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Mass Barbarians and the Lone Healer - TH4 Strategy (TH: 4, Trophies: 0-800)(Instructions)
Town Hall Level:4
Trophy Level:0-800
Introduction:This is a great strategy that can yield 3-star victories against other TH4 most of the time - provided you have the necessary Clan Castle troops. It takes advantage of your Clan Castle that is capable of fitting a Healer (provided it is at level 2, of course). It is not hard to execute and makes a great storage farming army provided you have the TH6 and up that is willing to give you the Healer you need to pull this off. Note: IF YOU DON'T HAVE A LEVEL 2 CLAN CASTLE YOU CANNOT USE THIS RAID.
Army Composition:
Although this is a mass Barbarian attack you will need to bring some Archers because if you encounter Air Troops like Balloons in the enemy Clan Castle you will lose the raid.
Minimum Troop Housing Space Required: 75
Troop and Spell TypeQuantityMin LvlHousingCost
Barbarians602602,400 Elixir
Archers152151,200 Elixir
3,600 Elixir
Request for one Barbarian/Archer and one Healer level 4 per raid in your level 2 Clan Castle. I'm sorry but if you have a level 1 Clan Castle this strategy is not for you.
  1. Find a base with no Air Defense or one with an outside Air Defense. This step is easy because at this level there are many people neglecting their Air Defenses. Even then it takes a while for a level 1 or 2 Air Defense to shoot down a maxed Healer.
  2. Trigger the enemy Clan Castle with one Barbarian. Deploy your Archers in a circle to take out the Clan Castle troops if there are any.
  3. Use one or two Barbarians to trigger any Bombs or Spring Traps that you may find next to the Air Defense. Once they are triggered deploy all your Barbarians in a moderately tight group followed by the Clan Castle Healer after about 3 seconds.
  4. If there are buildings in the corner use a lone Barbarian to destroy it so that your pack of Barbarians do not have to run all the way for that particular building.
  5. Once the Air Defense is taken down the Barbarians have completely free rein to everything inside! The Mortar's damage that may seem devastating will be outhealed by the max Healer, and so will the damage from numerous Cannons and Archer Towers! If you still have Archers left over deploy them to assist in the cleanup.
  6. Enjoy the easy 3-star victory this strategy will give!
Conclusion:If you have willing clanmates that would give you the healer needed this is a great strategy. It also doubles as a great war strategy.

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