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Dragloonion with Hounds (TH: 10-11, Trophies: Any)(Instructions)
By:Admiral Interstellar
Town Hall Level:10-11
Trophy Level:Any
Introduction:The Dragons were boosted by the lava hounds, but dragons alone are, at times, not enough to 3-star a TH-11 base. The earthquake and lightning spell can be a game changer which can take out 2 air defenses of any level with 4 level 6 lightning spells and 2 earthquake spells, crippling a base's air defensive capability. If you are at TH-9, ask your clanmates for the 2nd earthquake spell. Ignore CC troops (most likely you can do away with them along with the air defenses with the lightning spells).
Army Composition:
Troop and Spell TypeQuantityMin Lvl
Lava Hounds22
Lightning Spells46
Earthquake Spells2Any
  1. Choose the two Air Defenses to wreck: preferably the two that is in the opposite side of your spawn zone
  2. Drop the Earthquake Spells first, then use Lightning Spells to wreck havoc outta them.
  3. Deploy lava hounds on 2 Air Defenses
  4. Deploy dragons after the Lava Hounds
  5. Deploy minions to clear junk buildings behind the hounds and dragons
  6. Deploy balloons just in case
  7. Happily see the enemy gets wrecked

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