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  • Wyadmin

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  • Utkar22

    2nd Anniversary

    February 7, 2017 by Utkar22

    Hey guys, Utkar22 here. Posting a blog after exactly an year lol.

    So I have been on the wiki for exactly 2 years. I still remember that Saturday when I first joined. I edited the Barbarian page first.

    I became very active in mid-2015. Then my activity reduced.

    I have quit the game, but still come on the wiki. I miss you all guys. A lot has changed over 2 years.

    My activity might go to 0 in this year. So bye, if I go completely inactive.

    Signing off,


    P.S. AMA in comments

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  • Ice Wiz 101

    Gowi Rider

    January 29, 2017 by Ice Wiz 101

    hello, my friends!! Today I wanted to inform you guys that I am unlocking golems on the 4th of February!!!! I was thinking of a strategy that uses Golems. I asked one of my clanmates to try this strategy out and do as much damage as possible in war. And again, I came up with this strategy and here it is.

    Troops/Immortal troops:

    • 1 Golem
    • 15 wizards
    • 8 hog riders
    • 2 pekkas
    • Barbarian King


    •    One rage
    • 2 heals
    • and 1 poison or quake
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  • Takonka

    The aim of these suggestions are to avoid clan destroyers, members which one make only requests, and so on. Also the membership binding can be expanded.

    So let's start. What are the main activities that players can perform in a clan with his/her promotions?

    With the current permissions it is possible:

    • Invite, add, remove and promote/demote members
    • donate and request
    • write clan posts
    • start a friendly war
    • start a clan war
    • change clan description
    • change clan settings

    We had some discussions in our clan, there were several variants that we discussed and we wanted. Now I would like to describe the best.

    A role is created as in the new troop-training. Here you can save and name three different armies.

    another example:

    You can a member exclude from donations …

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  • Chyper28

    I logged onto the app on my iPad last night and all of my walls and buildings were invisible. I went to plan my war strategy and could not see anyone else's walls or buildings either. Is there a fix for this? Anyone else experiencing this?

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  • Nightrider32

    Best of Shortcuts

    January 3, 2017 by Nightrider32

    Here is something for our little Clashers:

    A lot of Shortcuts and Nicknames in the world of Clash


    ad Air Defense
    at Archer Tower
    wt Wizard Tower
    bk Barbarian King
    aq Archer Queen
    th Townhall
    cw Clan War
    cc Clan castle
    as Air sweeper
    SAM Seeking Air Mine
    de Dark Elixir
    cr Clash Royale
    wiz Wizard
    drags Dragons
    bbd Babydragon
    fc Friendly Challenges

    This is pretty small. Make it bigger and more komplex !! In the comments I would like to see your favorite Shortcuts and Nicknames. Clash on !!

    With best Wishes


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  • MegalodonX
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  • Ice Wiz 101

    Merry Christmas

    December 24, 2016 by Ice Wiz 101

                                          I hope u guys have a great time with your family and friends and enjoy the wonderful Christmas day.

    And it's almost 2017 and my new years resolutions is to make this wiki a better place for clashers or not clashers or royals or not royals. And finally, boom beachers or not. I will see what I can do to help this wiki, and my second resolution is to max out all of my troops on my main account. Let's all have hope for this new upcoming year.

                                                        From Ice Wiz 101 to the whole wiki

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  • Ice Wiz 101

                                                                          You guys must think I'm crazy

    DO u guys know the Santa spell? If you do which all of you should know, the hog rider is riding Santa's sleigh! Sorry, I'm getting a bit crazy for all this stuff. And you guys know the hog riders hog right? Ya, they are fake reindeer they just dress like em'.

    So if you guys use the Santa's surprise spell, zoom in closely and you will see a hog rider riding Santa's sleigh with Some presents



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  • Phoenix130

    Twas the night before clashmas

    And all through the village

    No enemy was around

    To plunder or pillage

    The giants were asleep in their big lounge chair

    But the wiz towers were up and fully aware

    The Goblins were nestled snug in their bed

    With visions of gold dancing in their head

    The pekka in her armor, the miner in his cap

    Just settled in bed for a long winter nap

    From beyond the walls there arose such a clatter

    The king sprang from his bed to see what was the matter

    And the walls fell in a few big quakes

    Letting our guard down was a huge mistake

    The moon lit up the new fallen snow

    Gave an outline to the creatures below

    In the eyes of the villagers, I could see worry and fear

    And then the skeletons began to appear

    The wallbreakers were coming so lively and q…

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