Hello Chieftain, this is Barbarian of the north. I will now tell how to win Clan War, whether in offence or defence!


I will now tell you what Warrers of specific TH levels should do in Clan Wars.

  • If your are TH5,never try to attack TH levels higher than yours.Also,attack only War Bases you are sure you defeat,so don't try to be hero.Since you got Lightning Spell already,it is very effective destroying groups of low-hitpoint CC Troops,especially Archers,Goblins,Barbarians,and Wizards.Don't try to take Balloons down with Archers,or it will fall and blow up your Archers to pieces.Always remember:Destroy CC troops before anything else.This applies to higher levels as well.
  • If your TH6,try using Healers and Healing Spells.You should use the Healer Giant Archer Combo,which is really effective in this level.
  • Now,if your TH7,try Dragon Spamming with Rage and Healing Spells,since it allows you to destroy other TH7's with little or no risks.Look at Attack Strategies to see how it works.Or if your conscious about your Elixir,use Giants,Healer,Archers,and Wizards.However,it is also ideal to BarchGia(Barbarian,Archers,and Giants),since I used it in great effectivity in TH7. This is only effective against rushed TH7.
  • Now at last,TH8. Just like before, Mass Dragon is the most effective(and expensive) strategy here.


  • If your TH5,you may find it difficult to make a good defence,due to your few Walls.But,you can still make a difference,even if your TH5.Put Resource Buildings outside,as Clan Wars does NOT affect your money(Except for the bonus,of course.).Put TH and Defences inside,with the TH in the center.Put Spring Traps where Giants will most likely walk through,and Bombs where Archers are likely to be laid.And most important:Upgrade Defences and Walls to maximum level! Resources can be gained quickly by using the farming strategies in Attack Strategies.
  • If your TH6,get upgrading your Air Defences,because that Healer will be around,and max out those Cannons and Archers Towers to damage Giants more than the Healer can heal them.Also upgrade those Wizard Towers to repel Archers and Barbarians.
  • If your TH7,put Air Defences and Seeking Air Mines in strategic locations to hit Dragons at the face.Upgrade all Defences to maximum level,especially the Air Defence and Mortar,since those Dragons will be flying around,those Giants will be level 4,and to one-hit those damn Archers.The Teslas will be best used either at the corners to prevent total destruction or as a surprise for Wizards.
  • At last,TH8. Mass Dragons will be the most common attacks against you. Read the Air Defence and Sweeper pages to learn placement.

What troops to donate in War Bases and why


He is very ineffective in CW,except perhaps when he distracts enemy troops and makes them bunch up.


She is good when she higher level,but lvl 1-4 Archers would be eradicated by any attacker.Level 5 to 7 Archers are the best choice.


Now,why would anyone want Goblins in their War Base?


Not really good.He can't do much damage,and is ineffective,except when the enemy goes BARCH.

Wall Breaker

Level 6 Wall Breakers can insta-kill a group of Archers,but otherwise...


One of the best choices for donation.He has very damage and you can put 5 of them in a lvl 3 CC.However,he often strays out of the Walls,so put your CC near the middle.


Hmmm...Not bad.She could heal your other CC Troops and Heroes,but is really weak defensively.


Really good in defending against HealGiaArch,Barch,BarchGia armies.But,Most TH7 and above people are smart and will try to lure out your Dragon and blast it with Wizards.Put your CC in the inner Walls to ensure its safety. Also see that the trigger range is within range of defences and mostly if possible inside your base.


Very few actually donate this in CW,as they favor Dragons.But,she is adept at killing Heroes.


Weak at level 1-2, at 3 they start getting painful.

Hog Rider

Hog Riders are better at offense.However they can one hit most Tier 1 troops and Witches.


Donated very often in mid level clans.She can slice entire hordes of barbaric wretches.Because she is as big as Barbarians,donate Barbarians along with Valkryie,so that enemy players will say,"Damn it!Where are all my ground troops?!AHH!That Valkryie!"


Very high HP,but takes a lot of space.


If she is uninterrupted,she can summons hordes upon of skeletons.She is weak defensively.

Lava Hound

It can take damage from Dragon Spammers,giving your AD's time to destroy the Dragons.


One of the most common,and most hated ways to win Clan Wars.This involves trying to join the enemy and looking what troops and spells they got, where Traps are located,and taking screenshots of War Bases.This is only for those who are desperate enough...

Get your Clan active!

The #1 reason why a Clan loses is either because the members are inactive,they donate rubbish in War Bases,they only aim for 1 Star and surrender,or they don't kill CC troops before attacking.A Clan must avoid doing any of this things.But don't kick members who weren't online for 2 days as they may have holidays.

When to start Clan Wars?

The best day to start Clan Wars is weekend because by weekend many students have a day-off.Also many people don't go to work at weekend.It is not recommended to start Wars at Monday or Wednesday,as many are too busy...


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