How to use Elixir Troops

Hello!Barbarian of the north'er,and I will show you how to use Elixir Troops(Not Dark Troops).


The first troop you get,they are very powerful in hordes,and are part of the Barch army.In low levels,a swarm of them can effectively wipe out any base,but once splash defences get stronger,they will need some support.

What are they used for

Barbarians are basic melee infantry,used to destroy everything in their path.They are very cheap,and they are good in luring CC troops out.They are not good when there is just one of them,but everything will explode at the path of a horde of Barbarians.They can be tanks for softer troops such as Archers,but if its wizard towers,its another story.

However,they are weak against splash defences and traps,especially Giant Bombs,which could destroy a horde in a split second.

Armies with Barbarians:







Basic ranged troop.They are good in sniping things,such as Town Halls and Mines and Collectors.They are twice as expensive as Barbarians but are still very cheap.They are good in surrounding and destroying enemy CC troops,such as Valkryies,who is nearly invulnerable to Barbarians.They are a component of Barch,and are used to snipe at things while Barbarians/Giants/BK soak the damage.

They have low hitpoints,and it takes 2-3 hits from Wizard Towers and Point Defences to kill them,and it takes only 1 hit from Mortars(If they are the same level).

Armies with Archers:



Archer Spam





Greedy,fast,and evil.They are the backbone of a Farmer's army(Except for Barchers),as they run for the loot and stuff all the Gold and Elixir in their bags.Their high speed makes them good in detonating traps,as they can mostly escape before they explode or spring out.

They have low hitpoints,and Wizard Towers can kill them all in 2-3 hits

Armies with Goblins:





These troops are tanks;their purpose is to soak up damage and target defences.They are more resillient towards single target defences,but they often like walking in bunched up groups,thus they are easily decimated by Spring Traps and Wizard Towers(If the Wizard Tower is protected by Walls).




Wall Breakers

One time use troops designated to open paths for your troops.They deal immense splash damage to walls,but do almost nothing to other things.They have low hitpoints,and they need distracters for maximum effectiveness.

Any army can have wall-breakers except for One-Troop Spam armies and air attacks


Anti-Ground flying units that are designated to destroy defences.They are also good CC troops,best at TH3-5.They have splash damage and kill a large group of ground troops in a short time, and they deal damage when they are destroyed.

They have bad HP and are slow-moving and attack slowly.They can get destroyed by Air-Defences (If they are level 1-4)in just 2-5 hits.


High damage troops,vulnerable when exposed.They have high enough hit-points to survive Mortar Shells and Bombs,but are weak against Giant Bombs and point-defences.They are amazing good at killing CC troops,but they often shoot blanks,because other troops have killed their target and they have to 'reload'.

They are good when they are protected,but once their meat-shields are dead,they will bite the dust


The First Tier-3 troop.She does not trigger Air Traps,but Air Defences could kill her in just a few hits.They are great at healing meat-shield troops while the weaker,higher damage troops clean the rest if the enemy base.

Her AI is unpredictable,and oftentimes,she switches from healing a large group to a single troop who does almost nothing while everything else dies.


Mighty flying unit with high HP and DPS.TH7's stand little to no chance against Mass-Dragon attacks,but they are almost never used beyond TH9,as Air Defences become very powerful in TH9-10.If your having trouble in Clan Wars using Giant-Healer or other ground attacks against TH7-8,you should try using Mass-Dragons.1 Healing Spell and 2 Rage Spells are recommended when you go Dragon Spam. Just watch it, they are expensive,and can cost up to 440k Elixir.


I haven't unlocked her yet,so I can't help you there.


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