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GoDrag (TH: 9, Trophies: Any)(Instructions)
By:1015141425 numbers
Town Hall Level:9
Trophy Level:Any
Introduction:mainly a war attack on those pesky bases where the ads are one side and the queen on another.
Army Composition:
Troop and Spell TypeQuantityMin Lvl
Wall Breakerslike 6 depends on base5
Balloons0-8 depending on your style6
Golems1-2the higher the better
Lava Houndsrisky move2
Lightning Spells0-2/45
Healing Spells16
Rage Spells0-35
Earthquake Spells0-2/42(3 preferred)
Haste Spells2 depending on other spellsthe higher the better
  1. drop the golems down on the base
  2. then drop wizards behind the golems for protection
  3. drop the wallbreakers behind (this attack might not be able to hold many, (SO MAKE SURE THEY COUNT)
  4. drop your heroes behind, make sure they go into the base and not around
  5. have the kill squad positioned to take out at least 2 air defenses, the cc and queen are also very good targets (on anti three star bases queens and ads are almost never on the same side, so don't count on it)
  6. once your targets are taken out, use the damage spells on the air defenses, to simplify the spells you need up above, just have 2 lightning spells and 1 earthquake for every air defense you want to take out.
  7. drop hound if you have one
  8. drop drags right behind
  9. drop balloons if you have any
  10. use your other spells where you see it to be at most use
  11. pray for a three star
Conclusion:This attack method is designed for easy-air bases with the air defenses on one side of the base and the archer queen on the other side where lavaloonion type attacks are very risky.

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