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Barching (TH: 2-9, Trophies: 300-3000)(Instructions)
Town Hall Level:2-9
Trophy Level:300-3000
Introduction:This is a great attack strategy for nearly everyone who wants the most loot at the least possible expense. It will work for almost any townhall level at any amount of trophies. Anyone who uses this attack must be willing to give up a small amount of trophies, as this attacks goal is to get as much loot as possible; not as many trophies as possible. This said, one can still gain small amounts of trophies under certain attack conditions.
Army Composition:
Minimum Troop Housing Space Required: 20
Troop and Spell TypeQuantityMin Lvl
Barbariansaround 50%any
Archersaround 50%any
Lightning Spellsrecommended 1+any
  1. Find an opponents base that has it's collectors outside of it's walls. Make sure that most of the loot is inside the collectors and not the storages (unless they are also outside of the walls), or else you will not gain very much loot.
  2. Drop a wall of barbarians around the areas where the collectors are and any other buildings located outside of the walls.
  3. Quickly after dropping the barbarians, drop a wall of archers behind the barbarians.
  4. Keep on sending waves of barbarians and archers to collect all the loot from the collectors.
  5. You may retreat anytime you want after collecting the loot, unless it is desired to keep up the attack for getting stars on the base.
Conclusion:This is a very easy attack for anyone with low resources who wants a lot of loot. It is highly recmmended to attack a farmer so you can get free trophies while collecting the loot. :)

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