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Sure loot (TH: 8-11, Trophies: Error)(Instructions)
By:Souro 123
Town Hall Level:8-11
Trophy Level:Error
Army Composition:
Troop and Spell TypeQuantityMin Lvl
Wall Breakers54-5
Poison Spells54+
Earthquake Spells54
Haste Spells12+
  1. Destroy one layer wall
  2. Bring out cc troops if any.
  3. Kill the cc troops using your poison spell.Try taking out Archers queen even.
  4. Throw your barbarians on the broken parts of wall layer.
  5. Use few (may 10 to 15 )goblins to take out dark elixir drills. Make sure barbarians are working as a tank to the goblins. Throw out your barbarian king and overwhelm with goblins.
  6. Use your air mode grand warden to take out a mortar. By now two mortars must have been taken out.
  7. Support grand warden with archers queen.
  8. Surround the uncleared part of the base with archers (not more than 70), so that the barbarians and archers meet at the second layer of base where the storages are.
  9. Use rest of the archers to take out the collectors and mines.
  10. Sure to get 50%and all loot in the collectors and mines.
  11. End your attack if you are satisfied with the loots. Continue if u want trophy. Use the abilities for archer queen and barbarian king when they are about to die. Use grand warden's ability inside the base where all the defenses are firing and storages are there

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