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low-level looting (TH: 3-4, Trophies: 0-600)(Instructions)
Town Hall Level:3-4
Trophy Level:0-600
Introduction:this is mainly used for looting at low TH levels.(for TH3, skip the WB)
Army Composition:
Minimum Troop Housing Space Required: 55~90
Troop and Spell TypeQuantityMin Lvl
Wall Breakers3~5Any
  1. Find a village with some loot, and preferrably, weaker defenses(there are quite some of them in such a low level, so do not worry...
  2. If there is a hole within the village available for deploying, it's better
  3. (Of course, use some low-level troops first if that happens, to see whether it is a trap)
  4. Deploy the giants first, close to the defense you'll want to target the most(I'll say the mortars are top priority)
  5. Wall breakers will help to break through the walls surrounding the mortar, and once the way is clear, deploy the barbarians & archers(the barbarians could aid the giants partly)
  6. Shortly after(before too many troops die), bring on the goblins close to the collectors and mines(usually gives a better profit) and watch the gold & elixir rise.
  7. It usually takes a few scans to find a good raiding target - don't be too afraid to click "next" at this stage(but don't become a complete chicken, either.)
  8. Rack up the stash, repeating this over and over
  9. PROFIT!!
Conclusion:This will probably only work with the low-TH villages, but since you're a low TH as well, it shouldn't bother you much. Happy raiding!!!

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