• GrimReaper3215


    June 18, 2018 by GrimReaper3215


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  • Smelly Socks1235


    June 10, 2018 by Smelly Socks1235

        I think the Electro Dragon is going to be a very OP troop for a while. I think eventually people will  figure out How to Defend Against It but for now I think it will be OP. 

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  • Whitemare or an extremely, I dont know


    Mr. denial

    Health: No



    favrite target:No

    training time:No


    Health: Infinite

    dps: infinite

    speed: infinite

    favorite target: your sanity

    training time: Unknown but probably an ETERNITY!!!!

    AD: KFC 20pc basket for $5

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  • Whitemare or an extremely, I dont know

    Some people wonder what it is like to be a villager, but a machine allows you to basically be a villager (called VR)

    Here are some tips on being a villager;

    1. Dont eat fruit from a tree, you turn into a rock after consumption.

    2. Do clap to everything other than other villagers.

    3. Do restrict the expelling of your waste to the forest.

    4. Doing so in front of soldiers gets you killed, with others just exiled.

    5. Dont eat anything that is made from elixir or it's dark counterpart.

    6. Dont have sexual interactions in anyway, and dont mention it either.

    7. Dont walk into the clan castle.

    8. Dont eat or drink outside the town hall.

    9. Do respect the builders, they work with no pay.

    10. Dont run unless the village is invaded.

    11. Dont argue in public peri…

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  • Han0303

    Editing Articles

    May 7, 2018 by Han0303

    Um... I'm kind of... struggling, to do edits. Most pages, even the most basic of pages such as the Cannon are protected and can only be edited by established users. Every page I've been visiting has a yellow shield on it. It's practically impossible to contribute to the wiki.

    Does anyone know some pages that can be edited by anyone?

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  • Clash, Dragon, Naruto, Undertale

    Its good

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    March 22, 2018 by MEGAWATT-X

    Hello Guys, As You Know My Name Is MEGAWATT-X, I Am A Semi-Quarter Max TH9, I Am Somewhere Around Masters I, All My Buildings Are Maxed And Heroes Are Both Level 15. I Am Using All My Gold And Elixir To Upgrade Walls, I Will Keep Writing Strategy Guides As Soon As Possible.

    Player-Tag: #9P2U2YPCL

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  • General Erton

    This is a spell concep image that i fully made myself and I think it's a great idea.This spell actually works at making troops almost strong as a golem for 8 seconds.So this spell adds 2000 hitpoints for troops that pass into it's circle for 8 seconds and only once.If a troop passes 8 sec. and regoes at the circle she cannon reget bonus.Anyway this is my concept that fast will be on my YouTube Channel !

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  • CTK88

    TH 12????

    January 22, 2018 by CTK88

    TH 12 Yes! thats right supercell has siad there will be one we are getting many sneak as you know BK and the AQ have level 50 soon there may be a GW level 25. It has been also said taht a new troop, hero and wall and defense levels have been confirmed I will upadate you all as soon as I #FINALY # TH12 lets go boys and girls need to max soon for new Th levels and more 

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    As I am writing right now I am town hall 5, so far nothing interesting to talk about...

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