Bonjour,Chief,and this is Barbarian of the north,aka Thordin Rockbeard.This is a comprehensive guide to CoC.A CoC game goes in 3 parts,Early Game(TH1 -6).Mid-Game(TH7-8)and Late game(TH9 and above).

Early Game

  • TH 2 Archers and Archer Towers are unlocked,plus 25 Walls.This 2014 Christmas Update,Archer Tower's attack was doubled,so surround the Archer Tower(s) with Walls and upgrade to at least lvl 2,to rapidly take down enemy Barbarians and Archers. The first tank unit,the Giant,and the Resource Troop,the Goblin,are unlocked here.The Giant is best in distracting defences,but they will be decimated by Spring Traps.Goblins are effective in resource taking and detonating Traps.
  • TH3 The Mortar is now unlocked.This the first splash defence you will get,and use it effectively.Put in the center,where Barbarians and Archers won't easily reach so easily.Protect it well with at least lvl 3 Archer Towers and Cannons.But don't neglect your Storages,otherwise,you can't train or buy.

The first splash defence.Effective against Tier 1 Troops

  • TH4 The Air Defence is unlocked here.Put the Air Defence near the Mortar,so that anyone who attempts to destroy the Mortar with Balloons will regret it. Wall Breakers as well are unlocked in this level.Use them to blast holes at Walls so that Giants will get through,but don't use them near Archer Towers,since their attack rate is doubled and kill them before they explode.Distract the Archer Tower with a few Barbarians,then send in the Wall Breakers!
  • TH5 Here the magic starts.The Wizard and Spell Factory are unlocked in here,and the Wizard has a lot of damage,but weak and expensive.Don't spam them,instead,use only 2 or 3 Wizards for blasting CC troops.The Lightning Spell is REALLY good in killing CC Troops(Especially Archers).Wizard Towers are unlocked here as well.and are especially good near Storages and Air Defences,since they can destroy Goblins and Archers in just 2 hits,and they can knock out Balloons rapidly.
Wizard lvl1

Powerful ranged unit.Effective against CC troops and Defences with Giant support.

  • TH6 The healing level,they call it.It is true,since the Healing Spell and Healers are unlocked in here.Both are good in helping Giants,and in defence,try upgrading Defences to max level to damage Giants more than the Healer heals them.The Giant Bomb is unlocked.It is very effective against Barch Armies and Wizards. The Air Sweeper, the most hated defence, is unlocked here. Look at the Air Sweeper page to learn how to place it.

Best used with Giants.


  • TH7 This level gives you a great increase in power,because of the Hidden Tesla,Dark Elixir,Barbarian King,Dragon,Rage Spell,and DE Drill.The DE Drill gives you DE,so build it to get your BK faster.The Dragon is one of the best troops in the game,having super high health and damage.They are slow though,and don't overestimate the Dragon;they have one of the worst AI,actually going around Air Defences,as if they don't care.The tesla is good for surprising TH Snipers,and also for base defence,because of their damage (36 DPS at lvl 1) can 2 shot Tier one troops.The Rage Spell is one of the best Spells,making your Troops angry and making them rampage around with increased damage and move speed.Good in Dragon Spam.Dark Elixir is the most expensive and rare resource.It will take you a while to gather 10,000 DE to get a Barbarian King,who isn't really good at lvl 1.You get the first DE Troops,Minions and Hog Riders.Don't Hog Spam in this level because your piling up for the BK. To learn Dragon Spam look in Attack Strategies.
Hog Rider info

Jumps over Walls.Effective with Healing support.

  • TH8 This is my current TH level,and one of the most common.The P.E.K.K.A. Is the most powerful melee unit,having mega high damage and tons of health.The Valkyrie and Golem are unlocked in here.The Valkyrie is a powerful melee splash troop that is a very good CC troop because of her splash attack. Golems allow you to use GoWipe(If you have the P.E.K.K.A. already). Look for GoWipe on Attack Strategies to see how it works.


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