• General Erton

    This is a spell concep image that i fully made myself and I think it's a great idea.This spell actually works at making troops almost strong as a golem for 8 seconds.So this spell adds 2000 hitpoints for troops that pass into it's circle for 8 seconds and only once.If a troop passes 8 sec. and regoes at the circle she cannon reget bonus.Anyway this is my concept that fast will be on my YouTube Channel !

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  • CTK88

    TH 12????

    January 22, 2018 by CTK88

    TH 12 Yes! thats right supercell has siad there will be one we are getting many sneak as you know BK and the AQ have level 50 soon there may be a GW level 25. It has been also said taht a new troop, hero and wall and defense levels have been confirmed I will upadate you all as soon as I #FINALY # TH12 lets go boys and girls need to max soon for new Th levels and more 

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    As I am writing right now I am town hall 5, so far nothing interesting to talk about...

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  • Brady55

    5 years TOTAL

    December 20, 2017 by Brady55

    Man, I've got 5 years on this wiki? Crazy to think I first joined December 20, 2012 on my first account Lilly1726. This wiki has changed so many times, but it's been for the better. Thanks for making these years fun for me!

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  • Joemighty1

    A huge question

    December 19, 2017 by Joemighty1

    I just had a recent thought and Ive decided to share it with you. Why do we play Clash of clans? Is it because it is addictive or do we just love stealing others loot. And also how did we get into the game? It was just an app game when it came out, so why? Leave your answers below 

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  • Joemighty1

    Guys, I have a very important announcement. I am now builder hall 5 and I am getting the multi mortar! Oh wait I forgot nobody cares. Well the more you know and the more you know you can't post pictures too.

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  • Barry Hudson

    App for 50k Base Maps

    November 21, 2017 by Barry Hudson

    Hi All,
    We have created an app to download over 50k HD Base Maps including War, Hybrid, Farming and Trophy Categories which helps you to create strong base. This is the first ever app in android to have 50k Base Maps altogether . You can view the Statistics, Strategy and Status of each Base Maps which in turn suggest you to choose them.
    Download our app from the below link:
    If you like it, Please do rate and review the app

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  • MagmaHound

    Extra "Trivia"

    November 18, 2017 by MagmaHound

    This is a compilation of trivia points that I feel might not be included in a regular Trivia section, for whatever reason. I got inspired by a similar blog post on the Boom Beach Wiki, i.e. this one over here.

    If you feel like any of these trivia points belong on a page, or if you notice that any of these trivia points are incorrect or otherwise need to be removed, feel free to notify me.

    • The village spans 44 tiles long and 44 tiles wide, plus a grassy border of 3 tiles in width. The area of the village is 1,936 square tiles whilst with the border included this increases to 2,500 square tiles. In other words, the border makes up 22.56% of the total clearing area.
    • A theoretical maximum of 1,752 square tiles, or 90.5% of the placeable area, can…

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  • Brady55

    3 Years (on this account)

    November 18, 2017 by Brady55

    3 years of being on the wiki under this account! Man, time flies! I think I'm coming up on 5 years in December from my first account, haha. Been fun being the owner of this wiki, couldn't do it without any of you guys!

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  • Joemighty1

    Hi every body

    November 10, 2017 by Joemighty1

    Hi guys and as you can see, I am new here. I am, at the time of this blog post, a th8 with a lv 1 bomb tower, 2nd de drill and dark spell factory as well as a lv 4 clan castle , an upgrading lv 1 hidden tesla (so basically lv2) and a lv6 barbarian king. If you want proof of my base, i have added my tag: UVR9RYQU. Just please don't attack me and steal my loot.

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