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Higher Level Farming (TH: 7-9, Trophies: 1500-2000)(Instructions)
Town Hall Level:7-9
Trophy Level:1500-2000
Introduction:This is a great strategy for farming resources
Army Composition:
Troop and Spell TypeQuantityMin Lvl
Hog Riders10-15Any
Healing Spells12
Rage Spells12
  1. Deploy a couple barbarians to lure out Clan Castle troops, and take them out with 2-3 wizards.
  2. Take out some of the outside buildings (barracks, collectors, etc.) with about 5 wizards.
  3. When you have a section of outside buildings cleared, deploy 5-10 hog riders around that area and let them take out some of the point defenses.
  4. Deploy a healer for the hog riders. It should follow them through while they take out some of the defenses, and most importantly, splash defenses.
  5. When your hogs lose a good amount of health, put a heal spell on them. When they get to the part with the most resources, drop a rage spell and the wizards should take out everything pretty quickly.
  6. Deploy 5 wizards where you deployed the hog riders, they should target some of the resources and other buildings.
  7. Deploy the rest of your wizards on the opposite side of the base and back them up with a healer.
  8. Deploy the rest of your hogs in the same place.
  9. If you still need some resources and you have a clear path to them, feel free to deploy your barbarian king or archer queen to take the rest of the resources.
Conclusion:This is my farming strategy guide! I hope it helps you!

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