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Town Hall 9 Air Raid (TH: 9, Trophies: 1000-2600)(Instructions)
Town Hall Level:9
Trophy Level:1000-2600
Introduction:Choose an opponent with weak and/or exposed air defenses. Spells are not necessary, but could help.
Army Composition:
Minimum Troop Housing Space Required: 220
Troop and Spell TypeQuantityMin Lvl
Hog Riders5 or 6 (from Clan Castle)4
Lava Hounds1Any
Lightning Spells34
Rage Spells13
  1. Use all 3 lightning spells to destroy one air defense.
  2. Use Clan Castle hog riders to destroy another air defense.
  3. Use some balloons around the remaining air defense(s).
  4. Use the lava hound to destroy another air defense.
  5. Use the rage spell on the balloons and lava hound trying to destroy the air defense. If there is more than one air defense rage spell to help the balloons WITHOUT the lava hound to help destroy the air defense.
  6. Deploy all remaining balloons to clear all the defenses.
  7. Deploy the dragon, Barbarian King, and Archer Queen to destroy all remaining buildings, loot, and Town Hall.
Conclusion:This attack works despite the 2 air sweepers, and helps me get some 3 stars while trophy hunting. Good Luck!

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