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Mortar shot OP

Here is a guide of now to counter specific types of CC troops

First of all:


Dealing with him is quite easy. Except if they are LOTS of them. The best way is to bait them out, then deploy several Wizards to destroy them. Or drop poison spell(s) to kill them.


She has very low HP, so you can just kill them with Lightning Spells.Or,if you don't have any, lure them out with Barbarians and drop a poison spell (TH8-10). If your below TH8, surround them with archers and wizards.


Lure them out and drop poison spell. Or surround and destroy.


A horde of Barbarians/Archers can kill a Giant easily, since he can only attack one target at a time. Or, a Wizard can kill the Giant just as well. Or kill a group of them with poison spell(s) if your TH8-10.

Wall Breaker

The Wall Breaker isn't much of a problem, except if its lvl 6. Lvl 6 WB will kill a group of Archers in just 1 hit.However,no one requests them for CC donations for defending,so don't expect any of them coming out of a CC,except from some low level people. Use archers to kill them from a distance or wizards or minions or poison,


Now here is a problem. If all your troops are melee, you can't contend with. Even Archers will suffer, because even if they kill it, the Balloon will fall and kill them. Use Poison Spell or Wizards(Make sure the wizards are not near archers or barbarians).


His damage is very high and is splash, so you cannot use a huge bunch of Archers and Barbarians  to kill them. Surround them with scattered Archers or Wizards, and you will be good off. Or use Poison Spell.


The Healer is not much of a problem. Take her down with Archers or Wizards. Or use Poison.


Ah, it's really strong, and has splash damage, so a bunch of Archers and Wizards will die if they are not spread out. Lure the Dragon out and surround him with a ring of Archers/Wizards. It will take a lot of Poison Spells to kill him/her.


The P.E.K.K.A is even more powerful than the Dragon. I would suggest you distract the PEKKA with Barbarians and have Wizards attack the P.E.K.K.A.


They are fragile,and can't even survive an Air Bomb.The Wizard/Archer will do them away easily. Poison Spells are a good option.

Hog Rider

They have decent HP, and can survive several Wizard shots. A Dragon or a few Minions will destroy them easily.Their damage is quite high,so they can 1 hit your barbarians,goblins,and archers.Any horde will kill them. Poison spells will be good for em.


The Valk has melee splash and has high HP. Spread out Archers or Wizards are the best solution. Poison spells are an option.


Errr...ermmm...Well its HP is so high that it will take a Dragon a while to kill it. But, almost no one uses CC Golems, so don't expect a CC Golem.


She has bad HP. A Lightning Spell will kill her easily.But if she summons her Skeletons, make them close together so that lightning will make short work. Poison Spells are also good.

Lava Hound

Damn...its HP is so high that it will take a Dragon some time to kill it. But,its HS is so high that hardly anyone uses them for defence. If your opponent has a Lava Hound in his CC,crush it mercilessly with a Dragon or a group of Wizards.


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