GAG - Giants Archer Goblins (with a hint of Wall Breakers) (TH: 8-10, Trophies: 1200-2000)(Instructions)
Town Hall Level:8-10
Trophy Level:1200-2000
Introduction:Very easy strategy to use and get Dark Elixir from inside the base. The best trophy range to use is gold 3-1 My Apologies if this thing is a complete fail. The strategy works but the graph might not HAHA! Leggo!
Army Composition:
Minimum Troop Housing Space Required: 200
Troop and Spell TypeQuantityMin Lvl
Goblins544+(Best 5+)
Wall Breakers84
Healing Spells1-25
Rage Spells1-25
Freeze SpellsYou chooseTH 10
  1. Before you do the next steps you may want to put some Archers around to take out mines and collectors so Goblins don't wander off.
  2. Drop the Giants down, Put a few (2-3) first to soak up some damage while you put about 2-3 Wall Breakers down to get rid of some walls.
  3. Put down rest of Giants down
  4. When defenses are down in first compartment, put down more Wall Breakers and a heal/rage spell if needed.
  5. Trail these with most of your Archers and Goblins, to take out extra buildings and loot.
  6. Put down your Barbarian King before or after your Archers and Goblins, depending on if you want to wait for heal time.
  7. Use spells as you see fit, i put in the ones that I us (I'm a TH8 so only 3 spells.
  8. Watch and be a boss
Conclusion:This is very much like GoWiPe but w/o the high cost and PEKKA frustration lmao! You should get at least a 60% 1 star depending on how you use the troops. I have gotten easy loot inside of bases with this. It works on dead and alive bases. Calculations done with 2 rage and 1 Heal Spell.

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