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Th9 gowiwi (TH: 9, Trophies: 2300-3300)(Instructions)
Town Hall Level:9
Trophy Level:2300-3300
Introduction:How to use TH9 GoWiWi
Army Composition:
Minimum Troop Housing Space Required: 195
Troop and Spell TypeQuantityMin LvlHousingCost
Barbarians9591,350 Elixir
Archers4641,600 Elixir
Wall Breakers1853654,000 Elixir
Wizards1154438,500 Elixir
Golems33901,800 Dark elixir
Witches1212350 Dark elixir
Lightning Spells15222,000 Elixir
Rage Spells25466,000 Elixir
Jump Spells12227,000 Elixir
2,150 Dark elixir
210,450 Elixir
  1. Lure the Clan Castle troops with the barbarians. Take all of them out.
  2. Drop the Lightning spells
  3. Deploy the Golems around the base.
  4. Deploy the Wizards behind the Golems.
  5. Deploy witches to kill the heroes.
  6. Deploy your heroes, using the abilities when needed.
  7. Use the wall breakers and other spells when needed.
Conclusion:Have 2 Archers, 1 Wizard and 2 witches in the CC. Heroes level 5+, 10/15+ in masters and beyond. Archers for getting 50% If needed. Good for clan wars and trophy pushing.

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