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Easy trophies (TH: 1-11, Trophies: 0-5000)(Instructions)
Town Hall Level:1-11
Trophy Level:0-5000
Introduction:This is right strategy for You If You're looking for easy and fast trophies.
Army Composition:
Minimum Troop Housing Space Required: 15
Troop and Spell TypeQuantityMin Lvl
Lightning Spells0-2Any
  1. Find some village that Has its town Hall outside.
  2. Place 1 archer to attack the town Hall for clearing traps.If You found hidden Tesla place ten archers to take it down and use those which survived and few more to take down town Hall.
  3. If You need resources use archers left to take down mines and collectors and drills( Hint: If mine have much gold in front it Has much gold and its Best to take down.For collectors If Level of elixir is Big then it Has much elixir and its Best to take down. For drills If in box on top of it Has much dark elixir its Best to take down)
  4. But,if Your goal is Dark elixir , Much players have them inside walls not easy to take down (both storage and drills).You throw lightning spells on drills (not storage) and You're Done.
Conclusion:Only problem is that You need do this type of attacks much Times and it sometimes eat all gold

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