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QUEEN POP LALOON th9 (TH: 9, Trophies: Any)(Instructions)
By:Orange Mo
Town Hall Level:9
Trophy Level:Any
Introduction:Queen pop laloon is a th9 strat that is 3 star with low heroes, but they have to be lv 5. Use this as an alternate attack not as your main meta, as this base isn't very effective on popular bases. It's better on anti 3 layouts. For main meta use ground strategy or another air strategy.
Army Composition:
Minimum Troop Housing Space Required: 220
Troop and Spell TypeQuantityMin Lvl
Lava Hounds3Any
Lightning Spells26
Rage Spells23+
Earthquake Spells11+
  1. Zap the air defense you want to destroy.
  2. Pull the clan castle.
  3. Use 7 archers and your heroes to kill the cc. Use your king as distraction if there is a baby dragon or witches so he can tank for the queen.
  4. Put 3 remaining archers on sides, if any.
  5. Put your maxed hound down then surgically deploy loons. Then put the second hound down. Make sure you finish on the queen and let your hounds take a bit of fire so they pop faster but not too much.
  6. Repeat with the other two hounds and remaining loons.
  7. Haste one set of hounds/loons, rage the other.
  8. If you haven't put your king yet, drop him in the areas that need to be cleaned.
  9. As the loons and hounds approach the last AD and queen, drop the last rage to speed them up.
  10. Deploy any archers or king if you haven't and watch as the pups and archers clean up.

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