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Welcome to my Strategy Guide! I never thought I would do this because I am not the best CoC player but I have decided I would try it. This Strategy Guide is going to give my personal step-by-step strategy on how to become a great player and how to help you choose what you want to be.

What Are Your Priorities?

What I mean by this is what do you want to have the most in the game? More resources, more trophies, or a mix between the two? The mix is not quite as effective but it is very common in the Clash of Clans game. If you want more trophies this strategy is called "Trophy Hunting." If you want more resources this strategy is called "Farming." The mix between the two is called "Hybrid"; no surprise there! Depending on what your priorities are, read the guide I have posted below! Later I will show examples and what makes each one of those bases successful and non-successful,

Trophy Hunting

Trophy Hunting is used to help you maintain the biggest number of trophies you can get. This strategy is used when trophies are your main priority and resources aren't so much. If you want to keep trophies AND resources read the Hybrid guide below. The trophy hunting base will usually have the town hall in the middle with the defenses protecting those mainly.


Farming is basically how it sounds. You are farming your resources to get them to grow faster so you can usually upgrade a lot faster but this will usually always cause you to lose trophies when you are raided. If you want to keep resources AND trophies read the Hybrid guide below. The farming base will usually have the resource storages in the middle with the defenses protecting those mainly.


As I said Hybrid is the mix between Trophy Hunting and Farming. This strategy is very common because you keep a balanced amount of trophies and resources but if you want more of one you should switch to a different layout above. The way the base is usually set up is having the town hall in the middle and resource storages surrounding it with the defenses along with the and on the outside of their little walled in area.

What is your favourite layout?

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Having A Good Base

As you already know, bases are literally what makes your player successful or non-successful. As I stated above, there are different types of base strategies. Once you have chosen which type of player you would like to be start making a base. As I said above I will show examples of bases and what makes each one of those bases successful and non-successful.

Where To Place Traps

Traps are a very tricky thing when it comes to Clash of Clans. When you are designing your own base you can see where your traps are but when players raid you they have no clue where the traps are, or do they? What I mean by that is sometimes players make the trap placement a little too easy to figure out which can sometimes cause you to ultimately lose a defensive raid.

Where To Place Clan Castle

Ever since the Clan War update clan castles have become a very vital key in offensive and defensive raids. The clan castle can hold troops that can be used as defense when being raided or as offense when you are raiding yourself. Troops are donated from clan members and sometimes you will receive a good troop depending on who is in your clan. Anyways, the clan castle is very important so placement is key.

Standard Base


Boat Base



Raiding is basically what makes the game up. Raiding is a very key concept and if not done right it will hurt your trophy/resource count.




The defensive side of Clash of Clans is more important than you think. Defending against a raider, especially an experienced one can be "deadly." Make sure you check my base strategy above for more info. For how and where to place your defenses check the next section.

Below I explain where to place your defenses successfully, in my opinion.

Where To Place Defenses

Wherever you decide to place your defenses is important.

Wizard Tower/Mortar


Archer Tower


Inferno Tower


Hidden Tesla




Clan Castle

Up until when Clan Wars were introduces, people really underestimated the power of this little building. The Clan Castle is a very, very, very important building. It may not seem like it but when you go through multiple defenses seeing what COULD have happened with your Clan Castle being placed a different way, you really think about this thing.

Where To Place Resource Buildings


Gold Mine/Elixir Collector


Gold Storage/Elixir Storage

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