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balloony (TH: 4, Trophies: 0-1300)(Instructions)
Town Hall Level:4
Trophy Level:0-1300
Introduction:This attack is for easy 3 stars when fighting any town hall 4. It might give a 1 or 2 star to a town hall 5. The main gist is to get the giants to easily take out the air defence and balloons to totally destroy the rest. minhousing = 70
Army Composition:
Troop and Spell TypeQuantityMin LvlHousingCost
Archers828640 Elixir
Giants5Any251,250 Elixir
Wall Breakers1Any21,000 Elixir
Balloons7Any3514,000 Elixir
16,890 Elixir
  1. Deploy all of your giants so that they target the air defense.
  2. after the mortar lands place the wallbreaker right behind the giants. You do it after the mortar lands so that It doesn't kill the wallbreaker.
  3. now wait for the air defense to be destroyed. after that put your archers right next to an archer tower. the archers will fight the archer tower. If the archer tower doesn't break send 1 or 2 balloons on the same archer tower.
  4. once there is only one archer tower left send all of your balloons on it. They should defeat it.
  5. from there your only enemy is the time. Nothing can kill your balloons from then on. I hope you enjoyed!
Conclusion:This should usually 3 star any th4!

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