Hello, this is a basic guide of my way on how to GoDragoon in war.


The basis of this strategy revolves around the usage of a mini GoWiPe and ZapQuake to remove air defenses, making way for your Dragon+Balloon combo to (hopefully) 3 star. This strategy will require a brain and judgement to perform well.

Army Composition:

Your army composition should at contain 4 balloons, 4 dragons, 2 golems, X amount of wall breaker (considering how many layers of walls needed to reach the air defenses), at least 4 archers (optional, explained later), and fill the rest of the army with wizards. The level of the troops do not matter, as long as you have unlocked all of these troops. The amount of wizards used doesn't allow for many mistakes, so use them conservatively, considering your options and the opponents defenses. The recommended cc troop would be a P.E.K.K.A, although you can fill with either dragon, balloons, wizards, or a mixture of the 3. You will be using 2 lightning spells1 rage spell1 earthquake spell, and you will be carrying a poison spell in the Clan Castle.

4 Balloons         X Amount of Wallbreakers                                           2 Lightning Spells

4 Dragons         4 Archers                                                                     1 Rage Spell

2 Golems          Fill remaining space with Wizards                               1 Earthquake Spell

CC Troop: P.E.K.K.A                                                                             1 Poison Spell (CC)

Opposing Base Requirements

As with a lot of strategies, this one also requires specific conditions to perform well:

At least exposed air defenses relatively near each other,

and (recommended) a lurable Clan Castle.

Step by Step

  1. Use your 2 lightning spells and earthquake spell to destroy the least accessible air defense.
  2. Use a wallbreaker to lure out the CC Troops. To make it easier, prior to attacking, click on the CC to view the range of lure.


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