Hi friends, today I am going to discuss an attack strategy to get more and more trophies for town hall 8 players of clash of clan.

My team combination: 20 archers(5 LVL), 16 hog riders(4 LVL) and 5 dragons(3 LVL), barbarian king(Lvl 10), 3 heal spells(5 LVL) and only one rage spell(5 lvl). Yes, there is no need to bring any cc troops with you in the time of multiplayer battle and still you can manage to get 2or3 stars on attacks on town hall 8 or even town hall 9 also.

First just check opponent's clan castle by releasing one hog in the clan castle area. If there are cc troops, then invite them at the furthest and opposite corner of air defenses of the base with one archer. When all cc troops are there, release dragon( one or two depending number of troop members) on them. Troops will be dead within few seconds.

Now put one archer at the nearest point of air defenses just to ensure about traps or giant bomb. After that, straight away release your all 15hogs without any hesitation targeting the air defences first and use your spells (rage and heal) time to time on them. Yes, after few seconds, there will be no defense on that side of the base. Put your remaining archers to take out non-attacking structures.

There you will get your 1star for 50% damage. Now go for 2 or 3-star with your dangerous dragons and off course the fearless King. Trust me, you will get many trophies using these plan against town hall 8 and town hall 9. Proof is my own profile itself. I have reached master league within 5months from the date of installing the game and I was even in town hall 7 at that point. #8CJRR0R0L, profile name: sachintan. Check any time. And remember I have not mentioned about bringing cc troops, cause I have not use them at all in my journey.

I know you will do much better than my work by following and modifying my idea. Thank you!

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