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  • 2shorty17

    We are a small US war clan who know how to war. We are 70-25 and always war. We are looking for another small war clan to join us or other active and experienced war members looking for a forever home. Our core is strong and like family so we don't want clan hoppers. 

    Our clan name is : GloryLasts4ever

    Let me know if you are interested. I am the leader of the clan!

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  • Vidgameboss

    My Best Farming Army

    March 17, 2017 by Vidgameboss

    One of my favorite armies for farming is a configuration of the cheaper selection of troops. This will work for the Town Hall 7, 8, and maybe 9. 


    • 6 wall breakers
    • 12 giants
    • 15 barbarians 
    • devide the rest of your unit space up evenly with archers and goblins


    • 2 rage
    • 1 heal

    Clan Castle:

    • go for wizards or healer

    I hope this helped, as I am new to this community please post comments on how I could improve or if you think this is a good army configuration!

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  • Vidgameboss

    Hello, I am new to this site and  want to ask a question on how to run a clan. 

    I am leader of a level 2 war clan and am wondering how to get my members to attack in war, any tips?


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  • AnOkdAn

    Earthquake spells damage

    March 13, 2017 by AnOkdAn

    EQ = Earthquake
    #EQ = Number of EQ spells
    EQLv = Level of EQ spell (From game: Earthquake I = 14%, II = 17%, III = 21%, IV = 25%)
    Dmg = Damage
    Dmg% = Damage as a percentage
    HP = Hitpoints
    N = Number of EQ spells used

    For buildings (not walls): EQLv    Dmg     Dmg% I      1/7        14.3% II     1/6        16.7% III    1/5        20% IV    1/4        25%

    Damage is a fraction of the original buildings hitpoints, it is not calculated on remaining HP, as seen by attacking an Air Defense with 2 Lightning and 1 Earthquake, you can apply the quake first or last and it will still destroy the AD.

    Use of multiple Earthquake spells: They follow the formula, Dmg% of Nth spell = Dmg% of EQLv / (2N - 1)

    ie. for multiple level 2 Earthquake spells: #EQ    2N-1    Dmg% 1st …

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  • OdessaAJ
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  • Thumper65

    Hi all!

    I spend some time doing a graph over the troops and buildings in Clash of Clans. You'll find it here:

    Please let me know what you think! :-)


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  • DragonSlayer382000

    Hey you Clash of Clans Players..... 

    I have the best news for you guys. If you are a T9 and above you have to read this NOW.

    So you might be a really bad attacker in clash but you are good at upgrading your clash. Right? Well Yesterday I was dropping alot of trophies to Bronze I. Why? Because OI was going to give up on Clash. But suddenly I find a base that has 400,000 Gold, 300,000 Elixir and 1,000 Dark Elixir..... WOW... But wait what was the best part of this? Well this base was a TH7 with not walls, and NO DEFENSE. ONLY A LEVEL ONE CANNON.... SO I ATTACK THIS BASE IMMEDIATELY..... I WON 100% AND GOT 30 TROPHIES. LOL RIGHT? WELL WHEN I GO BACK TO MY BASE I GET AN ARMY OF 200 ARCHERS MAXED LEVEL FOR TH8 AND I GET MY LEVEL 10 KING AND LEVEL…

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  • Kazza055

    Ive lost my th9 n cant remember my email address

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  • Wyadmin

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  • Utkar22

    2nd Anniversary

    February 7, 2017 by Utkar22

    Hey guys, Utkar22 here. Posting a blog after exactly an year lol.

    So I have been on the wiki for exactly 2 years. I still remember that Saturday when I first joined. I edited the Barbarian page first.

    I became very active in mid-2015. Then my activity reduced.

    I have quit the game, but still come on the wiki. I miss you all guys. A lot has changed over 2 years.

    My activity might go to 0 in this year. So bye, if I go completely inactive.

    Signing off,


    P.S. AMA in comments

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