Pierce the Mainland (TH: 5, Trophies: 800-1200)(Instructions)
Town Hall Level:5
Trophy Level:800-1200
Introduction:This requires full housing space for Town Hall 5, and around 1 hour for the troops to train, however it's worth it!
Army Composition:
Only use on Town Hall 4 or 5 bases.
Minimum Troop Housing Space Required: 135
Troop and Spell TypeQuantityMin LvlHousingCost
Archers103101,200 Elixir
Giants102507,500 Elixir
Wall Breakers52107,500 Elixir
Balloons522512,500 Elixir
Wizards1024020,000 Elixir
Lightning Spells12216,500 Elixir
65,200 Elixir
Just follow these tips to a totally destroyed base!
  1. Deploy 1 Archer at the Clan Castle. If anything comes out, use the Lightning Spell remaining Archers to take them out. Then deploy Wizards at the Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors.
  2. Deploy the Giants and Wall Breakers at the Air Defense wall if it is inside walls. If it isn't, just deploy Giants!
  3. Deploy Balloons when possible and the the remaining Archers if you have them. Also, use the remaining Wall Breakers to weaken the walls for the Wizards and Giants.
  4. If you still have the Lightning Spell, use it to weaken the Wizard Tower.
The troops MUST be max level, except the Lightning Spell which can be level 2+.
Conclusion:Get loot and trophies. This could also be used as a war strategy, however it's not recommended.

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