Bombardment (TH: 7+, Trophies: Any)(Instructions)
Town Hall Level:7+
Trophy Level:Any
Introduction:Best for: Bases and layouts with easily accessible Air Defences, eg. Near the outside, near outer walls. Try not to have 2 Air Defences next to each other. Very costly, and takes a long time to train.
Army Composition:
Minimum Troop Housing Space Required: 150
Troop and Spell TypeQuantityMin Lvl
ArchersYou can take out a few Balloons for Archers; 20 Archers maxAny
BalloonsRemaining space4
Dragons3 (TH7)/4 (TH8)/ 5 (TH9/10)2
Lightning Spells1Any
Healing Spells1Any
Rage Spells1Any
  1. Deploy 10-12 balloons at depending on how many you have and the number of air defences.
  2. <Optional> Bust out a Healing Spell for healing and a Rage Spell for extra speed and damage. Use whenever necessary. Use Lightning Spell to destroy any Clan Castle Reinforcements such as Archers and Wizards. (Any dragons or minions and your Balloons are stuffed).
  3. When almost all Air Defences are destroyed (1 left), send in 2 dragons to attack that one Air Defence while your remaining Balloons demolish the rest of the defences.
  4. Deploy Barbarian King to finish off any buildings around the edges of the map so you can three-star it in time.
  5. REJOICE!!!!!!! (And retrain your troops)
Conclusion:WARNING: This army combo is extremely good and I almost always get 3-stars. BUT! This is only good for raiding gold and trophies. Elixir is a huge waste as for TH7 it almost cost 200K to prepare it. Also takes about 1hr 30 min to finish training. During raid, also be careful of Air Bombs, Seeking Air Mines and The Archer Queen.

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