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Trophies farm (TH: 5-7, Trophies: 900-1200)(Instructions)
Town Hall Level:5-7
Trophy Level:900-1200
Introduction:Hi, I'M HELLFIREOFDOOM and I will tell you how to farm trophies so easily that you will always use this strategy.
Army Composition:
Minimum Troop Housing Space Required: 115
Troop and Spell TypeQuantityMin LvlHousingCost
Barbarians203201,200 Elixir
Archers142141,120 Elixir
Goblins11211440 Elixir
Giants62304,500 Elixir
Wall Breakers2243,000 Elixir
Balloons422010,000 Elixir
Wizards42168,000 Elixir
Lightning Spells12216,500 Elixir
44,760 Elixir
  1. try to hit buildings without protection with archers
  2. put giants near to defenses for distract them and put wall breakers
  3. try to destroy air defense. When the air defense is destroy, put balloons near to archers tours.
  4. if two defense is near, put lighting spell to destroy them!
  5. finally, destroy the town hall with some barbs and gobelins!
Conclusion:Check for a reasonable village. Don't attack a really good village.

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