Battle Master's Strategy Guides/Home Base Defense/Basic Defense is Strategy Guide.

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Chapter 1 - Newbie Guide Directed on new Clash of Clans users, with tips and tricks

on both offense and defense.

Chapter 2 - Home Base Defense Includes two subcategories - basic defense, and more advanced


Chapter 3


Chapter 2.1 -

Basic Defense

How to create a decent base, with a few extra touches.
Chapter 2.2 -

Advanced Base Defense

More tips on defense to making a not just decent base, a good

and possibly great base as well.

This section will help you create a successful base with good defense.

Most Important To You?

Now, before we get into some rather good and rather bad base designs, I want to let you know there are three main types of bases: Trophy hunting, farming, and the combination of the two: the hybrid. I'll cover the 'trophy hunting' bases first.

Trophy Hunting/Pushing Bases


Trophies used to really mean nothing. Now, with the awesome addition of leagues and the legendary Legend League, trophies mean a lot to high level players. Plus, the player profile shows your trophy count at its peak (Legend trophies if you're far up there), and it looks cool. Unlike farming, where you try to rapidly gain resources for quick upgrades, trophy hunting/pushing is all about those trophies. you'll try to get as much trophies, possibly even trying to push into the top 200. For the base design, always protect your town hall, because it gives your enemies an automatic win and a few trophies if they destroy it. Surround it with powerful splash damage buildings, like the Wizard Tower and the Mortar. You have to protect these buildings as they are important in protecting your base. You may choose where the storages go, but find a strategical place. Put your Air Defenses, Cannons and Archer Towers on the outer layer of walls, so they cover each other and, at the same time, cover a lot of space. Put your useless buildings like Barracks, Builder's Huts and Laboratory on the outside of the walls as a 'buffer' to your defenses. One easy way to determine where to put these buffers is "can any defenses be directly attacked by troops when first deployed?" If an archer tower is just behind the walls, but with no buffer, a group of Archers can easily overwhelm and destroy it. Place a useless building like a barracks in front of it, and it will give the archer tower time to function. A Mortar covering an archer tower may also help it against hordes of troops.

Farming Bases

'Farming' is a smart strategy. I bet CoC was originally created for trophy hunting, and trophy hunting only. But farming is quite different. In regular farming, you kick out the Town Hall. Then, in place of the town hall, you put your resource storages and powerful buildings in the middle. However, balance changes have made this strategy quite useless. The Town Hall and resource storages have to be protected now. Your main target should be resources for upgrades, which is why you have to protect your storages. Because of your easy town hall, lower level players will attack the town hall and get the 1-star than risk the army and try to attack the storages. When someone destroys your town hall, you get a free 12-hour shield and lose a few trophies. This ensures that you won't be attacked and potentially destroyed for 12 whole hours! You can still use the Town Hall as a shield for your storages. It will still grant you a free shield when destroyed, as well as when someone gets above 30% on your base. You should farm at a lower trophy level than your average town hall's trophy hunting trophy level, as this will help your loot stay alive longer. A lot of farmers prefer to farm at sub-200 trophies, which is a good strategy. TH8's and TH9's seem to farm a lot at around 1000 trophies, so watch out for them!

Hybrid Bases

Hybrid bases are basically a combination of the two. Even trophy hunters will seem to have a layout like this. Provide good coverage of your town hall as well as your resource storages, and you'll be fine. Hybrid bases trade in either full Town Hall protection or full storage protection for a little of both.

Base Designs

This will cover the many commonly used bases, both good and bad.

The Worse Bases

The worse bases. Let's get right into it:

The Thin Base

Creating this kind of base isn't even necessary for TH3. The packed base is a single giant wall with no compartments. Let's call this 'the box'. The box attempts to protect the whole base, yet doing nothing. There is one layer of wall and nothing to keep an angry horde of giants at bay once the wall 'protecting' everything is destroyed. Very easily decimated by Giants, Hog Riders, Valkyries, or mass Balloons.

Split Base

Basically a thin base, with one single section of wall 'splitting' the base into two. Also very easily decimated by giants, and unless you use a funnel, Wall Breakers can hit where the line in between is, doing splash damage and easily opening up both, uh, 'compartments'.

Spread Base

Better than a thin base or the split base I, but still easy to destroy. This includes separate sections where defenses are placed spread out. They cover as much space as possible, but don't cover each other, which is what makes it easy to obliterate. You can easily take out a mortar part of a spread base with a few Barbarians, no damage done.

'Impenetrable' Base

A problem with walls. Don't be this guy! These bases contain Wall problems and require little to no wall breakers, making it easy to annihilate with even the weakest of melee troops. A common mistake of newbies is that they try to save walls by using Obstacles, Decorations or the broken Clan Castle to cover up the wall hole. This is no use as:

  1. The troops still can spawn on decorations if the gaps are big enough
  2. Troops simply walk/run/stomp around the obstacles as if they were buildings they ignored.

Open Base

One of the more common bases among newbies. If there is a 3x3 space in any part of your village, troops can be spawned there by your opponent. Not exactly easy to destroy, especially if the village is a 'troll' base. The gap may contain a Hidden Tesla, or tons and tons of Traps, which is how people get easy trophies. Be wary of trick spawns. I should not have to tell you my wizard story...

Cornered Base

Most likely someone who doesn't watch replays. They are the ones who put their stuff all in the corner, trying to save on walls by putting the base in the corner and only putting walls on two or three sides of the base. Remember, troops can be spawned on the dark grass area, where you can't build.

The Better Bases

The better bases, uh, duh?

Bulkhead Base

Many separate compartments, most holding just one building, usually only the storages and defenses. Easy to make, but lower levels may have less walls, so the other builds may be better. Very useful against wall breakers, and giants won't have the upper hand in the raiding of this base.

Spiral Base

A tactical yet successful base. This is really only recommended for TH5-6 and up, due to the large amount of walls it takes to create this 3-wide spiral design. Not a common base, but you can use that to your advantage by the fact that it will take some time to go through your whole base. Watch out for wall breakers! They will always target walls first, which may build an opening that troops can go through. It renders your useful (and beautiful) design absolutely useless.

Pocket Base

Similar to the bulkhead base, except consumes slightly less walls and is less compact. Put compartments, which are important in base-building, however instead of one building in each compartment, 2-4 buildings go in instead. Good for saving walls and a nice design as well. I use the plus-shaped design for my farming base, which is quite compact and protects resources.

Building Placement

This is similar to the Newbie Guide I written earlier. I'll show you the proper usage of defenses, 'buffer' buildings and walls.


Where should I place my...


Cannons should be protecting the outer layers of the base, occasionally covering the inside as well. As they cannot target air troops, assign an archer tower close to them and the archer tower will wreck the flying unit as they attempt to attack the Cannon. Wizard Towers do fairly well with Cannons.

Archer Tower?

Archer Towers, along with Cannons, should protect the outer layers of your base. They can attack air troops, unlike the Cannon, and have a slightly longer range for a bonus, which makes them an extremely versatile defense. Pair 'em up with a Cannon and watch things explode! The Cannon's mid to high damage output on a single target takes down most ground troops with ease while the Archer Tower quickly destroys flying troops with low health that the cannon cannot take down, such as the Balloon and the Minion.


They should be placed in the inner layers of your base, where tier 1 troops can easily group up after destroying the walls. Cover them with a versatile defense like the Archer Tower or Wizard Tower, as the mortar cannot target air troops neither attack troops close to itself. (or it would blow itself up!)

Air Defense? (TH4+)

They should always be protecting the inner layers of the base, but doesn't necessarily have to be positioned in the inner layer. Spread them out to cover a lot of air space to destroy incoming Dragons and especially balloons. A level 3 air defense can easily take out even a level 3 dragon.

Wizard Tower? (TH5+)

Like the mortar, it does good splash damage, and can kill a group of tier 1 troops very quickly. Position them in the middle of your base to protect the valuable buildings. A good strategy is to protect your mortars with the wizard towers, and your wizard towers with the mortars. The wizard tower clears troops very quickly, including air troops, and protects the mortar's blind spot. This allows the mortar to keep firing away from long range.

Air Sweeper? (TH6+)

Air sweepers are best inside the base to maximize effectiveness and to stay alive as much as possible. Employ them in such a way that either they blow attack troops away from key defenses, Healers away from their target units, or even better, into the air defenses. Sweet victories ;)

Hidden Tesla? (TH7+)

These sneaky little wooden tesla coils can give a player a shocking surprise anywhere on the map. Since they're hidden at the beginning, it might be viable to put them outside the base, since the enemy cannot coordinate his troops to take it out at the beginning of the attack. This forces him to use extra units to destroy it. One common spot for hidden teslas is around the Town Hall. This makes a "Town Hall Trap" or "Tesla Farm". When the Town Hall is placed outside of the base, trying to bait enemies to try and kill it, the teslas can help with destroying the units. Another fun use of Teslas is to place all of them in one line, near the center of the base, and watch them obliterate everything that comes near.


You know what, since they all function differently, let's go through each and every one of the traps, shall we?


Bombs are best placed at parts where troops, particularly Tier 1 troops, group up. This could be outside of your base, funneling troops into a well-placed bomb, or inside your base, where troops tend to group up more. Don't be afraid of switching up your base a little to fit those oh-so-important traps.

Spring Traps

Spring Traps function almost similar to Bombs, however, consider the fact that they are also capable of taking out higher-health troops, like Giant, Hog Rider, Valkyrie, and even a Bowler. They cannot, however, kill a P.E.K.K.A., Golem, or any Hero (i.e. Barb King) of any kind. A level one spring trap can take out 15 housing space at max, while a level five spring trap can take out 19 housing spaces. Don't waste them, as this is maximum amount of troops, and it's completely possible the Spring Trap will be triggered just from a single Barbarian walking over it. I like to put gaps in my walls to funnel troops and make them walk into my carefully-laid bouncy wooden.. things.

Giant Bombs

Giant Bombs are interesting. They do mass amounts of damage to an area. These bundles of joy do more damage than a regular Bomb, have a larger explosion radius, and the black crater it creates stays for longer (don't get burned). At low-middle levels (TH6), they have just about one use, and that's to take out mass amounts of troops. Don't put a Giant Bomb outside of the base, as it may only kill a few troops with its detonation. However, once you get higher up, consider putting two Giant Bombs together, as Hog Rider strategies are more common. Two Giant Bombs are enough to kill most levels of Hog Rider, and as they tend to group up, you won't waste them. Once your attacker sees the two Giant Bombs pop out right underneath their whole bacon army... I actually don't know. Maybe they'll freak out or something.

Air Bombs

These very special little devices are best used for taking out Minions, as well as significantly weakening a pack of Balloons. However, this will be ineffective if only one troop detonates it. Put this in the middle of your base, as Minions and Balloons tend to group up a lot.

Seeking Air Mines

This anti-air C4 functions in contrast to the Air Bomb. Its real power is to severely weaken a single Dragon, or to do a good amount of damage to a Lava Hound. If you're planning to deal damage to a Lava Hound, place your SAM(s) near an Air Defense, as Lava Hounds will go for the nearest Air Defense. For Dragons, the trap can be placed a little further outside, as it may take the Dragons some time to work their way to the middle of the base. However, both methods may backfire. Build your base around air troops to avoid this.

Skeleton Traps

Ah, Skeleton Traps. They're a crap ton to deal with, which is good for you, obviously, if you're reading this section of the guide. They're awesome at distractions, but can make the difference between a loss and a victory. If the opponent uses only Hog Riders, these will come in handy. A pack of Giants without support is also susceptible to these traps. There are a lot of inexperienced Giant users. One good use, though is for distracting the Barbarian King for a short amount of time, allowing your defenses to shoot him down.

Buffer Buildings

I don't even need to explain all of them, as they function in exactly the same way. Your buffer buildings are your resource collectors (normally), your Laboratory, your Spell Factory, your Dark Spell Factory, your Barracks, and your Army Camps. They have no function in the battle as mostly army buildings, and only are there to contribute to the final percentage (hint hint, very important). So where should you dispose of these buildings? The better question is, where should they be placed; don't dispose of them and place all of them in a corner. This mistake may lose you the battle. One troop can single-handedly destroy all of these buildings if not covered by a defense, and will give the enemy around 30% for medium levels. So, where should you deploy the buffer buildings? Place them in front of a defense to give that defense time to function. A poorly guarded archer tower, even if surrounded by walls, can easily be taken out by a few archers. (destroying your own kind!) To prevent your enemy from directly spawning troops in front of your defenses, stick your buffer buildings in front of your defenses. While 10 level 3 archers could take out any unguarded Archer Tower, 10 level 3 archers definitely couldn't take out a barracks, a spell factory, AND an archer tower, could they?


Simple but complicated. Walls need to defend your most precious buildings. For trophy pushers, it's the Town Hall. The town hall needs to be protected at all costs if you're a trophy hunter. For farmers, it has to be the storages. It's okay to place them all together, as long as they receive good protection. Walls need to protect those buildings. Without walls, what would wall breakers attack? You can also use extra walls to force the spawn point of enemy troops away from your defenses, giving them time to work (as mentioned above). That's it.

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