As you have known, this is my strategy guide to become a successful player! If you want to learn more about me, visit my profile! (My main account is BattlerMaster, but old acc is Clash of Clans-Battler Master, so yeah.) Feel free to correct my grammatical mistakes (not that I want to have any) and have fun on Battler Master's (mine, all MINE) Incredibly Not-as-long-as-Mr.-Euqorb's-or-Dokugan's but long and boring Strategy Guide!

Dedicated to all CoC fans!

*Please note that I am making some major edits on this page, so I will move amounts of information into another page. This process is still in progress; sorry for the inconvenience. If the Table of Contents does not contain a link, it means the page still does not exist. View this main page for updates, and check the comments. tata!

Chapter 1 - Newbie Guide Directed on new Clash of Clans users, with tips and tricks

on both offense and defense.

Chapter 2 - Home Base Defense Includes two subcategories - basic defense, and more advanced


Chapter 3 -


Chapter 2.1 - Basic Defense How to create a decent base, with a few extra touches.
Chapter 2.2 -

Advanced Base Defense

More tips on defense to making a not just decent base, a good

and possibly great base as well.


Okay, I'll make this short. You've seen some language used here. I'm going to have to teach you my abbreviations if you don't understand.

TH - Town Hall

SAM - Seeking Air Mine

BK - (Obvious) Barbarian King

CC - Clan Castle

AQ (Not mentioned yet) - Archer Queen

The Perfect Base (Maybe Not So Perfect)

Wizard info
In this chapter I will teach you about kicking out buildings, placing traps well, and predicting your opponents' movements.

The Most Important Thing To You

  • The first kind of base is a farming base. It is mainly protecting the sweet and precious resources inside and usually kicking out your TH. The farmer will put all the resource collectors and storages inside the walls and leave the TH outside, unprotected. The lets you drop in trophies to easily farm, and lower levels can also be easily revenged.
  • The second kind of base is a defense/trophy hunting base. It is mainly used by most medium and high level players. It consists of the TH protected in the middle of the base, surrounded by defenses, usually the storages, and the BarracksGold MinesElixir CollectorsBuilder's HutsLaboratory, Spell Factory, and Dark Elixir Drills on the outside.
  • The last kind of base is a hybrid base. The player tries to keep both Trophies and Resources. Not many players do this, since it requires more Walls to keep all your buildings in one place, resulting in a standard base. See Flammy's Advanced Base Defense Strategy Guide for more information on this.

To Put Traps Or Not To Put Traps?

Many trophy hunters consider putting traps because of their Walls' layouts. There are 3 kinds (whoops, 2) of wall layouts that can really strengthen your base. They are:

  • Funneling is the most popular strategy yet. Simply make an 'accidental' hole in your walls, and when troops come in from that side, instead of attacking through the wall, they walk right through the gap! Put a trap inside the gap and kapow! It's dead. Works better with Spring Traps. Weakness: Goblins. Little green men that want your loot. To combat these little green men, put your collectors (maybe storages) next to the funnels, especially is it's a spring trap. Minions can activate giant bombs, even if it doesn't hurt them!
  • Trick Spawns (sometimes called troll spawns or troll bases) are intentional (usually) and trap deadly-but-stupid-hungry-for-your-trophies-or-loot troops. Will lead to a defeat IF MISPLACED. Usually near the center, trick spawns are surrounded by walls to 'trap' the enemy and sometimes have a trap inside them. Works well with groups of tanky units like BarbariansP.E.K.K.A.sDragons (If it's an Air BombSeeking Air Mine, or even the weak and awesome Hidden Tesla), Giants, and Golems. Watch out! Consider only using SAMs when you come across TH Level 7 and you'll be victorious. Now, what if the seeking air mine's target dies before the SAM actually reaches the unlucky? Well, just rearm your trap and try again. Clash of Clans is about persistence and patience. (Especially upgrading, 6 days to add an extra rocket to level 4 air defense?)
  • Forcing (Updated): This is easy to do if you have excess walls. You can choose to expand your base walls, giving some space for more buildings and places to put traps, or you can force other troops back more simply by placing walls. Decorations and obstacles do not force troops back, and the edge of the map does not prevent troops from spawning! Place a single wall piece between your gaps, inside or outside your base where troops can spawn closer to your base, getting less fire from your defenses. Even though wall breakers won't go for the walls (unless every other wall is destroyed), they give your defenses more time to shoot at their troops before getting destroyed. Man, that was confusing.

This next part was half-created by DokuganR, aka Dragoneye, aka Dokuganyx, aka I have no idea. I give him credit! There are a lot of bases to choose from. Anyway, here they are:

Some Worse (But Very Common) Bases

'Impenetrable' Base

This is commonly used by newbies who don't know troops' spawn places. They cover spawn holes and walls with decorations and obstacles, not noticing that the troops still can walk through obstacles and spawn on decorations.

The Cornered Base

More experienced players actually know how to use a cornered base, with great defenses around it. But many people don't visit those bases, for some reason. They always seem to place their TH at the very edge of the map, not knowing that troops can spawn there. Don't use the worse type of this base. Troops can spawn on the edge of the map, and nothing can stop them from doing so.

Packed Base

This is a common base at lower levels -- one of the easiest to raid. One line of walls surrounds the base and is the only thing in the way from stopping the mass mob of monsters outside. A moment later, wall breakers! Once one of the walls are broken, the raider has almost full control over the ongoing raid and if this is your base, it should decide the fate of your Gold and Elixir. Bad base, altogether.

Split Base

Also another common but poor base, two ajoining 'parts' of a base are either A) separate from each other or B) Connected like a packed base, but a wall in the middle. From previous experiences, they are almost funny to watch how they are obliterated so easily. Yet another poor base, but at least better than a packed base. A moment later, wall breakers!

Open Base

This base is a low level mistake and is no problem to deal with, as long as they don't watch replays, though. You simply spawn on all the 'white' holes that don't have red on them, but BEWARE OF TRICK SPAWNS (Stop hurting my ears with capitals!). Once, someone spawned about 10 wizards on a spawn that I forgot to cover. I think that person still got a hundred percent, but little did he/she know there was a giant bomb on the spawn point! That, my friend, is the way to do it. Just kidding.

Better Bases

These are much stronger bases:

Pocketed Base: High levels use it, so why shouldn't you? Well, for one, it wouldn't be very effective unless you're roughly Town Hall 6 and above. This is the base where you put one or more of your defenses inside a rectangle or square of walls and kick out every other building. Try to put only one of two defenses inside a 'pocket' (Considerably NOT Hidden Teslas and NEVER, EVER put Traps into it, for some reason).

Spiral base: Now it starts to get interesting- spiral bases can be extremely effective if planned carefully, but if done lazily (snore), may lead to disaster and chaos. Not common, but that all just leads to your advantage - if you choose to unleash it onto your base. It might work with lower levels, but they lack walls and will run out. 

Bulkhead base: It is like the Titanic's 'unsinkable' technique - when one section is breached, the other sections keep it afloat. The flaw was, the iceberg ripped two sections in a row, leaving the ship in ruins- and at the bottom of the ocean. Bulkhead bases are usually a building surrounded by walls, except there are quite a few and are packed closely together. People who love symmetry most likely won't use the bulkhead base, even though this is a common and extremely effective killer base. How the base works is that when one part of the bulkhead is destroyed, the enemy troops are packed into one section and have to breach the other inner walls, making wall breakers almost useless. VERY useful if trying to gain some precious trophies.

Just another reminder: If you like DokuganR WAY more than me (Which I think you do), just go delete this bunch of copied compilations and use this link: Dokugan's Strategy Guide

DokuganR Edit: You have my permission! ROOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAR

Lol. Dokugan. This was NOT me. I wouldn't try to impersonate someone. Unless I was impersonating someone. Wait, did I say that out loud?

How/Where You Really Put Traps

Wow. These titles are so long and soooooooooooooooooooooooooo annoying.

The first thing is a Giant/Golem trap. It's basically an entrance hole with a defense behind it. When Giants and Golems spawn near it, they're most likely to go inside the entrance hole and ka-pow! They're dead.

The next thing is a Barbarian trap. Or just an entrance hole. It has the same AI as a Giant/Golem trap and has ANY building (usually a defense) behind it. Barbarians, Hog Riders, and Valkyries, and sometimes Witches and their skeletons that spawn near the hole will face the wrath of an incoming spring trap! Mwahahahahahahaha! Why doesn't it work on P.E.K.K.As? Because her armor is wwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy too heavy to face the wrath of a spring trap. Either that, or she is eating waaaaaaaaaaay too much. (Mwahahahahahahahahaha... NOT!)

The third trap is an anti-air defense. SAM's work only for TH7 and up, but TH5 is preferable, especially because of lower levels and lower balloons. You place Air Bombs and Seeking Air Mines near a certain thing like, for example, some Gold Storage, to defend against DA KILLA DRAGONS and DA Teeny-Tiny KILLA MINIONS and DA KILLA BALLOONS and DA HEALA HEALERS. PLEASE NOTE THAT... Whoops, forgot to turn caps lock off. Please note that while SAMs are packa punchas, they will not work against minions (thank goodness we don't have to waste our traps on those little thingies), so keep some lucky Air Bombs nearby and see those midgets die to a mass of AIR BOMBS!

The last trap is DA SUPER TESLA TRICK SPAWN, and only works with TH7+. This one is simple. I should turn on caps lock for this. WHEN SPAWNED ON, TROOPS WILL FACE A BUNCH OF HIDDEN (AND I MEAN HIDDEN) TESLAS. THANK YOU. Zap! It's strangely effective.

Troops: Strengths and Weaknesses

All troops have their pros and cons (even the awesome wizard). Here I will compare their stats and show you how awesome some of them are.

First up: Barbarian of course!

The Barbarian

A great starter unit, with minimum training time (20 seconds). Trained in the normal barracks, but also spawned when the BK uses his ability. Great as quick training, fast running meat shields. They work great with healing spells as their health isn't as puny as a goblin's.

Health: Mediocre

Attack Damage: Decent

Speed: Decent (Can't they force their little bodies to run faster?)

Range: Melee


Second troop unlocked in the normal barracks. Very fast training time (25 seconds). Is awesome at picking those undefended buildings off as they can shoot over walls and shoot at a distance. Better off as a support unit; watch out for those mortars.

Health: Low

Attack Damage: Decent

Speed: Fast

Range: 3.5 tiles


When you unlock these babies, things get good. They were the fourth troop unlocked in the normal barracks, until Christmas 2014, where it got changed to the third. Works great in large numbers, where their low damage is negated. Mediocre training time (2 minutes), and works great as meat shields. Will target defenses before anything else.

Health: High

Attack Damage: OK

Speed: Slow (and sorta fat if you ask me)

Range: Melee


Resource loving green people. Fourth troop unlocked in the normal barracks, with a fast training time (30 seconds). They will target all resource buildings (storages, collectors, drills, and mines) before everything else, and in addition to that, also do double damage to those buildings. Easy way to get loot, however, also works well as a support or small distraction unit. Can escape a mortar shell or a trap, so good for activating identified traps with no harm. Can do tons of damage in large numbers, but most mortars can wipe them out in one hit!

Health: Low

Attack Damage: Good (x2 for resource buildings)

Speed: With swiftness and gracefulness (nah.)

Range: Melee

Wall Breaker

Skinny little skeletons with dangerous bombs who just love to bomb walls, hence their name. In their description, they seem to do low damage. Yes, that is true, but look further down. x40 damage for walls! These bony 'dudes' with caps have a mediocre training time (2 minutes), and target walls first. It's unlikely they'll ever not target the walls, because once you get them, you should be pretty high up already. As CC troops, they still target the ground troops, NOT your own walls. However, they have a low normal damage per shot, and they suicide on attack, so they are not recommended for CC troops.

Health: Low

Attack Damage: Decent on buildings (but x40 for walls)

Speed: Fast

Range: Melee, but splash damage


Spell it right. Not balloon, not ballon, NOT balon. These awesome dudes (or dudettes, I don't know) smash everything in their way, showing no mercy, unless an air defense shoots them down. With a high damage per second (Level 6 rocks!), but low-medium health, they work best under air meat shields like dragons and lava hounds. Be sure to protect them from archer towers, as the towers' shooting speed outmatches the balloon's significantly.

Health: Mediocre-Medium

Attack Damage: Awesome but slow

Speed: Slowest troops in the game... Come on >:(

Range: Floating melee with splash damage

Now for Revenge

They've attacked you, correct? Now it's YOUR turn to attack them!

Trophy Hunters Attention

Here are some great ways to trophy hunt:

Low-Middle Level Attacks

TH 2-6, maybe level 7? Here are my picks:

Heavy Barbarian Strategy: You place 50-100 barbarians in a circle around the map and leave the rest of the housing space for other troops like balloons and archers.

Mass Barbarian Strategy: You place 100-220 barbarians in a circle around the map and if there's extra housing space, leave it for a healer. Works with heavy barbarian strategy, but not recommended, like all the other mass strategies.

Heavy Archer Strategy: Basically 50-100 archers around the map. Mix it with barbarians.

Mass Archer Strategy: Just like mass barbarian strategy, except with archers. If you hate mortars, I suggest you don't use this.

Archer-Wizard Strategy: Archers and wizards combined are a deadly combination, but mortars and wizard towers are too!

Giant-Wizard-Randomness Strategy: Basically wizards with giants as meat shields mixed with a bunch of Tier 1 troops. Good if you protect your giants well with the healing spells and rage spells.

Giant-Healer Strategy: You have a group of giants and there's one or two healers that do all the healing. Take out 25 to 50% of the air defenses then place a healer to heal the group. Works with Lightning Spells and Rage Spells.

Wall Breaker-Barbarian-Archer Strategy: A few barbarians go in first to distract defenses, then release the wall breakers and, finally, archers.

Wall Breaker-Giant Strategy: 1 giant comes in as the lone meat shield, wall breakers smash the walls, and the screen is destroyed by the rest of the hungry giants.

Higher Level Attacking

These are more of the higher level ones:

Healer-P.E.K.K.A. Strategy: 1 P.E.K.K.A. and the rest are healers. Great for air defenses to shoot but do not do as much damage to the group as in the giant-healer strategy.

Heavy Dragon Strategy: 9-12 crazy dragons who destroy your base pretty easily. Works with 4 lightning spells and 1 rage spell. In fact, Jorge Yao used a similar tactic to get to 4000 trophies. He's gone now, but his legacy lives on (with cheats).

P.E.K.K.A.-Healer Strategy: All P.E.K.K.A.s and 1 healer. NOT EFFECTIVE.


Treasure loot? Here's some ways to get great resources and walk away happy:

Heavy Goblin Strategy: GIANT GOBLIN RAID DUDES! 50 - 100 GOBLINS AND DA REST ARE BARBARIANS (for light meat shields). Throw in some archers for wiz towers and picking off stuff. 40-50 is preferable for TH6-9.


Wall Breaker-Goblin Strategy: Don't want goblins grouping on a wall and get killed by a mortar, huh? Well, throw in some wall breakers to mix our soup! Not that I was hungry?

Barch: Barbarians and archers. Don't be stupid. Inexpensive, vulnerable to splash damage, puny.

My favorite: My favorite strategy. (what did you think?) At TH7, I used 45 archers, 6 giants, 8 wall breakers, and rest goblins. Easy with all level 6 army camps.

Of course, don't always be farming. Get some awesome revenge attacks. Once you've used your army, revenge some people who just got your TH with a trophy hunting army. I did that once, and A HUNDRED PERCENT :D

Formats of Attacking

You don't know what these are? You'll find out...

Meat Shield: Barbarians, Giants and/or Golems go in first, then archers and wizards follow. Works greatly with wall breakers too. Very common in middle levels when healer is not unlocked.

Melee Attacks: All of the troops are melee. You'll find out. Not recommended for higher levels.

Ranged Attacks: All of the troops are ranged. Still not recommended unless you're attacking a TH2 or someone without splash-damage defenses (very unlikely).

Picky-Picky: All of one type of troop and spell. Usually costly due to the number of spells, and not recommended.

Taking Down The Anti-Air: Take out as much anti-air turrets as possible, then swarm it with minions, balloons and healers. Because they are awesome!

Gold Grab: Go for the gold, and get out of here.

escaping with da elixir: ELIXIR!!!

Drooling For Dark Elixir: Lightning Spells get at the storage (if you are a wuss) and possibly the drill, too (no). Or you can do it the more classy way and wall-break your most welcomed way in.

Farmer Joe: LOOT!!!

Swarm: Heavy or Mass Strategy.

Attack Types

Trophy Hunting

Everyone likes trophies, right? Go attack some lower-level farmers for some extra trophies! Or, go even lower and find those newbie and cornered bases to attack! Go teach them a lesson they'll probably never forget unless their base is completely abandoned (like my old TH3 base).

Yup, farmers can give you da loot. Just waste some Elixir to help with your attacks. View some other strategies to boost up your knowledge.


Everyone likes trophies, right? WRONG! Farmers stay in the range of lower levels to keep their loot, and can even drop down to close to or (still unlikely) even exactly 0 trophies. Farming is easy with a TH8 at ~1000 trophies. Farmers have always been more interesting with strategies. Putting the town hall outside. Genius.


Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out my other strategy guides! Sorry if you don't see any, I'm working on it. Altogether, thank you! Clash of Clans is a wondrous strategy game, and so needs strategy guides. Keep on clashing!


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Suddenly, wall breakers!

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