Giants-Healer Combo (TH: 6, Trophies: 1100)(Instructions)
Town Hall Level:6
Trophy Level:1100
Army Composition:
Minimum Troop Housing Space Required: 150
Troop and Spell TypeQuantityMin LvlHousingCost
Barbarians203201,200 Elixir
Archers323323,840 Elixir
Goblins203201,200 Elixir
Giants122609,000 Elixir
Wall Breakers2243,000 Elixir
Healers1Any145,000 Elixir
23,240 Elixir
  1. Deploy your Giants in the first spot near the Air Defenses.
  2. Use Wall Breakers to break the walls and do not deploy the Healer until the Air Defense(s) are destroyed.
  3. Once the Healer is deployed, the Giants (given that you have a large enough number) should proceed to destroy the remaining defenses.
  4. You can send Goblins/Barbarians/Archers at this time to finish the rest of the buildings and resources off.

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