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DarkDragon (TH: 7-9, Trophies: 900-2200)(Instructions)
Town Hall Level:7-9
Trophy Level:900-2200
Introduction:DarkDragon - This is a combination of Dragon and HogRiders. You might usually need ClanCastle troops for this if you have lower army capacity (usually TH7 players). Would be even better if your Clan Level is 5+, you might receive maxed out dragon or hogs from your clanmates.
Army Composition:
Troop and Spell TypeQuantityMin Lvl
Hog Riders43-5
Lightning Spells33-4
  1. Find a base with 3-air defenses. (If the base has 4 AirDefenses, don't drop your troops, you will hardly get 1-star if you're lucky) Take out the innermost air defense using 3 lightening spells on it. If there's a wizard or archer tower nearby, try placing the spells on the boundary (just in the middle are but not too outside of air defense) towards the other defense. This will demolish both defenses.
  2. If there is an air defense towards the edge, deploy 4 HogRiders towards it. No matter how many cannons or other defenses keep hitting them, they will successfully demolish the air defense before dying (if they go straight to the air defense)

    It's better to use high level HogRiders in your CC troops for this, but even 2-level Hogs will do just fine.

    If there is no air defense towards the edge and all three of them are centrally placed, (and/or your brought a high level dragon in your CC troops) deploy them as indicated in step 4.
  3. deploy 3 dragons towards the side nearest to the remaining air defenses. try to circumvent the storages as they take a lot of hits, giving the air defenses time to kill your dragons. Would be even better if dragons are deployed from back side of air sweeper. This will create a funnel. Those 3 dragons will spread out, creating a gap for rest of your dragons.
  4. Once the first wave has spread out, deploy 5 more dragons to go inside the base towards the air defense.

    At this point, if the CC troops come out, they won't be much of a problem since 5 dragons can kill pretty much anything that comes in their way.

    And if there are 2 air defenses and you didn't use hog riders before, deploy them now through the funnel created by first dragon wave. And if you brought a high level dragon in CC, deploy that with those 5 as well.
  5. Once air defense is gone, deploy rest of the two dragons on the opposite side (maybe corner placed builder huts) for quicker clean up. If you brought heroes (BarbKing or ArchQueen), deploy them on far side as well.
  6. Wait and watch as your dragons take out all the remaining towers, teslas and everything else.
Conclusion:You will at least get 1-star no matter how high the townhall is as long as it has got only 3 air-defenses. On equal or even one level higher TH, you will easily get 3-stars if executed correctly.

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