Claw up the ladder (TH: 5, Trophies: 0-1500)(Instructions)
Town Hall Level:5
Trophy Level:0-1500
Introduction:This strategy is very good if you want to push trophies as a th5, and not by being a coward and sniping those town halls.
Army Composition:
Minimum Troop Housing Space Required: 130
Troop and Spell TypeQuantityMin LvlHousingCost
Barbarians535300 Elixir
Archers253253,000 Elixir
Giants122609,000 Elixir
Wall Breakers4286,000 Elixir
Wizards823216,000 Elixir
Lightning Spells1Any215,000 Elixir
49,300 Elixir
  1. Ask for clanmates for 3 level 6 or 7 giants
  2. Now that you have all the above-mentioned troops at your disposal, search for opponents. Skip th4, they are not worth your time unless they have a ton of loot. What you are looking for is a th5 base with a mortar that isn't supported by the wizard tower, and the mortar is easily reachable, i.e., if you deploy the giants, they'll target the mortar first, or second. Don't worry about archer towers or cannons, they won't do anything to hinder you. When you have mastered this strategy you can even take down th6 bases that are little vulnerable, like one or two defenses are being upgraded.
  3. When you have chosen your opponent, deploy the barbs to lure out the cc troops, and zap them all with the lightning spell. Or you can clear them out with archers, but you'll find that keeping the archers for later will help you.
  4. deploy one giant so that it distracts the mortar and the defense supporting the mortar. (note: take care that you don't choose an opponent that has the wizard tower supporting the mortar) Just when the first mortar shell lands, deploy your wall breakers, number depending on the wall level. Preferably 2. Save the other 2. If you mistime this, you wall breakers will die in the mortar shell's blast.
  5. When the wall is out of the way, deploy all your giants except 1. Keep this one. Also deploy the cc giants. They'll take care of the mortar and the remaining defenses.
  6. When the mortar is destroyed, deploy the wizards around where you deployed the giants. Deploy them in a tight line but not in one bunch.
  7. Now you should have the archers, 2 wall breakers, 1 giant and the barbs you didn't use in cc luring left. If the wizard tower is in the middle of the base, forget it and deploy all your archers like the wizards, deploy the giant, keep the wall breakers, and use the barbs if you have any to pick off the buildings in the corners. Skip step 8 if this is the case.
  8. If the wizard tower is at the edge of the base, i.e, just behind a wall or behind a row of buildings and a wall execute this step. deploy barbs to the side of the wiz tower and not directly in front of it. Then deploy the giant. If you don't have barbs left, use the giant directly, it'll go directly for the wiz tower. deploy the wall breakers to get the wall out of the way.
  9. Deploy all your archers in a tight line so that when they are done destroying the buildings in front of the wiz tower, they'll target the wiz tower. Don't spread them out too much or the girls will wonder off separately.
  10. The wiz tower will try to kill the barbs, your giant will be spared for 2-3 seconds, and the wall will be dealt with. So when the giant is attacking the wiz tower, it'll have to attack the giant, and your archers will have no problem destroying the wizard tower.
  11. Now sit back and enjoy as your giants die slowly and your archers and wizards wreck havoc.
  12. Why did we make such a big fuss about the wiz tower? Because the wiz tower can easily wipe out the giant hoard if gets enough time. Even if it gets destroyed, if it manages to land 3 attacks, half the health of all your giants will be gone and they become easy picking for cannons and archer towers.
  13. About the mortar, if you don't deal with it, it'll one-shot your archers and wipe out your wizards pretty easily too.
  14. Take care to remember that killing cc troops comes first. Never start an attack without killing them. They'll screw up your attack if you do.
  15. Take the cc giants as instructed. you'll need them. Your senior clanmates will be able to give you level 6 or 7 giants, and they will keep the defenses distracted way longer than your own level 2 ones can. Those guys just refuse to die.
Conclusion:Some crazy people like me are out there who don't care about troop training cost or time, they just want to see trophies rack up. This strategy is pretty costly. But it'll enable you to, as a th5, level many th5s easily, 2 star all th5s, and even 2 star th6s if the defending player is stupid, i.e., placed their defenses stupidly. It may seem that farming is not good with such a costly troop, but if you search for some time patiently, you'll be able to pull off raids that give you 60k+ elixir. That's pretty awesome for th5.. And no, this one is not for farmers. This is for crazy people who will like to brawl in a league very high for their th level. I got into gold 2 with this. Then I upgraded my town hall. Hope this helped some mad people.

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