• Clashbandicoot


    August 19, 2017 by Clashbandicoot

    hey guys im Clash Bandicoot sub and checkout my youtube channel

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  • Reloag 777. 0.5

    jj hh kk

    August 13, 2017 by Reloag 777. 0.5

    soy pro

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  • Jmitch92

    Hello everyone,

    Clan Name : Tempest

    Clan Tag : #CCGGR9RU
    Location : International - Players welcome from any part of the world.
    Required trophies: 0 (Anyone Can Join) Policies:

    1. We give advise and tips to others but only when asked, we dont force feed someone into changing their base design, atk style etc.. 2. No criticism for bad atks in clan wars, we all make mistakes sometimes.
    3. Donate troops (as requested)
    4. Use Both Attacks in war
    5. Be loyal and active.

    Join Clan Tempest looking for people to grow with the clan, you do not have to be an amazing player we are willing to teach you alot of different attack strategies and base layouts

    We are also looking for another Co-Leader who can help build up the clan, and prove your self to become an elde…

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  • Mjzone21

    Recruiting for my clan

    August 11, 2017 by Mjzone21

    Nittany nation is my clan. Blue and white shield. Anyone can join. 5 members right now. I'm an old man to anyone reading this and been clashing for a long time with my son, nephews and a friend. Looking for people who like to play and like to win, ask for donations and donate a lot. Play hard in the wars and follow the plan but don't themselves too seriously and realize it is a game at the same time. If we lose to engineered bases we lose. War twice a weeek. I donate a ton. I'm TH11 max almost all troops. I'd love to have you if this sounds like a clan you'd like. DZ13 #CJQP2RPC

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  • Reverb frost

    Hello guys, 

    I have been inactive lately. Actually what happend was that we had to perform titration in school chem lab and I had to measure 20ml of conc. sulfuric acid using a pippete(a slender tube attached to or incorporating a bulb, for transferring or measuring out small quantities of liquid, especially in a laboratory.) Now what I did was applied a bit of extra force and BYMISTAKE I sucked in 9ml of it. Well school chemicals are not that harmful but they are corrosive enough to knock you out for few hours. Lucky me I was found earlier and given immediate medical attention. Doctors said that I was unconcious for an hour atleast. The acid had temporarily destroyed my digestive enzymes and I was supposed to get all my nutrients from the …

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  • Sinergy26

    Yo, wassup guys, this is your favourite host, and today I am going to start a new project called STP (Serbian Translation Project).

    Because the Clash of Clans is so popular in my country, but a lot of the people doesn't understand English, I decided to recreate and translate all the pages in this wiki.

    How? It's simple. When creating a page, enter a name of the original page (example: Town Hall) but you must add "/sr" at the end of the sentence (example: Town Hall/sr). Next step is to make sure that the page must look like the original. Final step is to translate it.

    Everyone here is welcome to participate in the project, just follow the steps and everything will be perfect.

    So, what are you waitin' fo? Get you're ass over here, RIGHT NOW!!

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  • Aduksas


    July 14, 2017 by Aduksas


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  • Fikaputri

    Tell me when it reaches level 3 builder. How long does it take for you to increase builder base level 3 to level 4? I need a time of 9 days. Maybe you are faster than me. No need to rush. Just enjoy the game. Often, players always attacked 3 BH using a giant boxer and sneaky archer than air forces beta minion. It is the best combination. However, when I was attacked by the BH3 player, made me upset and immediately looking for builder 3 base that can withstand their attack. I have found some good draft. You may agree with me. See the image below:

    Who makes it? I do not know. But it gives very good results. How do you feel with the design it? I get new ideas and has made modifications as well as other designs. If you are interested to see it,…

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  • Bestname2017

    Attack strategies

    July 11, 2017 by Bestname2017

    Hi! I have been playing clash of clans for a long time now (for over 6 months I think). I'm a TH 8 (not rushed and just upgradedabout a week ago). I don't really know whatkind of attack strategy I should use because I often fail to get a single star. Sometimes I try to funnel with my BK and use hogs but myBK is only lvl 5 (upgrading to lvl 6 right now).

    I need to get / save dark elixir cuz my king is not max yet and my dragons are only lvl 1 so I don't know what to do. If anyone could help out with a good strategy / a video about funneling or a cheap attack strategy (barch just doesn't cut it for me now)

    Thanks for reading and commenting (if you did) !

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  • 7 star champ


    July 11, 2017 by 7 star champ


    COST 500000000000000 GOLD

    1 HP

    11111111111111111111 ATCK

    0.0 SPEED 

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