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BAM - Barbarians, Archers and Minions (TH: 7-10, Trophies: 0-2000)(Instructions)
Town Hall Level:7-10
Trophy Level:0-2000
Introduction:Known to be the best farming strategy out there in terms of resources per hour, using all 4 Barracks plus 2 Dark Barracks, making it faster-training than Barch. Uses DE however, if you're farming in a league where DE is rare (like Silver), you will make losses in DE. On the bright side, this army is capable of farming over 1 million in an hour without boosted barracks.
Army Composition:
Although this army is capable of raiding storages, it can't if you are not using it correctly.
Minimum Troop Housing Space Required: 200
Troop and Spell TypeQuantityMin LvlHousingCost
Barbarians505507,500 Elixir
Archers9059027,000 Elixir
Minions30Any60180 Dark elixir
180 Dark elixir
34,500 Elixir
Spells are not required, and not recommended to be used. But bring Lightning if you need to. Heroes are optional, but bring them if you can.
Below steps are for raiding storages. Raiding collectors are trivial: Deploy your troops on the collectors, Barch on one side, Minions on the other, end battle.
  1. Find storages within two layers of walls.
  2. Lure CC, if you can't use a Lightning Spell when they come out, then kill them. If ground-targeting troops like Barbarians or Giants come out, use a Barbarian to bring them away from anti-air defenses, then deploy a couple of Minions to take them out.
  3. If the BK is outside the base, feel free to deploy a few Minions to take him out while distracting him with a Barbarian or Archer so that he doesn't retreat.
  4. Deploy lone Archers to clear out undefended buildings, and lone Minions to clear out buildings protected only by ground-only defenses.
  5. Use your Barch on the side closest to storages or take out as many anti-air defenses as possible.
  6. Once a path is clear to the storages, deploy Minions lightly to check for Air Bombs.
  7. Use Minions en masse (in mass amounts) once the Air Bombs are down to clear out storages, because you need to overwhelm any remaining anti-air defenses.
  8. Enjoy loot!
Optionally, you can use your Minions to take out Mortars/Cannons, and clean up the storages with your remaining Barch and Heroes.
Conclusion:Good luck with this strategy, no matter whether you farm storages or collectors!

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