Chapter 1 - Newbie Guide Directed on new Clash of Clans users, with tips and tricks

on both offense and defense.

Chapter 2 - Home Base Defense Includes two subcategories - basic defense, and more advanced


Chapter 3

Starting Out - Tutorial Tips

So you've heard about this awesome game called Clash of Clans. You try it out one day. Eh, I need a more dramatic beginning.

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far, away...

Once upon a time in a clearing in a magical forest...


You start to build your village, with the villager helping you. That's a nice long word called the 'tutorial', and go ahead and complete the tutorial. Name yourself something cool (like BattlerMaster). The tutorial already gives you one free builder's hut, and forces you to build another, using a total of 250 gems. You can save the rest for later. Be patient and don't gem the builds, as they only take 1 minute to 15 minutes during the tutorial. In addition to that, you don't need all your wizards to beat the goblin map, 'Payback'. Use 2, and the rest will help you attack later on. I've covered a few tips already, but what comes after is the fun part. (No, don't buy gems to speed up your 5-minute builds.)

Building, Upgrading Order

There are generally 4 types of buildings: your resources buildings, your defenses, army buildings, and miscellaneous buildings, like the CC and TH. Vocabulary glossary is on the main page. All of these buildings will be useful later, and you get more as you go along!

Resource Buildings

Elixir Collectors, Gold Mines, Elixir Storages, Gold Storages. These are your priority upgrades while you still have 1-2 days of shield left. Start with upgrading your collectors one at a time to about level 4 or 5. That will really help you gain loot later on. Don't worry if it takes 6 hours; later upgrades will take much longer than that. Upgrade to TH3 as quick as you can, and build new collectors before upgrading existing ones. Next, the storages. You should upgrade those quickly as well, to open to TH4. After your resource buildings are done, it's time to move to your defensive buildings.

Defensive Structures

Cannon, Archer Tower, Mortar, Air Defense, Wizard Tower, Air Sweeper. As with the resource buildings, upgrade these as much as possible during the shield, but only after your resource storages and collectors. Leave these for last, as no one can attack you during your shield, however upgrade them often, during and after your shield. These little guys defend your village, and without them, it would fall apart. Keep your defenses together, covering each other, especially the mortar's blind spot. More on that in the do's and don't's later on. Buy and upgrade them in this order (TH3): Mortar, Archer Tower, Cannon. If you do not have enough for an archer tower upgrade, but enough for a cannon upgrade, upgrade the cannon! You want to advance as fast as you can during this shield.

Army Buildings

Army buildings consist of your Barracks, Laboratory, Army Camps and Spell Factory. They are essential to attacking enemy bases, as without them, you have no one to attack with! When these buildings are upgraded, they give your army a direct or indirect boost to help you attack more effectively and efficiently. Defensively, the Barracks, Laboratory, Army Camps and Spell Factories serve only as buffer buildings.

Miscellaneous Buildings

This category includes all other buildings: Your Town Hall, your Clan Castle, your Builder's Huts, and essentially your Traps as well. Place them strategically. Your Clan Castle (or CC, for short) has a fairly high number of hitpoints, and can also summon troops donated from your clan, so keep it protected and away from single troops sent out to lure your reinforcements. Upgrade your clan castle if you can, as each upgrade makes it hold 5 more housing spaces. And as for your Town Hall, don't upgrade that before you're ready. More on that later too. Builder's huts can't be upgraded, but more can be bought, to a total of 5. Try to get these as fast as you can, so you can have more simultaneous builds, therefore advancing faster. Spend money if you want to, but remember, anything can be achieved without buying gems. Summoning a builder also gives you a builder's hut. You can use these to buffer defenses, or you can place them in the corner to slow down the enemy's progress, preventing a 3-star. The amount of trophies gained from a 2 star can differ greatly from a 3 star win.

Now, for the Town Hall. Many people buy gems from the beginning and rush the town hall to get the good stuff like Hidden Teslas and X-Bows, but, please don't do that. It's basically a waste of money. However, you can consider rushing to TH4 (without gems). Before you trophy push to any limit higher than the Bronze Trophy League, you'll need good air protection, and here is where we introduce the Air Defense. Unlockable at TH4, these deadly firework-shooters throw balloons off course (not really) and cause them to crash on your poor Clan Castle troops (yes, really). However, the upgrade is up to you. While I chose maxing TH3 first, you can choose to get to TH4 and make those babies go BOOM before they know it. Just remember to buy that air defense!

Traps are one small thing, but they can make a big difference. Two (possibly more) level 2+ bombs can kill a group of Archers quickly, and cleanly, depending on level. You may spread your traps apart to cover and weaken more troops, or place them together to maximize effectiveness, it's all up to you! Upgrading them will help you take an the hordes of Barbarians and Archers quickly, but the upgraded traps will take more to re-arm after being used. TH3 gives you 2 Bombs, use them wisely.

Effective Attacking

From ruthless Barbarians to destructive Balloons, you have a powerful army at your hands. There are three reasons for attacking - 1) to gain resources, 2) to gain trophies (sometimes both at the same time), and 3) if you're me and you're bored. You might have heard of powerful Wizards or wall-jumping Hog Riders, but for the beginners, this will only cover up to the Balloon.

Resource Gaining (And Resource Saving) Armies

For farming.

Barbarian, Barbarian, Barbarian

Mostly barbarians. 'nuff said. They're the cheapest troops, so what else would be easier? Just watch out for mortars and Wizard Towers. Don't run into a bad case of those. Mix your barb horde with a few wall breakers, giants and archers, and you're ready to go!

(If the enemy has a defending valkyrie, you're pretty much screwed.)


A simple and common strategy. The name says it all. Let the barbarians act at the meat shields, while your archers get it all. Works well if the pumps (Dark Elixir Drills, Elixir Collectors, Gold Mines) of your opponent's base are outside of the walls and easily accessible. This strategy also uses very little resources and housing space to train, so if you're just starting out, use this strategy or more barbarians (see above). You'll generally want to get a slightly more amount of archers, as they have more utility, or an equal 50-50 amount of archers to barbarians. This strategy is common even for high levels due to its low cost.

Barbarian-Goblin (Created by BattlerMaster)


Another simple but effective strategy when used correctly. Barbarians come again, and goblins take the resources. Deploy your troops in different positions, as this makes them less susceptible to Wizard Towers and Mortars. This strategy works best against an abandoned base, where all the resources are in the collectors and not the storages. You can take 50% of your enemies' collectors' and mines' resources (75% of a Dark Elixir Drill), while only 25% of the storages' loot can be stolen, so it is easier to go for abandoned bases. At a low level, around 10 000 is easy to get and enough to fulfill your upgrades for quite a long time.

Heading for the Trophies

For trophy-hunting/pushing.


A fairly low cost army with moderate time to train. Not recommended if your camps hold less than 50 housing spaces. Here's how it works. Try to upgrade your giants, as this will make them withstand more hits from all those defenses, like cannons, archer towers, mortars, wizard towers, and so on. You might want to train a few barbarians as well, to test for traps. Train 4-8 giants, and then fill the rest of your camps with archers. When you find a base that has good trophies when winning, attack it! Place a few barbs to take out the traps on where you are going to put the giants, then send most of or all your giants in that spot. Consider taking wall breakers (if you have them) with you, as giants won't clean walls up very well without being killed by mortars and wiz towers first. Send your wall breakers just after a mortar shell hits, as mortars will target one unit, but do splash to all the units in the area, your wall breakers included. If your wall breakers are not sufficient to at least weaken the wall to halfway, send another one. After the giants break the first line of defense, go ahead and spread out your archers behind the giants as support. Your giants should clear the way to the heart of the village, destroying the defenses as they go, and let the archers smash the all-too-precious town hall. Easy win. For cleanup, use balloons donated to your CC, otherwise don't train balloons.

Giant-Archer Strategy (Battler Master)

Giant Barch

See above for the Barch strategy. However, now that you're pushing, you might want to train some giants as well. 5 barbarians definitely do more damage than a giant, but they are more vulnerable as splash damage buildings and traps do damage to ALL of them, weakening them severely. Send a few barbs, send giants, send most of your barbs and archers, send even more archers. It's that easy. Let's get into something else. I'm bored.

Mass Balloons

High cost, easy to use, easy to win strategy at low levels. Works especially well on bases with an underprotected or exposed Air Defense. You'll want to train at least 10 Balloons, and fill the rest of your camps with Archers. On the side closest to the Air Defense, just spam your Balloons and hope for the best. With the right pathing, they'll kill a few defenses, and go for the Air Defense. After all Air Defenses are gone, the only threats are Archer Towers sniping and slowly killing your balloons, and Wizard Towers potentially killing all of them at once. If you have a Lightning Spell, use it on the Air Defense. If you have 2 Lightning Spells, you can either severely weaken an Air Defense, or kill a pesky Wizard Tower. Save your Archers at the end for cleanup. Sadly, this strategy is almost nullified at higher levels, when more and more counters to air troops appear, but at Town Hall levels 5 and below, the tactic is abused.

DO do this, DON'T do that

Basically a few do's and don'ts for starters during your shield.

During your first 2 days of shield (0-48 hrs)


Upgrade resource collectors a lot. This helps much more than storages, as storages only hold some amount of Gold, Elixir, or DE. On the other hand, collectors help you gain more of the resource, much faster. Clear? Move on to the next pointer -

Upgrade resource storages a lot. This is crucial for a lot of upgrades, as those upgrades will not go down. The cost will keep going up, and eventually your measly level 1 storage(s) cannot hold enough to upgrade. You need storages, even when gemming.

Attack the goblin campaign. It gives you good gold and elixir, enough to last you a few days. If you have them, use goblins. They dodge traps well. If you have a clan castle, get your clanmates to donate Balloons, as those can smash through around 15 bases without getting harmed.

Save your wizards for a later multiplayer attack. Two of those level 1 wizards are sufficient to smash that cannon, and the rest will be kept in your army camps.

Try to repair your clan castle. Save this for later, AFTER your collectors are at least level 3 or 4. You'll need better storages to repair it.

Be an active player. Your shield only protects you for 3 days, then leaves you exposed to any attacks.


Upgrade or even build your defensive buildings/structures (defenses, walls, traps). Save those for later, as no one can attack you during a shield.

Attack multiplayer. Obvious thing, but attacking anyone on multiplayer will break your hard shield. Plus, it's the beginning of your shield and you only have a level 1 cannon. Bad time to die, or is it? Well, it's technically your fault. No offense. If you want loot, you can attack the goblins instead.

Shield removal message

Gem your upgrades. This is serious impatience we talkin' about here. Don't gem that 1 hour build. You know, all of my upgrades take at least 1 day now. 6 days to add another firework, really?

During your last day of shield (48-72 hrs)


Build all of your defenses. It doesn't matter if you lose trophies. You have no trophies, remember?

Upgrade defenses well. This applies to even after your shield. Don't worry if you have a sudden loss of trophies because of that mortar upgrade. You'll eventually get back up.

Build walls. Walls are one tiny thing, but they 'keep your enemies in the line of fire'. Walls can turn the tide of a good game. When those archers pile up, you gotta hit them with a mortar shell.

Build traps. Traps are another small thing, but they can also turn the tide of a well-fought battle. A few bombs will severely damage or kill a group of archers, no matter how big the group is.

Upgrade resource collectors. You need to upgrade resource collectors. They, are awesome. You need pumps to create your own loot for goblins to st... Never mind.


Attack during your shield. Mentioned above.

Rush the town hall. Rushing will give you tons of good stuff, but you'll be far behind on both trophies and upgrades. Upgrades always beat good stuff.


Well, you seem like you know what you're doing. If you noticed any minor/major typos or grammatical errors, feel free to correct them. Just don't destroy this page; please get my permission before doing so.


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