki

Name Trophy Level Player Level Clan
Narutopediawiki 1250 - 1500 45-60 TH6 Assassin Empire
 EmpireTroops Required
30 Barbarians
30 Archers
9 Giants
1 Balloon/Dragon
3 Wizards
1 Healer
At least 4 Wall Breakers and 1 Healing Spell


1) Place 1 giant then 1 to 2 wall breakers to attack the walls. The giants are to distract defenses from hitting the wall breakers. Place more to break the whole wall if it hasn't been destroyed.

2) Place all 30 Barbarians inside your enemy's wall then place 6 giants.

3) Drop a healing spell to heal your surrounding troops.

4) Then place all your archers to surround your enemy's town hall.

5) Then deploy your healer to heal all your troops. Be wary of the Air Defense. Use giants to destroy the air defense.

6) Then place the rest of your wall breakers and wizards into the enemy's town hall.

7) If the job is not done, do not place the balloon/dragon to take care of the rest. 

Edited by Battler Master

Archer Demolition/Drag Cleanup

Name Trophy Level Player Level Clan
nzp151 1600+ 50 -TH9 l!ke a bo$$


Troops Required
2 Dragons/Balloons
6-10 Wall Breakers
Rest - Archers

Here are the steps to make this strategy successful:

1) Place 30-50 archers all around the enemy village (for distraction).

2) Put archers in small groups to take out defenses in this order - air defense, archer tower, wizard tower (don't worry about cannons and mortars as they can't damage air troops). If you are using a dragon, don't worry too much about taking out the wizard tower as they are not very effective against dragons. If you are using balloons, and you have not taken out all air defenses, archer towers and wizard towers, try to put them as close as you can to those defenses, so that they don't take much damage while they are traveling across the map. 

3) If you need to break through walls to get to the defenses, use the wall breakers.

4) If you have completely taken out the enemy village with the archers, then you don't need to use your balloon/dragon. If you haven't, then just put down one dragon/balloon and you should get 100%. Only use the second balloon/dragon if you need it.


1) It is better to use a dragon compared to a balloon as dragons do much more damage. Also, you have a time limit, and therefore, using a balloon will take too long.

2) The higher level your troops, the better chance you have of getting 100%.

3) Make sure that the person you are raiding has a fair bit of elixir so that you don't end up losing elixir.

4) Using this strategy is not guaranteed to give you 100% all the time, but you should at least get one star most of the time. Rarely however, it might not work and you might not get even 50%.

5) This strategy is mainly for gaining trophies and might not work for resources. Example compositions for different level of players:

Troops Town Hall 6 Example Army Town Hall 8 Example Army
Total Housing Space 135 200
Wall Breakers 5 10
Archers 115 140
Balloon 2 0
Dragons 0 2

Hit And Run

By: Laserman6700       Clan: Archon Mortis

  • TH Level At Designing: 5
  • Camp Space At Designing: 135

Please do not make any changes to this strategy.

This is a relatively expensive but simple strategy for TH5 that when used properly, guarantees you a 100%.

20 Giants L2- 20K Elixir
15 Goblins L3- 750 Elixir
10 Archers L3- 1.2K Elixir
4 Barbarians L3- 240 Elixir
3 Wall Breakers L2- 4.5K Elixir

Total Cost: 26,690 Elixir

Guide: Send in your Barbarians as bait and then send in your Wall Breakers to ensure that they won't be destroyed before they reach the walls. After Walls are destroyed, send in all 20 Giants in together to swarm the defenses. The Archers are to pick off outside defenses that attack the Giants. After all of the defenses have been picked off, send in the Goblins for cleanup.


  • Try to send in your Giants near a Wizard Tower.
  • Only attack players that have defenses protected by 1 layer of walls.
  • You can use Lightning Spells as a last resort to destroy any defenses.

Hit And Run 2

By: Laserman6700       Clan: Archon Mortis

  • TH Level At Designing: 6
  • Camp Space At Designing: 150

Please do not make any changes to this strategy.

This was designed as a TH6 version of the original Hit and Run that retains its simplicity.

This is an expensive and simple strategy for TH6 that when used properly, guarantees you a 100%.

20 Giants L3- 30K Elixir
18 Goblins L3- 1.2K Elixir
4 Barbarians L3- 180 Elixir
Healers L1- 10K Elixir

Total Cost: 41,380 Elixir

Guide: Deploy 1 Barbarian on each corner with a Builder's Hut. Find a player whose Air Defense is near or outside of the main layer of walls. Send in all of your Giants to destroy the Air Defense first and when the Air Defense is destroyed, send in the Healers to back up the Giants. When all defenses are destroyed, deploy all Goblins.


  • Try to attack players with defenses protected by 1 layer of Walls each.
  • You can use Lightning Spells as a last resort to destroy any defenses.

Healer + Giant Army

by Flammy

Trophy Level Player Level Game Name / Clan
900-2,100 TH6-TH9 Derpy / Reddit Beta


Troops Required
1 Healer
10-20 Giants
2-6 Wall Breakers
Any combination of Barbarians, Archers, and Goblins that you prefer for support and clean up

TheHealer is a flying unit that heals and who, like all air units, are susceptible to air defenses.   Destroy defenses with the Giants before deploying the healer, or at least deploying the healer in such a way that it will heal the giants for a long time before it dies to an air defense (by eventually coming within range). 

The goal of any Healer + Giant attack is to take out the Air Defense. However sometimes archer towers can be just as annoying to healers. Sometimes your giants will take out the air defense then an archer tower will take out the healer. Healers are very weak and cannot defend themselves. The strategy may not work due to well-placed archer towers, air defense and wizard towers.

1. Deploy one giant and as many wall breakers needed to break through the wall

2. Once the wall is broken, deploy the rest of your giants to take out the air defense

3. Once the air defense is down deploy the healer and more wall breakers if needed. If you have goblins and barbarians, deploy them.

4. If the opponents' mortars can one-shot your Archers, it's advisable to use 2 Lightning Spells to destroy one mortar

This attack should make you get at least 2 stars unless you didn't deploy the troops properly

Wall Breakers help with this strategy by letting the Giants in. Goblins will also help by stealing resources.

Example compositions for different level of players: 

Troops Town Hall 6 Example Army Town Hall 8 Example Army
Total Army Supply 135/135 200/200
Healers 1 1
Giants 12 18
Wall Breakers 4 4
Archers 26 41
Barbarians 13 21
Goblins 8 16
Video Link See embedded videos below plus additional videos on my channel page for both Healer + Giant and other CoC content 

Clash of Clans - Attacking Giants, Wall Breakers, Healers - Shields and Giant Bombs - 1600 trophies-009:01

Clash of Clans - Attacking Giants, Wall Breakers, Healers - Shields and Giant Bombs - 1600 trophies-0

High Level Healer + Giant Example

3-17 Let's Play Clash of Clans - Healer is..16:08

3-17 Let's Play Clash of Clans - Healer is... AWESOME (Gameplay commentary)-0

Healer + Giant - Lower Level Example


Bait & Surround

(by tandyman217)

Troops Required Clan Clan Leader
Giants (6-16)* Archers (6-16)* The Resistance st dragon
  • Obviously the amounts of units depend of skill level of the player, and the difficulty of the base in question.

This strategy involves using a decent amount of giants (7-14), to distract specifically splash damage towers, while archers surround the entire base, and support the giants.

In order for this strategy to work, you must find a base that has the majority of its defenses on the rim of the base and exposed.
File:IMG 0558-1-.png
A bait and surround tactic will kill off these defenses in a matter of seconds. In this example we could deploy 3 teams of giants (consisting of 2-3 giants) to evenly spread points along the south-east wall. Then, deploy archers up and down the wall, which will hit the defensive structures and destroy them. Archers (7 or 8) should then be deployed to kill the rest of the defensive structures that are easy targets - like the Archer towers on the west amd North-East sides. This will ensure that you get 3 stars. This strategy can be employed at any level. Of course it requires Giants, and Archers (possibly wall breakers)


Trophy Level Player Level Game Name / Clan
Any Any HurleyBro

These troop setups are for both farming resources and gaining trophies.

Cheap Version: 

(Lower Town Halls) 1-3 Giants. 3-5 Wall Breakers. The Rest Barbarians or Archers OR both! Your Choice! 

(Higher Town Halls) 5-10 Giants. 8-10 Wall Breakers. The rest Barbs/Archers or both, your choice again!

Expensive Version: ------> something important to *note* is that when you attack, you want to attack someone where you can "regain" the elixr you used to spawn those troops so you don't LOSE elixir.

(Lower Town Halls) 5 Wizards. 5 Wall Breakers. 5 Giants. The Rest Archers/Barbarians.

(Higher Town Halls) 2 Dragons. 1 Healer. 5-10 Giants. The Rest Archers/Barbarians.

~HurleyBro :)

The Taerdan Five

Trophy Level Player Level Game Name / Clan
1100 39 Taerdan

All the following strategies can be used at any level, but currently my Barbarians/Archers/Goblins are at level 3, Giants/Wall Breakers/Balloons/Wizards at level 2, rest at level 1.

Generic Distract and Destroy

Use Giants to distract most of the defenses, but mostly the Mortars and Wizard Towers. Use wall breakers (I recommend at least two) to destroy the wall near the Giants and let them in. Once the Giants are in and distracting most defenses, feel free to unleash the remaining units, most commonly barbarians, archers, and goblins can be used, but I think they're fairly weak and get killed pretty easily.

Balloon Rush

Use tons of Balloons and either release them all on one spot (if the village is without a Wizard Tower) or release them spread out around the area. You can also use Giants/Archers/Spells to destroy Air Defenses and Wizard Tower. But healing spells are not good for this.

Giants-Healer Combo

Deploy Giants in the first spot nearest the Air Defenses. Use Wall Breakers to break thewall that and do not deploy the Healer until the Air Defense(s) is (are) destroyed. Once the Healer is deployed, the Giants, given that you have a large enough number, should proceed to destroy the remaining defenses. You can send Goblins/Barbarians/Archers at this time to finish the rest.

Giant Rusher

Use only Giant (with a few Wall Breakers) to get into the enemy village and just destroy from there. Effective, but be careful to choose tighter villages, as Giants are slow. (Rage spell will help speed up Giants if you have a level three spell factory.

Goblin/Archer/Barbarian Rush

Using mostly Goblins/Archers/Barbarians, deploy the troops in a scattered manner to make them harder to take down. Use a batch of Wall breakers to destroy the wall(s) they are attacking and let them in.

Low Trophy Farming

Trophy Level Player Level Game Name / Clan
50 20-35 Shake n' Bake

This strategy will get you lots of gold and more elixir than you'll know what to do with. You should be able to get 5K - 100 per hour.

I have a 120 troop capacity, level 3 Barbarian, Archers, Goblins, Giants, and Wall Breakers.  I also have a level 6 Town Hall.  I'm sure you don't have to have you troops maxed out for this and with the looting rules a lower Town Hall will actually help you.

For whatever reason, once you get below 60 trophies a lot of level 6-7 Town Halls with full collectors and mines, and minimal to no defenses will pop up. Most of these will have empty storage containers, due the village being abandoned .  You will also find lots of high XP level farmers but this strategy usually ignores them.

Troops - I have on hand 6 Wall Breakers, 8 Giants, and the rest Goblins, except for 10 Archers so I will have something to donate to my clan mates.  Check your barracks and keep pumping out goblins.

Dropping Trophies - The most efficient way to drop trophies is to start an attack, press next but don't release it, drop one troop, the quickly release next.  You will lose the match and trophies, but will move one to the next one without having to go back to your village.  If you see any easy loot on your way down, drop some goblins and soak it up.  Be wary of dropping on any really high level players as this gives them an opportunity to revenge you.

Attacking - So now that you're down here, what you're looking for is a high loot/goblin ratio, not 10K gold and elixir every time.  Factor in the mines/pumps/storage proximity to defenses, especially Wizard Towers.  If it’s going to takes 30 goblins to loot 5K it is not worth attacking.  You should be able to find lots of villages with 30-50K where the defense are so low you can get at least all the gold for 15-20 goblins.  Sometimes the loot would be easy to get, but it's a long way around the walls, and you lose too many goblins ripping though the wall, so that's why we bring wall breakers and giants.  Usually just one of either is sufficient to get your goblins next to the loot.  Sometimes, their mine and collectors are spread out, if there are no walls drop a few goblins next to each.  You should find that as you get better you will have almost no down time from training troops.  You will use so few each attack they will be replaced by the time you return to your village.

Surrendering - Firstly you want to surrender because you don't want to win and receive trophies.  Secondly if you only destroy 39% of the village they don't receive a shield and you can potentially attack them again.  Once you've filled up on elixir just go for gold and it will be much easier to stay below 39%.

Defense Destroyer

This is for villages with level 5 barracks, but you will only need one. This involves destroying your opponents' defenses before putting ground troops into the raid.

Troops needed: 9 balloons (preferably higher level) 1 strong wall breaker (or more weak ones) All the rest are archers

First of all, put your balloons as close to the opponents' wizard towers, air defenses or archer towers as you can. Let the balloons destroy the defenses, then put wall breakers in (if needed) and then put your archers in near to the town hall. NB: A spell would make the raid much easier.

Qarth Thieves #1

Trophy range Player Level Game Name / Clan
1000-1300 30-50 Clanruler / Qarth Thieves

I use 15 level 4 giants and 6 level 4 wall breakers, then I fill the rest of my army camps with archers.

I use one giant to distract defenses. Then I let go of the wall breakers and aim for mortars and wizard towers. Once walls are broken I send in all my giants. All of the defense towers should be distracted by now so I let go of all of my archers in circles around their defense and loot.

Clan of Victory

Trophy level Player Level Game Name / Clan
900 51 mud sufers

Use whatever unit you feel comfortable with.

Try them all, try all different setups and armies until you fell the strongest with one.

It took me awhile to find "the one" but now I have it...

Here's the setup:

10 wall breakers(I don't use them all, just good to have in case)

8 giants (you want them to distract and take out defenses)

The rest of your camp space: barbarians, which are great for sending in as hordes (all at once). They have great health and great attack if they are all together! Send enough in and you'll DOMINATE! Archers (great for picking off those builds outside of the range of the defenses, not so good against mortar fire though, try not to get them in clumps!)

(OPTIONAL) Put in a couple of goblins if you want to focus on resources more, or you really want to clear everything!

~HurleyBro :

Everything Gainer

Trophy Level Town Hall Level Game Name / Clan
1300 TH6 Lord Lagoe

This is a way to get trophies and money while having less troops, less high upgrades, and less good defense. It is a way to get everything. Highly recommended for players trying to get a third builder's hut via achievements.

Minimum troops (lowest level and lowest amount, build on this): 9 level 2 or 3 giants, 6 level 2 or 3 wall breakers, 25 level 3 archers and 10 level 2 or 3 goblins.

Drop several giants, then use all the wall breakers to destroy the outer wall or walls. Drop the rest of the giants and quickly deploy clan castle reinforcements followed by either goblins or archers, depending on the situation.

Try to 1 or 2 star people with TH6 and above, or try to annihilate TH5 players. Use this with several attacks per day, and get your gems and be able to farm in the process!

I hope this helped, thank you for reading!

The Flying Gods strategy

This depends on what barracks you have, how much elixir you have and time.


Minimum capacity of army camp is possibly 120. Use 10 balloons(cheaper low level) or 1 dragon (higher level more expensive), 7-9 high leveled giants, preferably 3. Use what you would prefer, I like using 2 level 3 wizards to pick off buildings like storages or mines for speed. With a few spaces left, wizards are ideal. Higher level requirements: 1-3 dragons (1 would be fine) 10-15 giants 10 wall breakers (level 3 will be fine) The rest is your choice, I would prefer archers. Strategy: First, use 2 or 3 of your wall breakers to open up a space, then deploy ALL your giants. Make sure you make a space near the air defense, or it's going to be hard. After a while, when you've taken out the air defense with 2-5 giants remaining, use ALL balloons, concentrated on one place, this will make it more effective and resistant to archer towers. Once all defenses have been taken down, place your remaining wall breakers and make space for wizards, the wizards should take out mostly everything except for the town hall and clan castle in a few shots, with hopefully the balloons to help. It should be really straightforward and be a definite win.

Dragon strategy: First of all, like the start of the first strategy, destroy the air defense with giants and some wall breakers to make space. Deploy a dragon and wait till it takes out all defenses, this may take time because it doesn't go for defenses first. Archer Towers shouldn't be too much of a problem, due to their high hitpoints and low damage the archer tower does to their health. You could either just wait and destroy everything or place archers or your troops

Hopefully this helps.

Meat Shield

By: User:Brady1726

A meat shield is a troop used as a "distraction" to draw fire away from the other troops so it can do damage. The Giant or Barbarian is the most common meat shield because of his high hit points and low cost of Elixir to train in the Barracks. A P.E.K.K.A is also a great choice for a meat shield because of its high health and attack. However, many people can't afford a P.E.K.K.A so they use Giants or Barbarians.

Mass destruction

By user P.E.K.K.A overlord (clash of clans is ted in klub x)

This attack strategy requires at least level 6 town hall and level 8 barracks, this is the giant healer attack.i use level 3 giants, level 1 healer, level 3 wall breakers and a mix of level 3-4 archers and barbarians. I also use clan troops and 2 lightning spells. To do this you need:

22 giants

1 healer

5 wall breakers

40 archers/barbarians

2 lightning spells

Clan troops

The way you do this is by looking for a base with air defenses near the walls. You need to break the walls by the air defenses, when the air defenses are destroyed deploy the healer. Draw out Clan troops with archers/barbarians so they don't kill the giants. Hopefully you will 3 star the base with this. My name is ted in the clan klub x.

The Desperate Hunt

By: Rockstar1000                                                                                                                                              

One of the main things in Clash of Clans is upgrading stuff. Well, of course, that costs money of some type and it's hard to just sit there tapping on your Gold Mines, Elixir Pumps, etc., and gems aren't too easy to earn or obtain. That's why if you need money badly- and fast, try this strategy.

This strategy is for mainly for middle/high levels. What you first need is:

Now to make this work, first go to a base that has a lot of loot. (If you need Dark Elixir, make sure the base has it) Now first, when you think you've got a place that does not have too many defenses all in one place, use 5 Wall Breakers at once. Don't use all Wall Breakers at once, or all at the same location. First see how it goes and if your successful try planning somewhere else that's good to use. Then hold and deploy all Goblins at once. You will see the Goblins retreat to all the resources they can first get to. If you did it correctly, you should get tons of loot. Now of course, the defenses are firing a lot. Make sure you use Archers too. Hold and spread out the archers so they can go and get all the defenses. (Optional: And if you happened to carry the Giants, make sure you aim those at the strongest defenses first. Make sure there are several giants and not just one.) If you also want some trophies, try to get the archers to get the Town Hall. Hopefully you win, and manage to get a lot of loot. If not, try the alternate method.

Alternate Method: When you first get to the base, use the archers first, and make them get all the defenses first. Once you get most or all of the defenses then proceed to the normal way of using some Wall Breakers and Goblins. This method requires less Wall Breakers. Just make sure the Archers get the big defenses and if not, try Giants. Then proceed with the Goblins getting the loot. Hope this works, and have fun Clashing!

Estimated Amount: 40,000+ (Recommended, if possible.)

Acid Rain

This strategy is for people who hunt for trophies for town halls 7, 8, 9 only. This will guarantee you a 1 star but you need a good amount of dark elixir to waste.


Troops Required
2 Dragons
80 Minions
4 Lightning Spells
1 Barbarian King
Clan Castle Troops

Well it's fairly easy, you need to find someone to attack. So first thing you do is decide which part you want to attack first. Once you have decided, use the maybe 2 lightning spells to take out 1 AIR DEFENSE. Then, you place your dragons, perhaps all of them on the part where the air Defense is destroyed, if clan troops come out, use your remainder lightning spell to take it out. If you don't have any left, then don't worry, dragons now do splash damage. After, this is important, you must check for AIR BOMBS. The dragons will do a good job, just make sure they live. Without taking out the air bombs, your minions will die. Then, if the dragons have not taken out the outside buildings which is the place you should be deploying minions, then use donated troops. This is because minions are stupid, they will attack the nearest thing. Then we can begin, spamming all your minions at once is probably not the best idea, air bombs can destroy entire minions in one blow. If you think it's safe, then you can use all of them. They are over powered and in swarms and the secondary air defense will shoot one at a time, the wizard tower will depend on its level, best to leave it to dragons, archer towers might take out the dragons so make sure they take out the archer towers. That's all I have. So far I got 3-stars on 4 TH8s and 2-stars on a strong TH9. I only have a town hall 7. I hope you like it.

Edited by  Battler Master

All Out Destruction

by User:Multiman112

This strategy allows you to pull tons of resources from bases, and is very cheap to make.

Troops Required
80 lvl 3+ Barbarians
80 lvl 3+ Archers
10 or more lvl 3+ Wall Breakers
2 or more lvl 1+ Rage Spells
1 or 2 Heroes if possible

Strategy: First, spawn all your Barbarians on the side with the most resources. As soon as that's done, drop one Rage Spell on the biggest group of Barbarians once they have broken the first wall. Drop a few troops on the corners if there are buildings there. Send in all your Archers on the side where you first dropped Barbarians. Drop a few Wall Breakers if needed. Once inside, drop your second Rage Spell on the Archers. Then, destroy the wall opposite of where you dropped your troops. Then send in your Hero(s). This strategy gets you AT LEAST 1 star. Usually you earn 2 stars. And if you're lucky, you'll get three stars. You'll get about 95% resources from the base if you use this strategy correctly.

Sustainable Farming

By: L1m3$

This strategy is cheap, fast, only requires a minimum of 2 barracks (Level 3 minimum) and is effective for multiple raids while maintaining a certain trophy count. It should preferably be done with 4 barracks (TH7), and Level 4 troops, but those are not necessities.

No. of Barracks Distribution
2 1 for Archers, 1 for Goblins
3 2 for Archers, 1 for Goblins
4 2 for Archers, 2 for Goblins

Strategy: You should aim to attack when your army size is over 80, regardless of composition (due to build times you should always have more archers). Aim for bases with lots of resources (preferably over 100k), exposed collectors and lots of miscellaneous buildings on the outside. Use the goblins to hit the exposed collectors. Use archers sparingly to attack collectors and storages which are only protected by 1 layer of walls. Then, use remaining archers to target these buildings (1 having the highest priority):

  1. An exposed Town Hall.
  2. Buildings in corners (lone archers will do the job).
  3. Buildings out of range of defenses (lone archers will do the job).
  4. If you still have not hit 50%, aim for the remaining miscellaneous buildings that are outside the walls (1 having the highest priority):
    1. Builder's Hut.
    2. Laboratory.
    3. Spell Factory.
    4. Barracks.
    5. Army Camps.
  1. If you still have not hit 50% I strongly suggest you end the battle.

If this is done correctly you should have gained a majority, if not all of the possible resources, while getting 1 star to keep yourself at your preferred farming level (me personally it is 1100-1300). PLEASE STOP GRIEFING MY EDIT.

Barbarian Rush

The Barbarian Rush is a good battle strategy in the early levels (1-3). This means using all of your barbarians in a mass attack. The Barbarians are used to surround the base on all sides, working their way to the middle, this usually get 1 or 2 stars. You want to barbarian rush bases with the collectors outside walls, and where wizard towers are in middle. Barbarians move in a unit and this leaves them open to splash damage attacks such as mortars or wizard towers, to counter this deploy them in waves on each side.

Barbarian & Archers

Barbarians and Archers can be a useful strategy and very effective. Use about 1/2 of the troop space for barbarians, and 1/2 for archers. Deploy 30% of the barbarians as a meat shield and to destroy buildings outside the walls,then deploy 30% of the archers to take on exposed defenses (try to aim at splash damage dealing defenses like mortars and Wizard Towers) After your troops starts dying fast,deploy the rest of the barbarians followed by archers to take on the rest.The reason why you deploy 30% of your barbarians and archers is to avoid splash damage when dealing with buildings easy to destroy without breaking walls. Another way is by taking out the easy percentage (buildings outside the walls) with some barbarian s and then put about 5 wall breakers in (amount will variry on league level) and then put down all your barbarians behind the wallbreakers, and then all your archers behind. At the start of your attack you can wipe out the wizard towers and mortas with lightening spell

Archer Rush

Works with TH5 to TH7 The Archer Rush is usually for bases where the walls are strong and all the building are inside the walls. This will easily to get a 50% or more. Try to aim for bases with the defenses just inside one layer of walls. You can also put them in circles around a village with full elixir collectors and mines.

Goblin raids

Goblin raiding just gets you lots of resources and typically loses you trophies. Some farmers use this as a strategy.

5 Wall Breakers.

Rest Goblins

Find a base that fits you well and choose which side to attack from.When you have choosed,place the wallbreakers and then send in the goblins.Put your device down and hope for the gold/elixer/dark elixer.After 1–2 minutes you should have a lot of gold/elixer/dark stolen.

Giants and Archers

This strategy is very popular and useful. Drop the Giants in as meat shields, while you send the Archers on all sides to destroy everything.

Wizard and Giant Rush

Wizards themselves are really powerful, but have low health. They are very weak to Mortars. When using Wizard rush, send in Giants as an meat shield to draw fire away from wizards. Healers may also be a good addition as they can make up for the wizard's low health. While the giants attack the defensive structures and absorb most of the fire, release the wizards to quickly take down the other buildings. You can also substitute barbarians for meat shields.

Dragon Rush

The Dragon Rush is one of the more powerful attack strategies. Due to the Dragons high health and decent damage, this strategy can work well. Maybe send in about 5 giants just to draw a little fire away from dragons. This will get between 1-3 stars, depending on defensive buildings levels.

Added by Ecwestrai:Clan "blood and glory"(we donate P.E.K.K.A.'s lvl1 and dragons lvl2):)

For people with barracks lvl8, four army camps lvl 5 =180 troop space and spell factory lvl 2, this is one of the best attack strategies to gain both resources and win trophies. Use 1 healer lvl 1-2, 5 wall breakers lvl3-4, 10 wizards lvl3-4, 10 giants lvl3-4, 30 barbarians lvl3-4, 30 Archers lvl3-4. First, throw two lightning spells on the strongest mortar in the field to destroy it. Second, put one giant near a wall(be sure to wait for the mortar to shoot its first bomb then release 2 wall breakers. When the walls break, release the rest of the Giants and support them with some archers; release wall breakers as necessary.Third after most the air defense gets destroyed put one healer to refill the giants health. when the defenses surrounding the town hall or storages become destroyed and, there's a wide open space for the wizards to enter, put 6 wizards to destroy them.If there where any exterior buildings like barracks, army camps, collectors(etc.) use the barbarians and circularly surround the village then win 3 stars. P.S: this strategy can work on wall gridded villages or surround layers type, meaning one circular layer surrounding builder huts, archer towers, collectors, (etc.) and another layer surrounding mortars, town hall, wizard towers, barbarian king.

Dragons and P.E.K.K.A's

Dragons and P.E.K.K.A's works really well because both troops have high health and damage. Send in P.E.K.K.A's near air defenses (Archer Tower, Wizard Tower, Air Defense), and send in dragons near ground defenses (Mortar and Cannon. Be careful for Hidden Tesla and X-Bow because they can wreck both troops. Check out these links for more info.

Hog Rider Rush

Hog Riders would be the perfect replacement for barbarians because they can jump over walls. Hog Riders are the perfect replacement because they act just like Barbarians, beside the fact they can jump over wall. One Hog Rider takes up 6 spaces, but one Hog Rider does two more damage than six Barbarians.  Six Barbarians have a total of 135 health, while one Hog rider has more than twice that at 300 health! Also, high level mortars might be able to one hit K.O. Barbarians, but Hog Riders would have to be hit multiple times, so hordes survive longer under fire from Mortars. Deploy them as near to the Town Hall as possible to get a quick 1 star.

Blind 'n' Horde for Resources 'n' More Gold Elixir Trophy

by Infinity323  Infinity323   Message Wall  Blog  Contribs   

Trophy Level Town Hall Level Game Name Clan
900+ Preferably 5 or 6 Barbaric ASIAN KNIGHT
Troop/Spell Level Amount
Barbarians or Archers 3 40
Goblins 3 30
Giants 3 11
Wall Breakers 3 5
Lightning Spell 4 2

1. Get rid of those pesky Mortars and Wizard Towers! If they are together, you are in luck! Drop both Lightning Spells in that place so they all are destroyed.

2. Break a wall with those wall breakers. Aim for a spot near a defense.

3. Lumber in those giants!

4. Once some of those defenses are destroyed, horde those barbarians in!

5. Once most defenses are destroyed, send in the goblins.

6. Wait for your troops to destroy everything!

Hope this helps!

Trophy Raid (Lower Levels)

By Jimmy2901 (Clash of clans name: Jimmy)

This type of raid is quick and efficient, and for it I always got 100%. It involves 15 giants, 15 goblins, 10 minions, 5 Wall Breakers and the rest are archers. Rage spells and Healing Spells are optional.

1) Send out 10-15 of the archers as a decoy. Then send in the Wall Breakers near the defenses.

2) If the defenses are around the rim, send in a giant decoy and archers behind it. If not, send in all the giants in groups of 5(3 groups) after the defense mainly Air Defense) and half of the remaining archers.

3) After the air defense is destroyed, send in more archers after the archer towers and wizard towers. Also send in all the goblins. The Rage spell and healing spell can be placed where necessary.

4) Finally, after the archer towers, wizard towers and air defenses are destroyed, send in the minions to finish of the rest of the village. (Beware of clan castle reinforcements.)

Trophy Raid(Higher Levels)

By Jimmy2901 (Clash of clans name: Jimmy)

This type of raid is more efficient for higher levels. It involves : 1 Healer, 3 Dragons, 3 Lightning spells, 10 Giants and the rest are archers.

1) First, hit one air defense with the three Lightning Spells and then send in a giant and 5 archers to finish of the job.

2) Then send in many archers and the remaining giants to destroy all archer towers and all the remaining air defenses.

3) Time for the kill! After the Archer Towers and Air Defenses are wiped out, send in all the remaining archers(if any) and the 3 dragons with the healer behind. The dragons should be left unchallenged apart from the wizard towers which don't affect them as much, and with the healers there they should be unstoppable.

Barbarian Rush

By hodori0719 (lash of Clans name: Exileon, Clan: Blood Dragon)

This strategy will help you to get many trophies, loot, and more. Instead of using a lot of time and Elixir on the more advanced Troops, using leveled-up Barbarians and Archers is more helpful. This leads to a lot of battles in a row, giving you a greater chance of trophies and loot. Since Barbarians have plenty of health and power, adding in Archers, with ranged attacks, will double the power. Many people comment that Archers, especially levels 4~6 are helpful to their offensive strategies.

Setting up Troops

Since Archers are better, fill up one of your Barracks (if more than one) with Barbarians. Fill up the rest with Archers. If you only have one, I recommend filling half with Barbarians and the other with Archers, or one-third with Barbarians and the rest with Archers, although having two or three would be most helpful since you would be training many at a time. Before you go to battle, set up more Barbarians and Archers and then raid your enemy villages.

Although this was a short article, I hope it helps.

Advanced Barbarian Rush

By Asian_Glow(Clan name : New Direction)

This is a more advanced and complex version of hodori0719's strategy.  Instead if following up with archers. you simply just use only barbarians.  Barbarians are cheap, have fast training time, have high hp, and do moderate damage.  Level 3 and up barbarians will quickly destroy most bases, especially when deploying 200 barbs after using 2 lighting spells on a mortar or wizard tower.  If you can barbarian rush perfectly, you can do anything.


1:Avoid large pocketed bases, such as villages with each defensive building surrounded by walls.  This will kill your whole army.

2.If you find a low level village with a mortar under construction, but there's an active wizard tower, lighting spell the wizard tower and aim solely for the wizard tower.  If the wizard tower is in the middle of the village, make sure to use TWO lighting spells, or your large mass of barbarians will be mowed down.

3.If the base is surrounded by one big wall, ALWAYS ATTACK IT.  To get 3 stars with ease, look for where the mortar and wizard tower is closest.  Use 10 barbs to distract the mortar if it is in range of the wall.  If not deploy all barbs on a corner of exposed side.  DO NOT DEPLOY THEM ON EVERY SIDE.  Doing this will lessen the strength of the barbs, ruining your army as the mortar kills them all.

4.JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE 200 BARBS, THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOUR INVINCIBLE.  I had an experience where i thought I could 3 star a level 6 town hall base.  I deployed all my barbs at the mortar, since it was exposed.  The base had no wizard tower, which was a big mistake.  The village owner funneled all my 200 barbs into A GIANT BOMB.  Yeah.  I underestimated an "easy" base.

5.Upgrade your army camps to its max level.  Five extra units might not sound like a lot, but for every 10 barbs added to your army, that's an extra 100+ damage. 

6.TOWN HALL 7(and up) STRATEGY ONLY.  When you get your level 3 spell factory, use the third spell slot for a heal spell to keep your barbs alive.  I strongly disagree with a rage spell, because the damage increase doesn't help, since a large mass of barbs can one-shot anything without a rage spell.

7.TOWN HALL 9 STRATEGY ONLY.  If you army capacity is 220, use the 20 extra space for a healer.  A fully leveled healer heals about one-third of a level 5 and 6 barbarian.

8.Base composition.  Is the village's mortar or wizard tower on the outside of a village?  Take advantage of a mortar's blind spot and deploy all barbs next to the wall in front of it, because a mortar can't shoot over a single layer of wall.(Anything more than one layer=a mortar massacre)

9.Wizard towers are more dangerous to your barbs than a mortar.  This can even more deadly if the tower is behind walls.  I would personally lightning spell the wizard tower than a mortar.  As explained in tip #6, the healing spell will heal most of the damage from the mortar faster than a wizard tower.(Wizard towers fire every 1.1 second, while a mortar takes 5.)

10.Want to have a better chance of 3-starring?  Sacrifice defensive power for offensive power by asking clan members to donate wall breakers or healers.

11.TOWN HALL 9 ONLY! Jump spells are actually useful for barbarian rushes. Make sure to use them next to a wall, though, or that is a waste of money! Having 2 or more jump spells is ineffective.

12.TOWN HALL 7 and UP only! After unlocking the Barbarian King, this is how I would use him. I send in all my regular barbs until they move in far enough. Then I send in my Barb King so it doesn't take as much damage.

13. Be cautious of flying units that come out of enemy's clan castle. Only lightning spells or your clan castle troops( if they can even target air) can damage them.

14.This goes along with 13. If your enemy's clan castle is full of wizards or dragons, try to deploy your barbs far from the clan castle. Splash damage is a barbarian's nightmare.

15.This strategy generally works within the 0- 2000 trophy range. Thank you for reading this strategy on barbarian rush.  I will add any more tips that I remember. :)

The Swarm

by finnegan47

Recommended Town Hall Level 6


100 Level 3 Barbarians

2 level 3 Lightning Spells

10 Archers (optional) reason: once got creamed because a player had minions in their Town Hall use only if this happens.

Only works well for players with one Mortar

If there is a wizard tower either rush it if there are no buildings in front of it (as troops will get distracted or deploy as far away from it as possible).

This consistently gets 1-2 stars because when troops get to the Wizard Tower they have no chance.

The Epic 3 Stars Attack

Recommended town hall level:6

Inventor Beastman711

Troops: 135 capacity

2 level 3 wall breakers

10 level 3 giants

36 level 3 archers

45 level 3 barbarians

2 level 3 lightning spell


(Note only is effective against players with 1 mortar and 1 wizard tower or none with the wizard tower towards the outside)

Step 1 Use both lightening spells on the mortar.

Step 2 Deploy all wall breakers directly in front of the wizard tower.

Step 3 Deploy all giants where you did the wall breakers.

Step 4 Deploy archers around the edge of the enemy village in groups of 5.

Step 5 Deploy all barbarians as close to the storages and town hall as possible.

Step 6 Enjoy your cool 3 stars.


By: SG73ltui

Clan: Reddit Betta

Town Hall Level Troop Level Trophy Range Barracks Level
6-7 3-4 1000-1500 7-8

Army camps should be level 4.

Use the following troops:

First, check for position of mortars on the village. Identify the stronger ones. Next, use the lightning spells to destroy the mortar(s). Then, break walls to the town hall, defenses, and storages. Then deploy 6 Giants to the town hall and defenses position and 15 archers to support. Next, when the defenses are distracted, use the goblins to clear the loot. Use the archers to clear the remaining buildings that are outside the walls like the builder huts and collectors. 2 to 3 stars guaranteed.


For the TH lvl7,


40 archers (40)

5 wall breakers (10)


1 healer(20) lvl 1 to 2

2 Lightning spells

1 Rage spell

First, destroy the mortar that is strongest with thelightning spell. Next, break walls to the TH, air defenses, and the resources. Then deploy 2 giants to tank and 10 archers to support to destroy the air defenses. After air defenses are destroyed, send in all the giants and archers to tank and support the healer. Send in goblins after that. If you have clan troops, deploy them to attack the out-of-walls buildings. Deploy the rage spell where the giants and healer are. This will boost the power the attack of the giants and archers and the healing power of the healer. This will get again 2 to 3 stars and 95% of the loot.

Go Wipe strategy

1 Golem, 4 PEKKAs, 12 Wizards, 10 Wall Breakers, 2 Archers

Gob-Force  (MonsterP1g)

Requirements: TH lvl 7, 4 lvl 5 army camps (185 space)

Troops: 75 goblins, 17 giants, 4 balloons, 2 breakers, 1 archer (For clan Castle deployments)

  • A healing potion and a lightning spell are preferable

Strategy: Deploy Giants in an area that has the most Air Defenses, then take down the wall with the Wall Breakers. Deploy archer on a small area that no defenses can reach. Use Balloons after air defenses are gone then watch the thunder. Deploy lightning spell(s) to destroy the mortars and use a healing spell to ensure your troops last longer.

Giants and Archers

(wiki name: Freezie xtreme, Clan: frozen jusice)

Troops: 15-27 Giants, 1-7 Wall breakers, the rest Archers

Tactics:  Put one Giant down. Then put down Wall Breakers. Next, send in your remaining Giants. Then use Archers to destroy outer buildings and defenses. Send other Wall Breakers in as need.

Have fun raiding!

Barbarian Archer Rush

nelson2586 (Clan:biostorm league/deadly assassins)

Trophy range:400-1500

180 Army                        100 barbarians 80 archers

135 Army                          80 barbarians  55 archers

deploy the Archers to destroy the buildings out of the defense's reach. After they are destroyed, place your Barbarians until you have 50% or you have something in mind to destroy.

The mix up

Hi! I'm gonna show you a nice tactic for resource raiding and trophies (your not gonna get a lot of trophies though).

Okay so you will need TH7 and have goblins, barbarians, giants, wall breakers and wizards at least lvl 3. Healer can be lvl 1. Troop space is ~160.

I use 165.

The needs:

5 wizards

1 healer

2-5 wall breakers (for short, WBs)

20-25 goblins

25 barbarians

15 giants (:O)

If there's free space left you can fill that up with goblins or barbs depending on if you want to get more resources or trophies.


1) Deploy giants next to the air defense (if it's not near the closest deployment point, go search for a village that has 1 air defense exposed or easy to reach with WBs and giants combined).

2) Launch WBs

3) Let the healer out to heal the giants. Also let the giants take out some defenses or help them with deploying wizards next to them when a giant is getting shot.

4) Let the barbs destroy outside and goblins - inside (resources).

5) Be sure to destroy buildings in corners if you go for 3 stars.

6) Enjoy the destruction of the village.

P.S. In result you should get a mix up of troops destroying your opponent's village. Also, try to get giants as powerful as possible, and if you want to go for a village with 2 air defenses, get giants destroy one, and barbs the second. Both should have 1-2 WBs.

Name: HorribleAgent, Level - 42, Trophies - 1200 - 1400, Clan - The Pros.

Distract and Destroy

This is a very powerful strategy as the healing Giants destroy the defenses while the wizards make quick work of all buildings. I rarely use the spells, but they're there in case you need them.  I would let this troop cook overnight then use it the following morning as it takes quite some time to prepare.  I've used this everyday for the past two weeks attacking very strong bases and i haven't not got 3 stars yet. :)

Suggested TH level: 6 - 8

Trophy range:1000 - 2500

For a 200 troop capacity

8 Wallbreakers

15 Giants

1 Healer

15 Archers 20 Wizards (maybe sub in a few minions) 1 Lightning Spell1 Rage Spell Strategy:*Find the strongest side of the base

  • If Air Defense is outside base or near edge, destroy with archers
  • Send in a few WB to blow a hole
  • Drop in the Giants
  • Get the Healer going as well here
  • Drop in about 10 wizards (keeping half back in case you don't need them)

Archer Rain:  Middle Level Attacking

By Battler Master

This strategy will not always mean a victory; it's how many troops you can hold.

Suggested TH Level: 4-6

I would recommend you get a level 5 Town Hall first, but if you are desperate you can try this out.

Warning: This is a Trophy Raid

Troops Total Housing Space Elixir Cost
100 Archers(Level 3-5) 100 12,000
30 Barbarians(Level 3-5) 30 1,800
Total: 130 Troops Total: 130 HS Total: 13,800-23,000

If you have extra space, fill that up with balloons or giants (preferably giants because of air defenses) and if you can, add a lightning spell. Now you must choose wisely!  You must find villages that have around 2000-5000 elixir less than what you spent just now. If you don't know how much you spent, use this calculator to help you.

Once you have found a village, follow these steps:

  • 1) Send a single archer on any unprotected buildings. It is important that you learn the ranges of defenses.
  • 2) Surround any defenses outside of walls with 5-10 archers. Put them in a circle, as if you were attacking a wizard tower.
  • 3) Now here's the fun part! Go for the mortar or mortars to destroy them with 10-15 barbarians. If that doesn't work, put the rest of your barbarians to meat shield the 10-20 archers you're going to put. If you have them, now's the time to put your balloons/giants to help with the defenses.
  • 4) Deploy the rest of your archers in small groups of 5-8. Don't deploy them into one big group!
  • 5) Send your lightning spell if needed and if you have it.
  • 6) Sit back and enjoy the mayhem!

If you want a good raid for loot, find one with 5000-10000 more elixir that you spent and replace the archers with goblins. It's a good way to get resources!

Drapeghe or Drape Hegi


Dragons - 1-2 (1 is recommended) PEKKAs - 1-2 (Again, 1 is recommended) Healers - 1-2 Giants - 5-15 (I use 10) Wall Breakers - 0-10 (0 is not recommended, you should use at least 2) Archers - Remaining space in camps

Town Hall Level: 8-10

Trophy Range: 1400-1800 (below 1400 will work, but it is not recommended to use all these troops to attack people under 1400 trophies)


1. Look for a base that: a. You get more trophies than you lose and b. has an easy to destroy air defense with the other air defenses on the other side of the base.

2. Once you choose a base to attack, put your giants so that they'll go after the exposed air defense. Then, if the air defense is behind a wall, quickly place wallbreakers so the giants won't die trying to get through the wall before they get the air defense.

3. Once the air defense is destroyed, place your healer(s) as close to the giants as possible. Then deploy the pekka(s), followed by the dragon(s).

4. Finally, place your remaining archers.

5. Sit back and relax! :D

~ Strategy Brought you by: Kurtbusch22, in the clan pendragon

Giant Healer Barb Attack

 1. Find a base that the air defense is easy to destroy.

2. Once you find the base deploy giants to attack the air defense. Deploy wall breakers to help the giants with the walls.

3. Deploy the healer right after the air defense is destroyed.

4. Deploy the rest of your

Goblin Rush Game name: gabe 2004 Clan name: domination Trophies 1000-1150 Divide you army camp space into 4 parts Use goblins for 3/4 of the space Use an equal amount of archers ( optional if you don't want to drop trophies otherwise use goblins ) and barbarians for the 1/4 of space left Step 1. Find a base with the town hall and the collectors outside of the mortar and wizard tower range Step 2. Check if the collectors are full if they are attack Step 3. Of you have archers deploy them to destroy the town hall Step 4. Spread barbarians in a meat shield to soak up fire Step 5. Spread goblins to gather resources

This is a great strategy it costs little and gain a lot

Giant's Fist

Name on wiki: Metaflare18  IGN: Alex  Clan: Dragon Knightz

This is the strategy i currently use. It requires 200 army space and lv 8 Barracks. Enjoy!

Units Capacity
Archer 40
Giant 20
Wall Breaker 10
Dragon 2
Lightning Spell 2

Step 1: Use Lightning Spells on mortars.

Step 2: Blow up walls.

Step 3: Place giants in front of hole in walls.

Step 4: After giants have either destroyed defenses or died, place archers and dragons.


Loot/ 1-2 (MAYBE 3) stars

Requires: 120 housing space

Lv. 7 barracks

For town hall lv. 5-6


  • 16 lv.3 Barbarians
  • 16 lv3 Archers
  • 15 lv2 Goblins 
  • 12 lv2 Giants
  • 2 lv2 Wall Breakers
  • 1 lv1 Balloon
  • 1 lv1 Wizard

Where to train:

I have a lv. 4 barracks, A lv. 6 barracks and a lv. 7 barracks

In lv. 4 barracks:

  • 5 Barbarians
  • 5 Archers
  • 5 Goblins
  • ​4 Giants

In lv. 6 barracks:

  • 6 barbarians
  • 6 archers
  • 6 goblins
  • 4 giants
  • 1 wall breaker
  • 1 balloon

In lv.7 barracks:

  • 5 barbarians
  • 5 archers
  • 4 goblins
  • 4 giants
  • 1 wall breaker
  • 1 wizard
  1. Find a base with mines/collectors and others in the corners AND all its defenses clustered up. 
  2. For resources in the corners drop ALL your goblins there.
  3. For other buildings in corners drop single barbarians or archers
  4. at the same time use our giants to break into the defense section
  5. if no walls by defenses don't read this if walls your giants will be meat shields for your wall breakers which you should deploy at the same time where the giants are trying to get in
  6. then once most of the air defense (wizard towers, archer towers and air defense) is destroyed send in the balloon
  7. Send in the rest of your troops so you don't time out

The Bow and The Beasts

Trophy Level Town Hall Level Total Camp Space
800-1100 7-8 200

Your Army:

Troop/Spell Level Number of Troops/Spells Camp Space Cost
Archer 4 140 140 22400Elixir
Dragon 1 3 60 75000Elixir
Lightning Spell 4 2 - 40000Gold
Total - 200/2 - 97400Elixir


Find a village with an open air defense. Swarm the air defense with archers. Send in archers to destroy other air targeting defenses, i.e. wizard towers and archer towers. Throw your lightning spells on a wizard tower. Send in the dragons for cleanup. After the mortar is destroyed by the dragons send in the rest of your archers.


1. Due to the high cost of the dragons this strategy is not ideal for elixir conserving/farming.

2. Always attack people with more than 97400Elixir and more than 40000Gold

Hope this helped


The Air Strike and Goblin Sweep

Troops Housing Capacity Troop Level


Cost (Elixir)
Goblins 20 3 20 1200
Giants 25 3 4-5 7500
Wall Breakers (optional) 4 1 2 2000
Balloons 60 3 12 36000


3 4 10000
Clan Castle 10-15 Any Any --------
Total 125 --------------- 43 56700
Spells Capacity Level Number Cost (Gold)
Lightning Spell 1 1 1 15000

1. Cast Lightning Spell at the biggest saturation of Wizard and Archer Towers. If there is no group then cast at Air Defenses. Deploy all Giants at Air Defenses, after deploying giants deploy all Wall Breakers. Deploy the Clan Castle troops after the walls are broken for extra push.

2. If needed for the extra push while destroying Air Defenses deploy 2-4 wizards. (Up to you as to how many you want to deploy, for fastest destruction of Air Defenses deploy all 4, you can however save them for other defenses or destruction of normal buildings.)

3. Deploy all Balloons targeting Archer Towers and Wizard Towers. In order to minimize losses deploy Balloons as close to the Archer and Wizard Towers as possible.

4. With all the defenses removed, especially Mortars and Wizard Towers deploy all the Goblins from one point and obliterate the opponent together with the balloons.

This strategy works in Silver 2 and below, I haven't tested it with anything higher yet. You need Town Hall level 6+ and Army Camps levels 4+, 4+ and 5+. With total Housing Capacity being above 125 train additional Giants or for every 5 Housing Capacity train 1 Wizard and 1 Goblin.

Before attacking the quick assessment of the defenses should account for proximity of Air Defenses to the edge of the village and the number and level of Archer and Wizard Towers as well as their proximity to the edge of the village and each other.

You should target opponents with 150000+ Gold and Elixir so as to maximize profits. 100% Victories are certain if the strategy is employed properly.

You may want to watch the following attacks to get the general idea. Both are 100% victories.

Clash of Clans Attack01:35

Clash of Clans Attack

Here's attack no.1!

I usually go for attacks in which I only have to destroy a single Air Defense.

That makes life easier.

Clash of Clans attack00:42

Clash of Clans attack

Attack no.2!

When you can find a village with almost no walls and holes everywhere you must consider the fact that you may be caught in a crossfire, however if it seems unlikely just count your blessings and try using as few troops as possible but do not skimp too much as it may result in a defeat. I always try to use everything I've got.


Clan: The Wafflez

Clan Leader: denis bem

Lightning spells: how to use them. 

Lightning spells are used a lot during battles, most of the time to get Dark Elixir. But what is the point of just throwing them away? Lets take a level 1 lightning spell. That costs 15,000 gold and 30 minutes to train.  So if you throw it away just like that just to get Dark Elixir, you've just wasted a half hour and 15,000 gold (of course you do get some Dark Elixir in return). However, the most recent update increased the hitpoints of dark elixir storages, so hitting it with lightning spells wont get you as much as before.

Moral: Only use lightning spells when you REALLY need them. Dark Elixir is a good thing, of course, but there are potentially better uses.

Lightning spells are best used for one of two reasons (possibly both if the opportunity presents itself): 1) to destroy one or more defenses, and 2) to damage or destroy Clan Castle troops or Heroes. When defenses get clumped close together, 3 high-level lightning spells can destroy as many as 3-4 defenses. If you favor ground troops, attacking mortars and wizard towers might be best. If you prefer to attack by air, taking out an air defense would be more beneficial.

Clan Castle Troops and Heroes can halt what would have been a good attack. Use a lightning spell to quickly destroy these troops. The Heroes will not be badly damaged, but if you catch one in the crossfire, it can only help!


By: hananyariv

Troop/spell             level                  number

Barbarian                 3+                     45

Archer                    3+                     50

Goblins                   4+                     40

Wall breaker              2+                     6 

Lighting spell            4+                     1/2


  1. if the enemy have outside defense put some archers to destroy them
  2. its trophies attack so you will get 3 stars so look for someone with a lot of trophies
  3. put some brbs near a wall to distract and than put something like 2 wb to brake the wall
  4. put all yor goblins and brbs near the wall that you broke and they will destroy all whats inside
  5. put all of the archers in a circule
  6. if all of the troops are die and you dont have more drop a spell


      Thats it enjoy!


By: spiner0000

For: TH5-6

Troop Cap: 105

Description: This strategy for lower level town halls has worked AMAZINGLY for me! It only takes about 35 minutes to train. can be lowered if all your barracks are level 6. It gains 3 stars almost EVERY TIME!

TROOPS NEEDED              LVL               AMOUNT

Balloon                     2+                 3

Archer                      3+                 19

Goblin                      2+                 12

Giant                       2+                 11

Wall Breaker                1+                 2


  1. Figure out the easiest way to take out Air Defense and Archer Towers.
  2. Deploy 1 Giant then both wallbreakers to break through walls
  3. Deploy rest of Giants.
  4. Once Mortars and Wizard Towers are gone, deploy your Goblins and Archers
  5. Once all Archer Towers and Air Defenses are gone deploy balloons and let your troops clean up.

HEre WI GO again!

Clash name: Moorgr0ve, clan Swedish Maffia


This attack is based on a combination of HEalers, WIzards & GOlem.

This strategy requires at least Level 8 townhall, and has been the most successful army I've used. It's an easy 3 star on other Level 8 townhall bases, and gets at least 1 star on easyer Level 9 townhall bases.

Troop/Spell Number of each Troop/Spell Suggested Level
Healer 2 3
Archer 15 5
Wallbreaker 4 5
Giant 10 5
Wizard 9 5
Golem 1 1
Minion 10 3
P.E.K.K.A. 1 2
B.King 1 4
Lightning Spell 2 4
Rage Spell 1 3
Clan Castle 20-25


Because this army is quite expensive, It's only adequate for trophy hunting. It's 115k Elixir, 76k Gold and 530 Dark Elixir.

Step 1: Find a base with Air Defence near the outer wall.

Step 2: Check the clan castle content with an archer. Lure out the content and destroy with a Lightning Spell.

Step 3: Attack a suitable Air Defense with all Giants, followed by Wallbreakers after the first mortar bomb.

Step 4: Destroy the Mortar situated farest away with Lightning spell, if you have them left.

Step 5: Release the Golem, followed by both Healers and 4-5 Wizards.

Step 6: In the same dropzone release The Barb.King and the P.E.K.K.A. Try to hit a Rage Spell in front of them If they walking in to densed Defense.

Step 7: Top up with the remaining Wizards, Archers och Clan castle if needed.

Watch the MAYHEM!!!!

Step 8: If the time is about to run out send in the Minions, but be aware of the airbombs!

Bait, Break & Hit

Bait, Break & Hit ( Chief TheSlayer's method of attacking)

   Trophy range: 1200-1800
     Army composition:
   - 10 giants level 4+
   - 10 wallbreakers level 4+
   - 40 barbarians level 4+
   - 50 archers level 4+
   - 20 minions level 4+
   - 1 lightning spell level 4+
   - 1 healing spell level 3+
   - 1 rage spell level 3+
   - clan castle troops( archers, wizards, minions or dragons)
   - Barbarian king

     How to use:
   - check for clan castle troops, draw them out and eliminate them.
   - Clear the perimeter of the part you want to attack with whatever troops you like.     (If minions, test first with one for an air bomb, I usually use archers and barbarian, 20 of each.)
   - in the meantime, send in 5 of the giants and wait for the mortar to shoot, them drop 2 wallbreakers to break the walls the giants attac and then send in the rest of the giants.
   - send in 10 archers, 10 barbarians and 8 minions, to help the giants with the defenses.
   - use the wallbreakers wisely to break in the center, each time immediately the mortar fires ( also seek to make the giants go in the center, and that the splash damage is on them permanently)
   - if the giants are in the center, send in barbarians first to soak up damage from the point defenses, archers to clear them out and minions to go in the center and help the giants with the splash defenses and destroy the storages.
   - if executed correctly, at least 4 of the giants will be alive as well as the archers and some of the minions, which makes it possible to get all the resources and also a 2 star.

     Observations and tips:
   - The giants should always have the splash damage on them.
   - The barbarians serve as a meat shield for the point defenses as well as doing damage.
   - The minions and archers should always stay with the giants, ensuring that they stay alive and destroying defenses on the way.
   - You could use the lightning spell to clear out clan castle troops, the heal spell on the infantry or on the giants, and the rage spell to help the infantry take the resources/ town hall.
   - The Barbarian king can be used to go in the middle and destroy, or like a last resort damage-soaker. 
 - The clan castle troops can be used for support.


This is a combination of Archers, Wizards and Dragons that workes very well at a trophy range of 0 all the way up to about 17-1800. This is for 200 troop space, if you do not have that, cut on something.


-40 Archers (lvl4+)

-20 Wizards (lvl3+)

-4 Dragons (lvl1+)

-1 Lighning spell

-2 Rage spells

-CC Troops (Archers, Wizards or a Dragon)

-Heroes (if possible)

Note: One rage spell can be replaced with a healing spell if needed, or all spells can be replaced with lighning spells if you are worried about the air def.


This is best used on a base with the air defences close to the edge of the walls, but you will just destroy less of the base if they are inside.

1-Drop archers to take out 'freebie' buildings

2-Drop remaining archers to take out the closest air defence

3-Drop a few wizards to help out archers if needed

4-Drop all dragons in a line on the side you are going to attack

5-Once most defences on the side you are attacking from are down, drop any remaining wizards and heroes to help speed up the attack.

6-Drop spells with the dragons as you need to throughout the attack.

    Hope this helped you.

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