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Barbarian King info

"The Barbarian King is the toughest and meanest Barbarian in all the realm, whose appetite for Dark Elixir has caused him to grow to a giant size. He can attack enemy villages or guard your village."

Barbarian King1 Barbarian King10 Barbarian King20
Level 1-9 Level 10-19 Level 20+

  • Summary
    • The Barbarian King is basically a larger, more powerful Barbarian. He is automatically summoned once the Barbarian King Altar is constructed, which costs 10,000 Dark Elixir.
    • The Barbarian King is an immortal unit, so he only has to be summoned once. However, if he is injured or falls in battle, he must regenerate his health by sleeping for a period of time before he can be used again. If you attack a village while its Barbarian King is still regenerating, the Altar will be empty.
    • The amount of time he sleeps to regenerate is directly proportional to the health he has lost by the end of the battle. If he is not damaged (or is fully healed before the battle ends), then he is ready to fight immediately; however, if he falls in battle or is wounded, then he must sleep for some time to regenerate.
    • The more the Barbarian King is upgraded, the more time it will take to fully regenerate his health.
    • The Barbarian King sleeps during the time it takes to upgrade along with the normal costs (a free Builder, Dark Elixir and time).
    • You can temporarily quadruple the hero's healing rate for 1 hour by spending 5 Gems.
    • The Barbarian King now only defends his territory around his platform and will retreat if lured too far out.
    • Starting at level 5, the Barbarian King obtains an ability called Iron Fist which can be used on the battlefield. It partially heals him, summons up to twenty additional Barbarians and grants the Barbarian King and any surrounding Barbarians increased damage and speed. This does not stack with the Rage Spell, and does not affect any other troops except the Barbarian King and nearby (friendly) Barbarians.

  • Offensive Strategy
    • When attacking, he can be deployed just like any other unit. When he is damaged, he must sleep to recharge before he can be used again. The regeneration time is directly proportional to how much health he must recover. He may be instantly brought up to full health with Gems.
    • He is best used with Healer and Archer support. Barbarians are also excellent support troops because they will also be affected by his Iron Fist ability if they are nearby when it is activated (unlike the Archer Queen where she can't affect Archers).
    • He is also good for helping to destroy the remaining buildings of a village after most or all defenses have been destroyed.
    • The Barbarian King can be easily swarmed by a group of Archers or Barbarians as he only attacks one target at a time and has slow attack speed.
    • If your army strategy uses Barbarians, try to use Iron Fist when there are some nearby. When they are close, activate your Iron Fist to make the most out of it.
    • As the Iron Fist ability recovers some health, you should let your Barbarian King take some damage before activating this ability to maximize the recovered health provided by activating the ability.
  • Defensive Strategy
    • The Barbarian King has two modes: he can be set to "Sleep", which will put him to sleep on his Altar and cause him to ignore any attacks to your village, or "Guard", which will put him on patrol around your base and cause him to engage any enemy Troops that come within his targeting range during a defensive battle. In "Sleep" mode he will not appear on the battlefield at all.
    • Though he is very strong on offense, he only attacks one target at a time on defense which makes him easy to kill with multiple units.
    • It is a good idea to place the Altar in the middle of a group of storages or other areas you wish to protect.
    • The Barbarian King cannot damage air units (though the Archer Queen does).
    • Unlike troops in the Clan Castle, the Barbarian King cannot be lured to the edge of the map and then destroyed out of range of the defenses (unless his Altar is near the edge). If his target moves out of his patrol area, he will retreat and engage another enemy inside his patrol area. If no enemies remain in his patrol area, he will resume patrolling.

  • Upgrade Differences
    • The Barbarian King goes through visual changes at levels 10 and 20.
      • Initially, the Barbarian King is similar to a giant Barbarian, with a steel crown, steel gauntlet, and steel shoulder guard. He uses a blunt sword with a stone hilt.
      • At level 10, his gauntlet changes from steel to gold.
      • At level 20, his shoulder guard's edge turns gold, and the central spike turns gold as well.

  • Trivia
    • The Barbarian King only holds his sword in his right hand when he is turned toward to the right sides of the village (toward the back right corner, the front right corner or directly toward the right side). When the King turns and faces to the left he is rendered in mirror image, causing his sword and gauntlet/shoulder guard to switch arms. This is done ostensibly to save graphics space.
    • If you move the Barbarian King Altar while the King is sleeping on it, he will get up and walk to his altar, then sleep again.
    • The Barbarian King can be healed by Healing Spell or a Healer while battling; however, this healing occurs at 50% of the rate of that of normal troops.
    • Every slash he makes on a building or unit creates a mini explosion.
    • When you tap on him he will yell a low pitched battle cry and stand still for a moment, similar to the Archer Queen.
    • When the Barbarian King is completely healed, a jingle will play, like the Archer Queen.
    • When the Barbarian King 'falls' in battle, an explosion occurs and a bright beam of light is sent up into the sky temporarily. He is then seen standing dazed with stars flying around his head for the remainder of the battle.
    • Each successive upgrade of the Barbarian King adds approximately 2.5% health and 2% damage, but also adds a constant two minutes to his total regeneration time. As a consequence, the Barbarian King's regeneration rate changes as he levels up. Initially the Barbarian King's regeneration rate slows down each level, going from 3,400 hit points per hour at level 1 to 2,363.25 per hour at level 26. Beyond level 26 the rate begins to slowly climb again, eventually reaching 2,473.89 hit points per hour at level 40.
      • The recovery time no longer caps at level 30; the two minutes added to the regeneration time is applied to all levels.
    • The Barbarian King will wander in circles around his Altar, occasionally seen jumping over walls as well.
    • The Barbarian King is basically the counterpart of the Archer Queen, and vice versa. The Barbarian King is the tank specialist, while the Archer Queen is the damage specialist, with the Grand Warden as the support specialist.
    • Once the Barbarian King is deployed, his icon in the troop deployment window becomes the activation method for Iron Fist. Simply click on his icon again and Iron Fist will be activated but this only applies to Heroes that are level 5 and above.
    • When the Iron Fist is activated the Barbarian King gains a temporary Rage Spell-like effect around him, except smaller and it only affects himself and Barbarians.
    • The Barbarian King only summons Barbarians equal to the level of your Barbarians researched in your Laboratory (e.g. if you can train level 5 Barbarians, the Barbarian King will summon Level 5 Barbarians).
    • The 3rd July 2014 update reduced the effect of the Rage Spell on the King by 20%.
    • The 16th September 2014 update has halved the regeneration time relative to before that update (up to level 30).
    • While attacking, if your opponent's Barbarian King Altar is empty and the King wakes up during your battle, the Altar will sparkle like he is waking but there will be no Barbarian King to defend the base.
    • If your Barbarian King wakes up while you are in Village Edit Mode, a sparkle will appear wherever the Altar originally was (even if you moved it already).
    • If the Barbarian King falls while his ability is still active, the ability's aura will remain until the moment it is supposed to expire; however any nearby Barbarians will no longer be enraged by the ability.
    • The Barbarian King will alternate between hitting the building with the sword and his fist.
    • Although swarms of troops are effective against the Barbarian King, the P.E.K.K.A is also effective for taking down low level Barbarian Kings.
Preferred Target Attack Type Movement Speed Attack Speed Range Search Radius
None Melee (Ground Only) 16 1.2s 1 tile 9 tiles
Level Damage per Second Damage per Hit DPS in Ability Hitpoints Regen Time Ability Level Training Cost Dark elixir Training Time Town Hall Level Required
1 120 144 N/A 1,700 30m N/A 10,000 N/A 7
2 122 146.4 N/A 1,742 32m N/A 12,500 12h 7
3 124 148.8 N/A 1,786 34m N/A 15,000 1d 7
4 127 152.4 N/A 1,830 36m N/A 17,500 1d 12h 7
5 129 154.8 185 1,876 38m 1 20,000 2d 7
6 132 158.4 188 1,923 40m 1 22,500 2d 12h 8
7 135 162 191 1,971 42m 1 25,000 3d 8
8 137 164.4 193 2,020 44m 1 30,000 3d 12h 8
9 140 168 196 2,071 46m 1 35,000 4d 8
10 143 171.6 244 2,123 48m 2 40,000 4d 12h 8
11 146 175.2 247 2,176 50m 2 45,000 5d 9
12 149 178.8 250 2,230 52m 2 50,000 5d 12h 9
13 152 182.4 253 2,286 54m 2 55,000 6d 9
14 155 186 256 2,343 56m 2 60,000 6d 12h 9
15 158 189.6 305 2,402 58m 3 65,000 7d 9
16 161 193.2 308 2,462 1h 3 70,000 7d 9
17 164 196.8 311 2,523 1h 2m 3 75,000 7d 9
18 168 201.6 315 2,586 1h 4m 3 80,000 7d 9
19 171 205.2 318 2,651 1h 6m 3 85,000 7d 9
20 174 208.8 369 2,717 1h 8m 4 90,000 7d 9
21 178 213.6 373 2,785 1h 10m 4 95,000 7d 9
22 181 217.2 376 2,855 1h 12m 4 100,000 7d 9
23 185 222 380 2,926 1h 14m 4 105,000 7d 9
24 189 226.8 384 2,999 1h 16m 4 110,000 7d 9
25 193 231.6 438 3,074 1h 18m 5 115,000 7d 9
26 196 235.2 441 3,151 1h 20m 5 120,000 7d 9
27 200 240 445 3,230 1h 22m 5 125,000 7d 9
28 204 244.8 449 3,311 1h 24m 5 130,000 7d 9
29 208 249.6 453 3,394 1h 26m 5 135,000 7d 9
30 213 255.6 511 3,478 1h 28m 6 140,000 7d 9
31 217 260.4 515 3,565 1h 30m 6 145,000 7d 10
32 221 265.2 519 3,655 1h 32m 6 150,000 7d 10
33 226 271.2 524 3,746 1h 34m 6 155,000 7d 10
34 230 276 528 3,840 1h 36m 6 160,000 7d 10
35 235 282 589 3,936 1h 38m 7 165,000 7d 10
36 239 286.8 593 4,034 1h 40m 7 170,000 7d 10
37 244 292.8 598 4,135 1h 42m 7 175,000 7d 10
38 249 298.8 603 4,238 1h 44m 7 180,000 7d 10
39 254 304.8 608 4,344 1h 46m 7 185,000 7d 10
40 259 310.8 673 4,453 1h 48m 8 190,000 7d 10

Iron Fist Ability

Ability Level Damage Increase Health Recovery Speed Increase Summoned Units Ability Time
1 56 500 18 6 10s
2 101 620 19 8 10s
3 147 752 20 10 10s
4 195 899 21 12 10s
5 245 1,063 22 14 10s
6 298 1,247 23 16 10s
7 354 1,455 24 18 10s
8 414 1,692 25 20 10s

For additional statistics and information, see the Unit Calculators page.

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