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This page is part of my Clan Strategy Guide. Here is the link to the lobby: Clan Strategy Guide

Table of Contents



Main Page


This is the main page of the Clan Strategy Guide

Chapter 1


New guy? Check this page out for tips on being a member on a clan.

Chapter 2


Just promoted to Elder? It's an excellent title to be able to earn it, but you earn a few challenges along the way.

Chapter 3


Starting out? Using my experiences, these are what I can help you with.

Chapter 4

Clan Journal Lobby

Read about my experiences & adventures leading my clan Dragon Knightz. Discover every encounter inside the clan through each page I type.


FAQ & Support

Do you have a question? Check on here if your question has already been answered! Note: Do not spam me with any questions that are already here.


Hello! Welcome to my clan journal! This clan journal is about my Clan Alliance: The Dragon Dynasty, the alliance has; Dragon Knightz (DKz) and Dragon Paladinz (DPz) at the moment. As you read on, you will experience episode after episode of chatter from me, may it be joyful, anger, annoyance or all of the above, it shall be exciting to read. So come on down readers & critics, read on to my clashing story.

Clan Description

I started the clan on December 10, 2012 and my first clan member was a troller named Magic25, then my first OFFICIAL clan member joined, Hammer, he was a Level 12 at the time. I panicked, I didn't want the same thing to happen again, so I accidentally made a speech, which you are not supposed to do. After that, I gave him Elder and he recruited a Level 21, Azim Alidin or Zim for short, and we had a blast recruiting new members, chatting, & talking about life or the game.

We now have a forum page, it is very important for the Dragon Dynasty. It displays all the important announcements and you can have a discussion without having to see them player-to-player! Go check it out! We also have a website now! Check us out at: It displays all the information you need to know from the get and go. I advise that; if you are a Dragon Knight, that you visit both those pages, they are very helpful. You can also send us an email! At: Once you send us an email, you will receive an email saying that you will be replied soon!

About these journals

In these pages, you will experience the story of DKz and DPz, the clans of the Dragon Dynasty. Every journal consists of end of one month and the start of the other month. To go back to this lobby from the journals, at the bottom there is a link that says "Return to the Lobby", click on it and it will return you back on to this page, or you can just simply click the back page button. Each edition will end every 10th day of the month. Why? Because that is when I started the clan. I will be taking a week or 2 break from it afterwards. So enjoy! Just check at least once a day for new posts!


Journal Edition Popularity

Writing History (June-July)

Special 8th
May-June 2013 1st
April-May 2013 6th
Dragon Knightz Hall of Fame Special 5th
March–April 2013 4th
Prologue Special 3rd
February-March 2013 7th
January-February 2013 2nd

Table is already set on Newest to Oldest

2013 Edition

Special Edition


Thank you for reading my journal, you little creep, lulz,jokes guys and gals! So leading a clan isn't what's cracked up to be, there are lots of drama & business you have to take care of, and then there's the Clan Hoppers & jerks you have to take care of, but overall, there are always those good times that makes you smile.

Fortitúdinem, Potentia, Scientia, Conversus noobs in turmas.

Special Thanks

I would like to thank Syn for making my avatar, he is really good at making graphical pictures through a PowerPoint and I look forward to his amazing creations in the future. I would also like to thank the Admins & Tonkaty for creating this wiki and making it special. Special thanks goes out to Flammy for all of the inspirations on creating this Strategy Guide.

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