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Welcome to BattlerMaster's Home Base Defense. This category contains two subcategories, both in maintenance. For basic base defense, visit the first one in the 'Subcategories'. For more advanced defense, visit the second one. To go to a different section of the guide, view the 'Table of Contents' just below you. Thanks!

Chapter 1 - Newbie Guide Directed on new Clash of Clans users, with tips and tricks

on both offense and defense.

Chapter 2 - Home Base Defense Includes both the fundamentals and the strategy in building a base.
Chapter 3


Chapter 2.1 -

Basic Defense

How to create a decent base, with a few extra touches.
Chapter 2.2 -

Builder's Workshop

Take a look into some of the most effective and interesting base builds, as well as more tips to make the difference between a good base and a great base.

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